The Stage Is Set – November 24, 2016

The stage is set, the actors have and are on their marks, the orchestra is poised and ready to begin the swell of music signaling the beginning of Act I.  Where are you?  Are you in the audience, sitting back and watching it all unfold before you? Or are you on stage participating and moving the story in a different direction?  In the coming weeks and months, you will have a very important decision to make.
It is your choice; you can remain stationary and quiet, complaining about how “it wasn’t like the book” or “it didn’t end the way you thought it would”….or…. you can add your voice to the chorus.  You chose to come into your history at this grand and pivotal moment in time to affect change.  Now is the time to jump into action, my child.  Do not let it pass you by! ~ Creator