UN Admits Extortion Behind Removal of Saudi Arabia From Child Killer Blacklist – ANTIMEDIA

 Claire Bernish, June 9, 2016  

(ANTIMEDIA) United States — U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon admitted Thursday Saudi Arabia had been removed from a blacklist for maiming and killing children as a result of unnamed sources’ threats to defund United Nations programs. In plain language, an unknown entity used extortion to force the U.N. to reverse an important move toward ensuring the safety of children.

According to an as-yet unsubstantiated report from Foreign Policy, that threat came directly from the Saudi government — though immediately after the report blacklisting the Saudi-led coalition went public, the kingdom vociferously denounced its placement, and was removed within 72 hours — perhaps lending an air of credibility to the allegation…

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Support Spreads for UK Exit as EU on Verge of Collapse – ANTIMEDIA –

Michaela Whitton, June 9, 2016

(ANTIMEDIA) United Kingdom — As the theatre surrounding whether the U.K. will remain in the E.U. continues to bombard the press and social media, a poll has shown Euroscepticism is not restricted to Britain alone — it’s rising across Europe. As Britain prepares for a June 23 referendum to vote on whether to remain in the Brussels-based institution or not, the decision to leave has come to be known as “Brexit.” With just two weeks to go, recent research points to growing anti-E.U. sentiment and thousands of voters in key European countries who want powers returned from Brussels to their national governments…

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UFO Fleet Flying In Formation Passes Earth On May 29, 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 29, 2016, 8:54Location of sighting: Earths sunSource photo: http://stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov/browse//2016/05/29/ahead/cor2/1024/20160529_085400_d4c2A.jpgThis UFO fleet was caught by Streetcap1 of Youtube. Its an awesome find. I have seen thousands of SOHO sun photos, but never one like this. here we see fleets of ships in groups of 2, 3 and even 4. This is a fleet, which is not…

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Chip in to help us get an EU ban on glyphosate! +SumOfUs Fighting for people over profits

Glyphosate is the world’s most used weedkiller, and It’s clear that our public pressure is paying off.  This is the third time member states have rejected the EU Commission’s bid for a new licence for glyphosate. Governments are responding to our mass mobilisation of citizens fed up with the widespread use of a pesticide WHO deems “probably carcinogenic.” 

On June 23, an appeals committee will meet to attempt a final compromise. But if it can’t reach a qualified majority, glyphosate’s EU licence expires June 30. Which means that soon, a whole bunch of Roundup could be coming off the shelves across Europe.

We’ve delivered tens of thousands of signatures to the Netherlands and Germany to make our voices heard. And with both nations abstaining from recent votes, it looks like the tides are finally turning against Monsanto and glyphosate. We need to keep up the pressure to make sure EU governments know we need a full ban of “probably carcinogenic” glyphosate.

Will you help us keep fighting to ban glyphosate in the EU? Chipping in €5 will help us continue to build our movement against Monsanto.


HPV-skandalen: Överläkare och immunolog anklagar danska Socialstyrelsen för vilseledning — NewsVoice – Public Service på riktigt – 

Den danska motsvarigheten till Socialstyrelsen – Sundhetsstyrelsen – för befolkningen och politikerna bakom ljuset, när den hävdar att HPV-vaccin räddar liv. Det menar en överläkare i immunologi och han får även uppbackning av experter. Samtidigt anklagar han Sundhetsstyrelsens generaldirektör Sören Broström för vetenskaplig oredlighet. Översättning: Eleonor Källeskog Susman, Vaccin.me | Källa: Ekspert anklager styrelse for at vildlede om HPV-vaccine Unga…

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Video Shows How Google Manipulates Searches to Help Hillary Win Election

By Matt Agorist, June 9, 2016

The idea that corporate media, government, and large technology companies collaborate to create a false sense of reality in an effort to drive a specific elite chosen narrative has been the stuff of conspiracy legend for years. However, thanks to the Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, the Freedom of Information Act, and WikiLeaks, the inner workings of how empire operates have been clearly put on display for the world to see.

In March, the Free Thought Project reported on the explosive emails revealing how the U.S. State Department and Google worked in concert to topple the government of elected Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in an attempt at forwarding U.S. geopolitical strategy.

Prior to that report, we revealed Clinton’s cozy relationship with Google and YouTube after an email chain exposed the internet giant bowing down to Clinton’s demand for censorship.

Now, in another bombshell revelation, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has backed up Clinton and Google’s relationship, claiming they are working together to promote the Democratic presidential candidate.

Assange appeared via video conference at a session of ‘End of the Monopoly: The Open Information Age’, part of the ‘New Era of Journalism: Farewell to Mainstream international media’ forum organized at the Rossiya Segodnya International Multimedia Press Center in Moscow.

“Google is directly engaged with Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” said Assange before going on to claim the technology giant used the US State Department on “a quid pro quo” basis.

Behavioral Psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein, who has pioneered research on how search engines affect elections and much more, explained to Lee Camp the effects of such a relationship and that “when one candidate is higher in search rankings ‒ that is, looks better than another candidate in search rankings ‒ that shifts a lot of votes to that candidate. And it’s not a tiny number. It’s a very, very big number of votes.”
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Bern: ”Varför är svenskar kraftigt överrepresenterade på Bilderbergmöten?” — NewsVoice – Public Service på riktigt –

DEBATT OCH ANALYS. Lars Bern frågar sig varför några framstående svenskar deltar på Bilderbergmötena där all transparens saknas. Svaret kan vara att de deltar i ett maktspel som förklarar annars obegripliga politiska beslut utan folklig förankring, som till exempel inom migrationspolitiken, EU-politiken och vid smyganslutningen till NATO. Text: Lars Bern, Antropocene Hänsynslös och skrupelfri girighet fick ett ansikte för…

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