Mike Quinsey’s Message for October 7, 2016

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The time is rapidly approaching when events will move forward as expected. All the necessary arrangements seem to be in place, and await the final checks before the order is given to go ahead with Revaluation of the currencies.

It has taken a lot of planning to reach this point plus the co-operation of the many, many people involved. Clearly the wait will have been well worthwhile and will be seen as the turning point when events have turned the way for those working for the Light.

There is still confusion as to what is taking place and in part caused by those who are against the changes being introduced. In any event there will be winners and losers but the changes will fully benefit the whole population of Earth. All are to be given the opportunity to reach an acceptable standard of living, and eliminate the unfairness in the distribution of wealth.

Where the Will of God is concerned nothing can change the outcome regardless of any actions taken by the Illuminati. Their role in opposition to those of the Light has caused them [those of the Light?] to rise up and evolve much quicker than it would otherwise have occurred. It means that many more souls will have reached levels that entitle them to ascend.

There is no choosing of such souls, and their success is entirely due to their own efforts to evolve out of the lower vibrations and into the Light. It is not a matter of becoming a total Light Being, but becoming of service to others for the greater part of your life. You can achieve it in so many ways and it is not necessarily confined to those who have a religious background. Equally you can serve others in many ways all according to their needs and it is not necessarily about money, but those who are very wealthy can do great things because of it.

In view of present world conditions some see major changes as impossible, but it should be stressed that those of the Light that guide Humanity are very powerful Beings. They can change the vibrations of Earth so that all weapons of war cannot operate. So peace can be enforced and from a karmic point of view will be seen as justice to reward those who have kept their Light shining forth regardless of the difficulties encountered. When war and the equipment for war become obsolescent, peace and happiness can soon return to Earth. So much more good work can be done when people feel safe and out of harm’s way.

One of the greatest lessons you can learn on Earth is “forgiveness” which can be extremely hard when you may have been physically harmed. Retaliation is a natural response but if you are to avoid more karma it is best to walk away from such temptations. Bear in mind that if you do not immediately pay for sins committed whilst on Earth, you still have to face the consequences. It takes a strong willpower to keep calm in such circumstances but simply tell yourself that every negative action has to be made good at some time. The Biblical story of Jesus told of “turning the other cheek” and that is symbolic of how you should aim to be. Keep calm and walk away from the temptation to seek revenge.

Looking at things from the higher levels of “Love” sums up what you should all be concentrating upon. Those levels that face you are of more Light, and it is such that you can use this energy to perform miracles. Universal energy is the panacea for all ills and as you rise up it should be the principal feature in your life. It is the ultimate energy with which you can perform miracles. Even on Earth now it has resulted in some miraculous healing and that also includes self-healing. It seems so simple to apply such thinking, but particularly on Earth you are being bombarded by so many different energies it is sometimes difficult to keep focussed on “Love.”

The Light upon Earth is seeking out the darkness and filling it with the higher energy. Slowly but surely the changes are becoming significant and grounding the Light for all to enjoy. Eventually there will be no lower energies upon Earth at all, and the Golden Age will have truly have commenced. It will be your first experience of total peace upon Earth, and it will last until 1000 years have passed when lower energies will be allowed to mingle with it. By then you will have progressed beyond recognition as Beings of Light. So all the time and effort you put in to raise your vibrations will be well rewarded and certainly never regretted.

You will notice that Governments and their politics are under pressure to change, and the general movements are to move away from those who are warmongers. The people have had enough experience of all things associated with wars, and a strong desire for world peace is taking root. You still have your so called “hot spots” where there seems to be no sight of any way of bringing about peaceful solutions. These are for the working out of karma that needs to be cleared before true peace can be established. At the same time the power game is still being played out, but you will eventually see that events turn out to be most acceptable by keeping the drive for power over the people at bay.

Knowing that major changes are around the corner seems to hold people back, but the advice is to carry on as before and respond to the changes when they place. There is not any real gain by first waiting to see what happens, as in the long run all will benefit from them according to their needs. It may take a little time to get round to everyone but have no fear as no one will be missed out.

Bear in mind that the assistance that is being given to you through your Galactic friends will continue, and so ensure that matters progress at all speed. As new inventions are also passed on to you, life will quickly take on a new look and allow you much more time to attend to your own needs. Be assured that all matters have been well covered by the plans that have already been made to ensure your quick advancement into the New Age.

