Monsanto ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Tribunal Officially Begins October 14th In Hague Netherlands – October 5, 2016

As many readers know, we are living in an era of blatant evil, disregard for humanity, illegal wars, manufactured terrorism, broad corruption without consequences and out right tyranny as the global network of criminals pushing for their new world order continue to do whatever it takes to reach their stated goals. In the midst of…

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UFO Over Guangzhou, China Causes Traffic On Freeway To Come To A Stop, April 2016, Video – October 5, 2016

Close up of UFO below with added contrast to make it stand out. Date of sighting: April 11. 2016Location of sighting: Guangzhou, ChinaHere is a cool sighting I found, but it dates back to April of this year and has never been seen outside of Asia yet. A man and woman in the car come to a…

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The Pleiadian High Council of Seven via Daniel Scranton, October 4th, 2016



“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

From this point forward, you can actualize much more of the reality that you prefer, and that is because of what you have experienced leading up to this point in your ascension process. You are facing everything now that needs to be faced, that needs to be processed and integrated by you, and that is what gives you the power to create. Nothing is ever wasted, and everything that you experience is serving you in that regard.

The more that you are experiencing that is painful, the more energy that you are accessing. And therefore, every time you find yourself in a negative emotion, a situation that you would not wish on your worst enemy, or physical pain, you can remind yourselves that all of it is serving you and all of it is bringing you closer to the heightened abilities that you all desire.

Everything that you experience brings you to a new opportunity point. It brings you to more awareness, and you are capable of seeing things through a different lens, all because of what you are willing to experience now. So the more pain that you are in, physical, and emotional, and psychological, the greater the energy that you are able to then access.

Everything that you experience that births forth more desire within you is also summoning forth the energy. That is truly what you want to experience here in the physical. You want to experience more energy moving through you, enlivening you, and giving you more of a reason to stay focused in the physical. Therefore you are doing more positive work towards what it is you truly desire when you give in to the experiences you are having that are not to your liking.

As you surrender, you access, and as you access you have more energy with which to create your reality. So whatever you are experiencing right now that is painful, remember how the pain serves you and release all of your resistance to it, because in so doing, you allow in the energy that is being summoned.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”


A Message from Mira Through Valerie Donner, October 3, 2016

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council Through Valerie Donner October 3, 2016 Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. As most of you know I am working full time with the Earth Council as the Earth proceeds with the ascension process. Some of you may wonder how you are…

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The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie, October 3d, 2016


Chapter 26-Preparing 4 First Contact-The Arcturians Through Sue Lie



By the Arcturians—Through Sue Lie

Chapter 26

Living From Your Core

We, the Arcturians, wish to send you this Shipside Transmission of “Preparing for First Contact.” But, first, we wish to thank you for being such loyal Representatives for grounding the higher light into your Core, as well as in the Core of Gaia.

We begin this message by reminding you that as you move more and more into the frequency of the fifth dimension, the rule of, “What you think about, you bring about,” becomes increasingly powerful. Your third dimensional life has taught you to “listen to others and gather your guidance from outside and/or above your self.”

It is the NOW for you to realize that YOU are the creator of your reality. We are fully aware of the massive challenge that it is the BE the Master of your Thoughts and Emotions.

The dark ones know that they have lost, so they are “pulling out all the stoppers” to create as much fear as possible. Just as when Hitler knew he had lost the war, he wanted to destroy all that he could. In the same manner, the dark ones want to create as much fear as they can in a desperate attempt to maintain their control.

Fear has always been the major tool of darkness because it lowers the consciousness of the ones who experience it. Then, because of their lower state of consciousness, they are more easily pulled deeper and deeper into the 3D Matrix.

The 3D Matrix is ruled by time, polarities, and “power OVER others.” However, these third dimensional expressions of reality do not adhere to a fifth dimensional state of consciousness.

Yes, this darkness may well invade your thoughts and emotions whenever your thoughts and emotions are directed towards fear, but once you “move the lever from fear to LOVE,” time, polarities and power-over fall from your “primary attention” and back into your third dimensional consciousness from which they arose.

Fear, polarities and power-over others are like viruses that you can “catch” when you go “out into the cold night” without the warmth of your own inner light. Your own INNER, inter-dimensional SELF serves as the protection from the OUTER “darkness” that is trying to sweep through your third and lower fourth dimensional realities.

We say, “trying to sweep through” because third dimensional darkness is bound to the lower frequencies of the third and fourth dimensions. Just as you may not see a fish in the sky or a bird in the water, you will not see one who is ruled by darkness living in the light. However, some fish do fly and some birds do swim. Therefore, please remember that it is never too late for one who has become trapped in the darkness to find their way into the light.

Yes, more and more of the younger members of the Illuminati, or whatever term is used for the “servants of the dark,” are remembering how to master their emotions enough to FEEL the difference between that which resonates to “power over” as opposed to that which resonates to “power within.”

Many of the members of “the lost ones” were once members of the light, but many of them became lost in the darkness. Conversely, some of them became lost in that darkness in their Homeworld long before they even experienced Earth.

These are the ones who came to Earth long before the fall of Atlantis with the intention of gaining “power over” the earliest humans by genetically engineering them to serve as their minions.

In fact, they came to Earth to enter Gaia’s “third dimensional, planetary matrix” because it is based on separation of polarities, such as the polarities of “good” vs “bad.” Fortunately, this planetary matrix also carries the operating system for “free will” and separation of polarities so that the light could find some refuge from the dark…..


