Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, September 30th, 2016


Mother Mary

Friday, September 30, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and I am so grateful for all that is happening in your world today. I can see that the poor will enjoy a much brighter future. I can see that plants and animals will be taken care of in a way that benefits all of humanity. I can see a clearer and cleaner world from a technology that is constructing a new world from the remnants of the old.

The new light energy is not compatible with the old. They go completely separate ways. A new world opens up at your feet, a new world with a higher energy and another consciousness. It is a higher consciousness of love for all that are alive and thrives on our Earth, as we understand that we are all one and that we belong together and must care for each other.

I am so happy that we now move into this era of light or dimension together. Today we build our world with joint forces and joint means. All of mine is yours. All of yours is mine. Earth has generously given all that it has to all of its inhabitants, to be shared in such a way that all get a piece of the cake. These gifts have not been for the few, but all should have been able to take part of this multitude of various resources. Greediness has come with a price and now it is time to pay back what one has taken and distribute the cake so that all can get a share of it. This does not only concern people in the world. It also concerns animals and flora. There are many who have suffered because of the great lust for riches and power that has prevailed in the world.

This era has to our joy reached its end and the energy of love is spreading all over Earth and it gives light and joy to all longing hearts. It is the heart that is longing for peace and freedom – The heart that longs for a just world with food and water for all that need it. Food that is healthy and good heals your body from within – Food that is cultivated with love and care. Or, water that comes from a clear and healthy source with all the minerals that gives the body what it needs. And, clean and clear air that fills our lungs and our bodies with a higher energy and an increased consciousness. This is going to be some of your big projects, dear children on Earth. We all need this to function in an optimal and conscious manner. We all depend on the environment we live in and must safeguard it, since we are a part of it. We become what we build so you have to build with a higher consciousness – A higher energy of love in one’s heart.

Bridges will be built, bridges between people and bridges between different worlds of humanity’s habitats. Earth consists of different habitats and you will all approach each other. Your love and understanding for each other will increase as your collaboration increases. Yes, dear children, your collaboration will not have any limits. Limits you set yourself and they will be expanded as your consciousness grows. This happens in tandem with the growing energies getting stronger on Earth. Your gifts will be revealed for you and you will with pleasure share in the work to rebuild Earth. This work will take place at many different levels. When you are ready it will be revealed for you.

I leave you now with so much love and gratitude.

Mother Mary

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, October 1st,2016

angelslookingleft_bluegold (1)

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

If you could love yourselves, your real selves, then most of you would find yourself living a vastly different and more beautiful life. Self-Love, as we speak of it, is not simply “feeling good” about yourself. It is not feeling as if you are better than anyone else. It is not simply doing nice things for yourself. It is, instead, being willing to acknowledge the light of Divinity within you… no matter what.

Self love allows you to receive our help. Self love places you in an energy field of truth, in which the Creator and your angels have the ability to assist you. Self love makes you desire to be kind to others and compassionate even to those who hurt you.

When you give yourself the love you are seeking you do not depend on others to do it for you. When you acknowledge your own divine spark in even your darkest times, you can acknowledge it in others, even when they are in the depths of their own darkness. When you see who and what you truly are, you will not allow yourself to be in unkind circumstances for long… for you will know your power to create change and you will know that the entire universe is behind you.

Dear ones, make a vow to love yourself all the days of your life! Make a commitment to love yourself even when you are not feeling proud of your looks, your thoughts, your life… for in those cases, you need extra compassion, extra reminders of the truth. Make a commitment to love yourself even when others don’t… and from this energy you will find that loving, guided action will always emerge.

We love you. We know who and what you are. You are nothing less than sparks of Divinity who come and take on a human form because you’ve forgotten this truth. Upon your earth you seek to remember, to re-experience the beauty, the love, the grace that lives inside you. You can choose to embrace the truth inside… even when you don’t feel it, and in so doing, you will quickly return to love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Archangel Michael on “Terminating” the Cabal, Dunford, Hillary, etc. — October 1, 2016

In these excerpts from a personal reading with him through Linda Dillon, Sept. 23, 2016, Archangel Michael denies that the cabal are being “terminated,” that Hillary was arrested or dead, that Gen. Joseph Dunford is President, that Barack Obama is not President, etc. Thanks to Dana for our transcript. Steve: I’m going to read you…

via Archangel Michael on “Terminating” the Cabal, Dunford, Hillary, etc. — Golden Age of Gaia

Sweden to Incentivize Product Repairs in Effort to Reduce Consumer Waste — Sept. 30, 2016


Our world is being totally trashed, not out of necessity, out of convenience. Something has changed in recent decades, and companies deliberately no longer produce goods that will last as long as possible, instead capitalizing on the consumer’s willingness to toss something in the trash and replace it with something new, rather than go through the effort of having it fixed.