Keep on your Path of Light and do not let anything distract you from your intentions. There are still groups that only have “self interest” in mind and would stop at nothing to advance at others expense. However, their success will be short lived and their efforts will ultimately lead to disappointment. They are already struggling to maintain their positions of power and sooner or later will be stopped in their tracks.

The higher powers know all that is happening and there is no hiding place for them. They have much to account for and will learn their lessons as all souls have to when they stray from the Path of Light. By being present in duality all souls learn by experience, and see first-hand what happens when their vibrations are lowered and they have less contact with the Light.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.




Mike Quinsey kanaliserar sitt Högre Jag, 7 oktober, 2016


Mike Quinsey

kanaliserar sitt Högre Jag

7 oktober, 2016

Tiden närmar sig snabbt då händelserna kommer att röra sig framåt som förväntat. Alla nödvändiga arrangemang verkar vara på plats och väntar nu på de sista kontrollerna, innan klartecknet ges för att Revalveringen av valutorna kan påbörjas. Det har krävts en hel del planerande innan denna punkt har uppnåtts, plus samarbete mellan många, många människor som är involverade. Väntan har helt klart varit mycket lönande och kommer att ses som en vändpunkt, när händelserna har vänt sig till fördel för dem som arbetar för Ljuset. Fortfarande råder en del förvirring gällande vad som håller på att ske och denna har delvis förorsakats av dem som är mot förändringarna som ska introduceras. I alla händelser kommer det att finnas vinnare och förlorare, men förändringarna kommer helt och hållet att gynna Jordens hela befolkning. Alla kommer att ges möjlighet till att uppnå en acceptabel levnadsstandard och den orättvisa fördelningen av rikedomar kommer att upphöra.

Vad gäller Guds Vilja, så kan inget ändra utgången, oberoende av alla åtgärder som Illuminaterna vidtar. Deras roll att motarbeta dem som är av Ljuset, har lett till att dessa har fått stiga upp och utvecklas i mycket snabbare takt än vad annars skulle ha varit fallet. Det innebär att många fler själar kommer att ha uppnått nivåer som berättigar dem till att stiga upp. Det förekommer inte något urval av dessa själar och deras framgång beror helt och hållet på deras egna ansträngningar att utvecklas ut ur de lägre vibrationerna och in i Ljuset. Det är inte fråga om att man ska bli en total Ljus-Varelse, utan man ska börja tjäna andra under merparten av sitt liv. Man kan uppnå det på så många sätt och det är nödvändigtvis inte begränsat till dem som har en religiös bakgrund. Likaså kan man tjäna andra på många sätt, allt i enlighet med deras behov och det handlar nödvändigtvis inte om pengar, men de som är mycket förmögna kan göra stordåd på grund av just det.

När man ser till det nuvarande världsläget, anser vissa att stora förändringar är omöjliga, men det borde betonas att de som är av Ljuset och som vägleder Mänskligheten, är mycket kraftfulla Varelser. De kan förändra Jordens vibrationer så att samtliga krigsvapen inte kan fungera. Så fred kan verkställas och från en karmisk synvinkel kommer det att ses som rättvisa att belöna dem som har hållit sitt Ljus skinande, oberoende av de svårigheter som man har stött på. När krig och krigsutrustning blir föråldrade, kan fred och lycka snart återvända till Jorden. Så mycket gott arbete kan bli utfört när människor känner sig trygga och utom fara för att bli skadade.

En av de största lärdomarna som man kan lära sig på Jorden är ”förlåtelse”, vilket kan vara extremt svårt, när man kanske har blivit fysiskt skadad. Hämnd är den naturliga reaktionen, men om man ska undvika ytterligare karma är det bäst att dra sig undan sådana frestelser. Bär i sinnet att om man inte omedelbart betalar för sina synder på Jorden, så måste man fortfarande möta konsekvenserna. Det krävs en hel del viljestyrka att hålla sig lugn i sådana situationer, men man ska helt enkelt tala om för sig själv att varje negativt handlande måste gottgöras i sinom tid. Den Bibliska historien där Jesus säger, att man ska ”vända andra kinden till” är symbolisk för hur man ska rikta sig in på att vara. Hålla sig lugn och gå ifrån frestelsen att söka efter att få hämnd.

