10 People You Can Vote for in 2016 Not Named Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton!

May 25, 2016   |   Jake Anderson

(ANTIMEDIA) There is a disturbance in the Force. At an accelerating rate, the American people are realizing the two-party system is rigged to ensure the corrupt oligarchs of the deep state continue to rule the roost.

On the right, we’ve seen the GOP crime syndicate openly discussing ways to usurp the will of the people and dethrone Donald Trump (like him or not, a lot of people have voted for him). A chaotic surprise could still happen at the convention — and if it does, there will be hell to pay.

On the left, it has become embarrassingly obvious that the Democratic crime syndicate had a pre-selected candidate who would consolidate the demands of the special interests who support the DNC, as well as the power structures upholding the corporatist establishment. The voting anomalies, rigged primaries, and insidious superdelegate firewall that will likely cost Bernie Sanders the nomination are well documented at this point. Rest assured, the Democratic party will be forever altered by the Bernie Sanders movement, as many of us anxiously wait to see how he will transition to post-election grassroots anti-establishment progressivism.

The ‘lesser of two evils’ argument is causing more chaos than ever before — because this time around, we’re dealing with the two most disliked candidates in American political history. It’s not even close. Voters won’t be holding their noses as they cast their ballots this year — they’ll have gas masks strapped to their heads.

The numbers are in, and 55% of Americans want an independent to run against Clinton and Trump. Let me repeat that: over half the country wants an independent to disrupt the two-party system. And they want a third party — and, if we’re being honest, a fourth or fifth party — to lead the charge. The DNC and the GOP are like corporations who buy out any competition so they can keep making money with a shitty product. That shitty product is our dead democracy — and Americans want a recall.

The following list outlines 10 independent or 3rd party candidates you can vote for in 2016:

Read more: http://theantimedia.org/10-vote-besides-trump-hillary/

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