It’s called planned obsolescence, a strategy of some product manufacturers. The basic idea is to engineer a product to have a predictably short lifetime so that when it malfunctions or breaks, the company can profit by selling another product. The additional sales and profits make it possible to sell more products at a lower cost, thereby increasing the attractiveness in a replacement. This is especially true for technology products, and some companies are finally beginning to design products that can evolve as technology does.

This business model has led to the collapse of the repair industry which used to be a thriving source of skilled labor for many people while saving resources and reducing mountains of waste.

Sweden is now poised to become the first country in the world to directly address this issue, and has recently proposed tax incentives for repairing and re-using many consumer goods…….

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Moder Maria via Ann Dahlberg, 30 september, 2016


Moder Maria

Fredag 30 september 2016

Kanal Ann Dahlberg


Jag är Moder Maria och jag är tacksam för allt som händer i Er värld idag. Jag ser att de fattiga kommer att gå en mycket ljusare framtid tillmötes. Jag ser att växter och djur kommer att tas om hand på ett sätt som gynnar hela mänskligheten. Jag ser en klarare och renare värld med en teknik som bygger upp en ny värld från spillrorna av det gamla.

Den nya ljusa energin kan inte sammanfogas med den gamla utan de går helt separata vägar. En ny värld står öppen vid era fötter, en ny värld med en högre energi och en annan medvetenhet. En högre medvetenhet av kärlek till allt som lever och frodas på vår Jord, eftersom vi förstår att vi är ”ett” och att vi hör ihop och måste värna om varandra.

Jag är så glad för att vi nu går in i denna ljusa tid eller dimension tillsammans. Idag bygger vi vår nya värld med gemensamma krafter och med gemensamma medel. Allt mitt är ditt, allt ditt är mitt. Jorden har generöst givit allt vad den har till alla sina invånare, för att fördelas så att alla ska kunna få del av kakan. Dess gåvor har inte varit avsedda för ett fåtal utan alla skulle har kunnat få ta del av dess mångfald av skiftande resurser. Girigheten har haft sitt pris och nu är det dags att betala tillbaka det man har tagit och fördela kakan så att alla kan få en bit av den. Det här gäller inte bara i människornas värld, det här gäller även i djurens och växternas värld. Det är många som har fått lida på grund av den stora girighet efter rikedom och makt som har rådit i världen.

Den här eran har nu till vår glädje nått sitt slut och kärlekens energi sprider sig över Jorden och skänker ljus och glädje till alla längtande hjärtan. Hjärtan som längtar efter fred och frihet. Hjärtan som längtar efter en rättvis värld med mat och vatten till alla som behöver det. Mat som är nyttig och god och läker din kropp inifrån. Mat som är odlad med kärlek och varsamhet. Vatten som är sprungen från en klar och frisk källa med alla de mineraler som tillför kroppen den det behöver. En ren och klar luft som fyller våra lungor och vår kropp med en högre energi och en ökad medvetenhet. Det här kommer att bli några av era stora projekt, kära barn på Jorden. Vi behöver alla detta för att fungera på ett optimalt och medvetet plan. Vi är alla beroende av den miljö vi lever i och måste värna om den eftersom vi är en del av den. Vi blir det vi bygger så det gäller att bygga med en högre medvetenhet. En högre energi av kärlek i sitt hjärta.

Broar kommer att byggas, broar mellan människor och broar mellan olika världar i människornas boningar. Jorden består av olika boningar och ni kommer alla att närma er varandra. Er kärlek och förståelse för varandra kommer att öka allt eftersom ert samarbete fortskrider. Ja kära barn, ert samarbete kommer inte att ha några gränser. Gränserna sätter ni själva och de kommer att vidgas efterhand som er medvetenhet ökar. Detta sker i takt med att energierna växer sig allt starkare på Jorden. Era gåvor kommer att uppenbaras för er och ni kommer att med glädje delta i arbetet med återuppbyggandet av Jorden. Detta arbete kommer att ske på många olika plan. När ni är redo så kommer det att uppenbaras för Er.

Jag lämnar Er nu med stor kärlek och tacksamhet.

Moder Maria

The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, September 30th, 2016

The Team
The latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic, Elemental, Ascended Master, and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, Brave Light Beings!

We are very pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you again today.

You would perhaps be surprised to learn, that before incarnating, you “looked forward” (though from a dimension where time does not exist) to this part of your Earth journey, when the energies would be pouring in, and you would squint at the brightness of them.

You knew that you would feel unsure at times regarding how to take these powerful energies — the ego-mind tries to struggle against them at times, thinking that these are not helpful moments, as they can feel so strange and challenging.

Many are reporting feeling weak or shaky. Others feel upended emotionally, or seeing that their current job, relationship, or home no longer fits who they are. Even their clothing or hairstyle may seem to belong to someone else.
These are all beautiful indications of the wild river ride you are on, and the bravery and tenacity with which you are steering your small vessel through powerful rapids.

