The Barometer – November 16, 2016

This is to those of you that know the Universal Energy; recent events on your Earth plane needed to be brought into play to highlight the rift in the collective consciousness.  It is a barometer of sorts… show you who is fully asleep, who is awakening and who is fully awake.  For those of you ‘in the know’, the skills you have been developing for years of your Earth plane existence will most definitely come into play.  Be gentle with yourself, be gentle with those learning and, rest assured, that all is going according to plan. ~ Creator


Ho’oponopono: Healing For Ourselves & Our World — November 15, 2016


by Ulonda Faye , The Mind Unleashed We live in a world that is guided by the universal law of cause and effect. What we as individuals, groups of people, communities, societies and countries put out into the world through our thoughts, manifests. What we put into our collective consciousness has an effect. The cause…

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