Att se på saker från ”Kärlekens” högre nivåer, summerar vad ni alla borde koncentrera er på. De nivåer som ni står inför är av högre Ljus, och det innebär att ni kan använda er av denna energi till att utföra mirakel. Universell energi är ett universal-botemedel för alla plågor och när ni stiger upp borde den vara er huvudegenskap i ert liv. Det är den ultimata energin med vilken ni kan utföra mirakel. Till och med nu på Jorden har den resulterat i viss mirakulös healing och det inkluderar själv-healing. Det förefaller så lätt att använda sig av ett sådant tänkesätt, men speciellt på Jorden blir ni bombarderade av så många olika energier, att det ibland är svårt att hålla sig fokuserad på ”Kärlek”.

Ljuset på Jorden letar sig fram till mörkret och fyller upp det med högre energi. Sakta men säkert blir förändringarna markanta och jordar Ljuset för att alla ska kunna njuta av det. Slutligen kommer inga lägre energier att förekomma på Jorden överhuvudtaget och den Gyllene Tidsåldern kommer i sanning att ha inletts. Det kommer att bli er första upplevelse av total fred på Jorden och den kommer att bestå tills 1000 år har förflutit, när lägre energier kommer att tillåtas att blanda sig med den. Till dess kommer ni att ha framskridit bortom igenkännlighet som Varelser av Ljus. Så all tid och kraft ni satsar på att höja era vibrationer, kommer att belönas väl och ni kommer säkerligen aldrig att ångra det.

Ni kommer att märka att Regeringar och deras politik befinner sig under press att förändras och den allmänna rörelsen är att man vänder sig från dem som är krigsivrare. Människorna har haft tillräcklig erfarenhet av alla saker som förknippas med krig och en stark längtan efter världsfred håller på att slå rot. Ni har fortfarande era så kallade ”oroshärdar”, där det förefaller att inte finnas några sätt att få några fredliga lösningar till stånd. Dessa finns till för att rensa karma som behöver klaras upp innan sann fred kan införas. Samtidigt är fortfarande maktspelet igång, men ni kommer slutligen att få se att händelserna leder till att bli helt accepterade, genom att man stoppar maktbegäret över människorna.

Att vara medveten om att större förändringar är bakom hörnet verkar hålla folk tillbaka, men rådet är att fortsätta som tidigare och svara på förändringarna när de dyker upp. Det finns ingen riktig vinst i att först vänta och se vad som ska hända, eftersom alla på lång sikt kommer att gagnas, i enlighet med de behov man har. Det kan ta en tid att nå alla, men känn ingen rädsla eftersom ingen kommer att lämnas utanför. Bär i minnet att den hjälp som ni kommer att få av era Galaktiska vänner, kommer att fortgå, så försäkra er om att saker sker i snabb takt. Eftersom nya uppfinningar också kommer att förmedlas till er, kommer livet snabbt att se annorlunda ut och ge er mycket mera tid för att se till era egna behov. Var försäkrade om att allt har omfattats av de planer som redan har gjorts för att försäkra er ett snabbt framåtskridande in i den Nya Tidsåldern.

Håll er på Ljusets väg och låt ingenting distrahera er bort från era avsikter. Det finns fortfarande grupper som enbart har ett ”själv-intresse” i sinnet och som inte skyr några medel för att gagnas på andras bekostnad. Men deras framgång kommer bli kortlivad och deras ansträngningar kommer slutligen att leda till besvikelse. De kämpar redan för att upprätthålla sina maktpositioner och förr eller senare kommer de att stoppas på sin väg. De högre makterna känner till allt som sker och det finns inget gömställe för dem. De har mycket att stå till svars för och får lära sig sina lärdomar, liksom alla själar måste göra, när de viker från Ljusets Väg. Genom att vara närvarande i dualitet lär sig alla själar genom upplevelser och genom att själva få se vad som sker när ens vibrationer sänks och man har mindre kontakt med Ljuset.

Jag lämnar er med kärlek och välsignelser och må Ljuset lysa upp era dagar och er väg mot fullbordan.

Detta meddelande kommer genom mitt Högre Jag.

I Kärlek och Ljus

Mike Quinsey.

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Jesus: What is Love? (From The Jesus Book) – October 8, 2016

jesus-book-1This message from Jesus is taken from Chapter 2 of Linda’s The Jesus Book. I post it because … it’s so darned good.

Jesus confirms that the Seventh Dimension is considered the dimension of love.  It refers to the new way of experiencing dimensions – all dimensions are soon to be open to us, no matter where we are “anchored.”