The Guardians, Sananda, Mother Earth, One Who Serves, Ashira via James McConnell and Susan Sammarco, October 2nd, 2016


James McConnell (channeled messages)

We are the “Guardians”. As you know, we have returned. We have returned to this planet, to this Solar System, to this Galaxy to bring about the New Age, to bring it all about into perspective again. To find that energy that has been lost by the many and bring it back into the ONE.

You are all the ONE, you are all the energy. It is your energy on the planet that is creating all the changes. It is your consciousness, your energy. It is helped by all those that are ministering to you that are guiding you but you are the ones who are doing this. Without your consciousness shifting there would be no Golden Age.

Without your consciousness shifting this civilization you know would already be gone. There have been many instances in the past where those that are administering to you, have been guiding you, have had much to do about having catastrophes, calamities from overtaking the Earth. Many times has that happened? But because of your consciousness, what could have been has been averted over and over again.

We are here now, as the “Guardians”. We have returned, we have come back to be with you in these times. To herald in the New Times. These New Times are upon you now. We are here to tell you now, fully, with no hesitation whatsoever, that the “Green Light” has been given within this Universe, within this Galaxy, within this Solar System, and on this Planet.

The green light has been given by Prime Creator so that all may come forward now, as prophesized. Not the prophesy of old where there would be many Earth changes and many perished within these Earth changes. Not those prophecies but a new understanding. A new “Changeover” that you are within right now.

In this very minute you will begin to experience this “Changeover”. First as a trickle and then as a deluge as the waves of energy continue to arrive on the planet coming before the main energy, the one, Galactic Pulse, that has been spoken of which will fully bring about this “Changeover” and what some call “The Event”.

But as you know it is not one event it is many events. It is many smaller events leading to the larger one. Because the green light has now been given it is very shortly that you will receive this energy influx in ways that you have not known before. But you will know. The energy will be powerful. It will be beyond what some may be able to handle. Some will exit the body because of this.

Do not worry about this for it is all in the way it needs to be. This is the light. The plan and all is orchestrated the way it must be. So, as you have been told many times, sit back and relax and get ready. Because the show, as has been spoken of, is about ready to begin. You are ready to cross the finish line, many of you; most of you will cross this finish line. Then most of you will turn around to go back and to help all of those struggling behind, all of those in the darkness still not knowing the light exists within them.

You are that light. You will help to shine that light to all. That is your mission. That is what you have come here for. So be ready now, our brothers and sisters. All is about to commence. You are about to have announcements that will tell about what is to come. They will be announcements that will prepare the world for the next step, for the various dominoes that begin to fall.

This is what we tell you now, as the “Guardians”. We tell you all is right. All is as it needs to be. All is in the very moment you are in. The very moment you are in is about to shift and change into a New Golden Age that you are the catalyst for.

We are the “Guardians”. We share our love and our peace and for you to know that you are never alone. That there are so many with you now to guide you along your journey.

Peace and love be with all of you.

This is “Sananda”. I am here briefly now to provide continuing understanding of that which has just been given……….



Ohmnipure via Nancy Tate, October 4th – 2016


Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, October 04, 2016

There is coming a time in this world when all will be in an order that is in harmony with all of life on earth. In that enclosure of time will be the freedom to ease into the life that is desired, and in the activation of that which is a tribute to the upcoming times of the flow of funds around the world. Until then the figures that will be in movement are the ones who at this moment are sorting through what it is that they are destined to do with the funds and how to set the steps into motion.

It is an understanding that they have at this time that is partially in place. There will come the time when all is released through the various sources of the funds, that they will be able to access the additional information that will lead them in the predestined movements that they will be making. Until then it is wise for all of you to enjoy the flow of life that is in the works, and also that you see how you can move step by step to bring joy and peace to the world in the ways that are easy for you.

As you begin the journey that you designed for your time of this opening of new doors, you will find that there will be many obstacles that had been in place that will no longer be there. The movements that you will all be making will be free flowing and enjoyable, not only for you, but for the others involved. There will be others who will step in with you and carry their part in what you will be doing in a way that will be in constant harmony for all of  life on earth.

I am seeing as I speak the evolution of this world coming into guidance with the galactic beings who are already on the planet. They are here amoung you in ways that may seem odd at times, and at other times to be right on the same page that you are dancing in. They are part of what you will be doing, and they give their hearts joy out to the ones whom they see and feel that are in their range. They send you all their Love. They know that you who are in tune with them will at some point be there by their side, hearing the energy speak to them as to what you all will be doing with them.

I am with you this day to bring you this update on what is taking place in the outer reaches of space, and the inner reachings of everyone on this planet. It is all in harmony as never before, for in the process of the journey through the density of earthlife, there has been much preparation for these times that are in progress as I speak. We are all in the midst of preparations for the steps that are already in progress that will bring the applause down around all of you in the energy of Love, singing and the dance of peaceful Love that is awaiting the final curtain to arise. We are all with you completely in your next steps, and we are ready to give you all the Love that is at the next door that will be opened for eternity.

I am Ohmnipure once again, and I am sending my Love to all of life on the beautiful planet Earth, which is so much in the energy of change in Love and commitment to all of life.

Thank you so much dear Ohmnipure,

Much Love,

Nancy Tate