Lawsuit Finds Millions Of Uncounted Bernie Sanders Ballots, June 12, 2016

Posted on June 12, 2016 by Baxter Dmitry

Masses of uncounted provisional Bernie Sanders ballots found in Santa Clara County alone

In view of the information from polling place workers about Sanders winning by more than a 2 to 1 margin and in view of the removal of 2/3 or more of his votes from the official results, Your News Wire declares Bernie Sanders the landslide winner of the 2016 California Primary Election.

An historic lawsuit has been filed after the widespread cover-up of Sanders’ landslide victory at the primary election earlier this week.

The lawsuit will require the counting of all the provisional ballots, millions of which have been left uncounted, which Sanders says gives him a huge win in the state.

Make no mistake, Bernie Sanders supporters lost their ballots, their democratic rights, by the millions on Tuesday.  Now proof is starting to emerge.

The California primary wasn’t an election, it was a coup featuring shady and downright illegal tactics usually associated with dictatorships in undemocratic states – media collusion, voter suppression, fraud, and a system fundamentally rigged in favor of the establishment choice….

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