Understand that it will not always be this way.

You will not always feel to be under constant waves of change, with the outer world in turmoil, such as current happenings around the world bear witness to.

Consider it a beautiful, empowering, and positive sign that all appears to be in flux now.

For before a new system comes in, the old must crumble and fall by the wayside.

And though that is difficult for the left-brain and ego-mind to grasp or accept at times, without panicking, nevertheless — you knew these moments would occur, and you have subconsciously waited with baited breath through the entirety of this Earth life for this very moment.

And so, the moment arrives.

And it is a protracted moment, having taken centuries to get here, and decades of your lifetime to unfold.

Yet, it is here: the disclosing, unveiling, and unmasking of those no-longer-powerful forces that would take you and your world further down a dark path of service to them, including loss of your individual Divine essence.

Their dark visions and plans are crumbling further each day — they are quite alarmed at the speed at which this is occurring, in fact.

So that when you see a supposed “debate” on television between one dark but organic and one manufactured lifeform, both claiming to be human and to be leaders, you know far better.

The masses are, for the vast majority, unwilling now to take in the deceptions they have been so carefully trained to believe in. These same energies that are helping you birth your Ascension have brought them inevitably to this moment.

And so we see not only thousands standing with the Earth Protectors of North Dakota, but many millions.

We see not only thousands objecting to the dehumanizing rhetoric about Syrian and other refugee populations, but many millions.

And we see, with the establishment of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, a reflection of the very great shift that has occurred over the past few decades, for all races and cultures, around the world.

Understand that for more than 20 years, President Obama and those supporting him (those now in the physical and those in the etheric) have been sending out the energies of empowerment, truth, stability, justice, and equality — the foundations of NESARA law — not only to the entire US, but to the entire world — all nations and all peoples.

This is a powerful beacon, and we lend our Light and energies to it as well, and ever shall, dear ones, unless your blessed Mother Earth wishes otherwise.

Know that this temporary time of growing-pains discomfort, of seeing old issues and conflicts rising to the surface, aren’t only a matter of police shootings or stolen primaries, or your and your loved ones’ struggles with money or health or well-being, as difficult as all of that is.
This new era signals the release of the third dimensional construct, and the birth of the Ascended consciousness — the crystalline awareness that is reconstructing every physical cell and lifting every part of your life to an entirely new level.

And so — uncomfortable and strange? Most certainly.

But un-asked for? Most assuredly not.

For you yourselves are birthing your own Ascension, your own fifth dimensional reality, and your own powerful growth and higher awareness.

So that while you may not currently have your own spacecraft outside your home, you have nonetheless, made room for such in your consciousness. You have created the reality of such, with your joyful expectation, your joyful command.

You are in fact, the ones who have decided “And so it is! Bring this New Earth and nrew life forth, our collective souls! Bring this forth and create this, Universe!”

And so mote it be.

Namaste, dear ones!

Your Galactic and soul families crowd round you now, full of joy, full of admiration and amazement, at your strength, your courage, and your increasingly powerful Light, and we join them in thanking you for your beautiful service to humanity, to your own soul’s growth, to the saving and healing of your planet.

And so it is!

Why Corporate Media Won’t Tell You What’s Being Done to the Amazon – Sept. 30, 2016


Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

Some 90% of the world’s media is controlled by a mere six corporations. The business model of this industry is dependent on advertising revenue, which means that the content they produce must serve well the bottom lines of advertisers, or more significantly, content cannot be of detriment to the profits of corporate advertisers.

This is the reason why so much of the most important news in our times goes un-noticed and under-reported on, most notably environmental news, for if our attention was sufficiently directed to these issues then we would certainly change our attitudes, priorities and behaviors, potentially harming the income streams of the biggest environmental destroyers on the planet, and the biggest advertisers.

Of particular note is the destruction being done to the Amazon, the ‘lungs of the earth’ as it is known by those who understand the value of life and the need to protect the world’s ecosystems from corporate greed. While indigenous people continue to rally around in support of Amazonian conservation, consumerism in ‘first-world’ parts of the world continues to demand resources that are increasingly being harvested from the most bio-diverse regions of the planet.

After failed conservation efforts, the Ecuadorian government has given up and as of September 2016 the state owned oil company Petroamazonas began drilling for oil in the most pristine and biodiverse region of the entire Amazon, the Yasuní. As reported by Amazon Watch:

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Nestlé Continues Stealing World’s Water, While California Suffers Serious Drought – Sept. 30, 2016


California is currently in its fifth year of severe drought, which means all of California remains in a state of emergency. And it’s not just Californians who are impacted, because the state uses its minimal water supply to provide the entire nation with more food than any other state…..

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