He gets into the process of creating through, with, and by love, something we’ll know more about ourselves when we stabilize in the Fifth Dimension.

He suggests that we can “have it all,” so to speak, while remaining in the physical body, rather than needing to shed the body first to be in Nirvana.

He firmly establishes that knowing and being love is the sum of spiritual disciplines and life itself.

Love is a state of being. For a long time now, I have asked you to join with me in the seventh dimension, for this is the dimension of love.  It seems that no matter how often I say this, very often it falls on deaf ears simply because you have not been ready to hear it. But I am saying it again.

Join with me through the 13th Octave into the seventh dimension. It is a state of being beyond physicality, and yet it can be anchored in physicality. It can be experienced in your third dimension, and, in fact, it is so much fun.

I also came to Earth to have that experience of love in physical form just like each of you; to bring that energy of love and have it embodied in a physical vessel.

Many of you wish to die to know nirvana, bliss, wholeness. And yet to know love in form is wholeness. It is completion. It is in that state of wholeness that I wish you to live.

Love is a state of being in ultimate connection to One, to All. It is a state of being in joy. Many of you have great difficulties finding your joy these days. Go to the love; it will bring you to the joy. It is a state of being in union.

The keys to heaven are love, trust and forgiveness, unity, connectedness and balance. These are simply different points of the same currency, which is love; it is one thing.

Love is also action, not only on your physical plane or in different dimensions and realities. When we create, when Mother/Father/One births a new universe or a new reality, it is done from the place of love. It is the action of that union, the connectedtness, which explodes into creation.

Love has many other examples of action; it is being honest and truthful and standing in integrity; it is being compassionate and not even knowing the meaning of being judgmental.  When you are in this state of being – of connection and love – you cannot be anything but kind, considerate, open, available, and a magnificent healer, teacher, and role model.

Love is action, but it is also the silence of your being. It is being the stillpoint; it is being in the void of nothingness and still being ultimately and completely connected in One. I don’t mean that as being out of form, but rather in your form.

Finally, love is expression. It is an experience that there is nothing on Earth or beyond that is greater than the experience of love. That is why I wanted to come to Earth, not only to teach about the continuation of existence and the ability to move in and out of form, but to also have the experience of love within myself, and form that to have the exchange with my family, my mother and father, my brothers and sisters, my beloved wife and children, my apostles, my disciples, and my friends.

I came to learn to hold love even for those who did not return my love, and that was a lesson. I did not need to go into judgment or approve of their lives or their actions. I had no wish to pick up stones. I came to know that to give someone love, even when they despise you, is a gift to your own heart.  The love is returned, perhaps not by that individual, but by the universe and by other human beings. Love is never wasted. The more you give, the more it grows, and the more you receive.

Love is being happy. It is being in that state of thanksgiving and gratitude, even when you think you are in your darkest hour. So often I hear your heart pleas to me, to Mother and Father, “I do not feel love; all I feel is alone and abandoned.” For those of you who sit in that darkness of your soul, just let me in. I will come gently and illuminate your heart once again. I will anchor my consciousness within you, that you will know and be love once again, because that is the purpose.

There are many different soul and human contracts, many different pathways, but the entire purpose of being in form, of being alive, is to know and to be love. When you do that, you are doing everything else. You are fulfilling every expectation, mission, purpose and contract; you are doing it all.

I invite you to know love, to be love, without exception. It is the beginning and it is the end. It is the Alpha and the Omega. All the lessons, all the tools, all the messages that we have ever shared, regardless of culture or time – they are all about love.

It is about being in that state of wholeness and allowing. There are no shields when love is present. That is what I am going to teach you: how to live without these shields, how to live in connectedness and unity. It is our next step together. You are ready and I am excited.

Hold tight to each other, my friends. Pass this love from one heart to the next and receive it with gladness. It is then manna of your soul; it is the manna of your physical body; it is what makes you what you are.

Sweet angels, you are magnificent. You are my beloved ones. I love you.

Source: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/10/08/jesus-what-is-love/

UFO Shooting Out Of Crater In Apollo 11 Moon Photo, @NASA Source, Oct 2016, Video –

Date of discovery: October 2016Location of discovery: Earths moonSource NASA photo: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/images/print/AS11/43/6506.jpgThis UFO was leaving the crater of Earths moon, just as the Apollo 11 module was passing over it taking photos. You can see a trail behind it, probably debris from the moons surface trailing the craft. This is an excellent video of the…

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