Så manipulerade eliten fram första världskriget – 15 Januari, 2017

christmas truce

Få saker i historien har visat sig så lönsamma för de stora bankirerna som krig.

President Wilsons utrikesminister William Jennings Bryan sa som det var:

”De stora bankirerna var mycket intresserade av världskrig p.g.a de enorma möjligheterna till ekonomisk vinst.”

Vi ska här titta lite närmare på vilka krafter det var som opererade bakom kulisserna för att manipulera fram första världskriget samt hur och varför de gjorde det.

Det hade naturligtvis inte varit möjligt om en majoritet människor hade förstått vilka som verkligen styr och hur de har gjort det.

Fil.doktor Steven Yates uttryckte det hela mycket väl i sin utmärkta bok “The Real Matrix:”

”För att social ingenjörskonst ska fungera är det nödvändigt att dess målgrupp vet så lite som möjligt. De måste ha utbildats, eller rättare sagt, tränats, att inte tänka, bara göra som de blir tillsagda. De måste ha anpassats för ett tillstånd av beroende av olika slag och de måste hela tiden distraheras så att de inte kan lägga ihop två och två.”

År 1954 avslöjade den amerikanska Reece-kommitten som granskade skattebefriade stiftelser att Carnegiestiftelsen, bildad 1904, var en organisation som ägnat sig åt att framkalla krig…….



Secure Team: Large Saucer UFO Found Buried In Antarctica [VIDEO] – January 15, 2017

Publicerades den 13 jan. 2017

Disc coords: 74°38’18.53″ S 164°31’48.53″ E
Caves: 66°33’12.33″S, 99°50’20.37″E — 66°36’12.69″S, 99°43’12.44″E
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New to Ascension? By Lisa Renee – January 15, 2017

As You Wish Talk Radio tonight – Saturday January 14th 2017 8pm PT Very Special Guest Lisa Renee

For those New to Ascension

                       Dear Ascending Family,

I have compiled the information below as the suggested introduction to gain a context of understanding the consciousness changes that are happening on the planet now. The shift in planetry consciousness is referred to as Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Ascension, or Expanding Consciousness during the Ascension Cycle which marks the completion of the evolutionary time cycle on the planet earth.  Many more human beings are experiencing an array of paranormal consciousness experiences, regaining other lifetime memories, developing higher sensory perception, perceiving inter-dimensional entities, and having communications with perceived Guardian Angels or Extraterrestrials, as well as multi-dimensional experiences.

As an Ascension Guide I have experienced all of the following experiences myself since my awakening experience began in 1999. I have developed an huge body of work that is based on these direct communications and experiences of my personal spiritual awakening. That Body of work is called Energetic Synthesis and found in the following places on the internet, and my Ascension website : www.energeticsynthesis.com. Please get familiar with the website if you feel called to understand this material.

We are required during these times to change what we believe as the accepted reality paradigm through the re-education of human value, providing human evolutionary context, and understanding that consciousness is intelligent energy, along with the fact that we share this Universe with many other species of life and parallel existences. The first stages of Introduction to Ascension Theory and its evolutionary context, the terms and understanding the planetary consciousness shift leaving the 3D paradigm is offered  freely here:

Please see the Energetic Synthesis Youtube Channel for the Ascension basics and learning how to shield your aura.

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ES Community is a free public service website with a web based internet community forum and library which is supported entirely through its membership and donations. The membership allows the support of the free tools, content, web expenses, mentoring and the Ascension related videos. The Membership within ES Community  is intended and designed to support an Awakening and Ascending Community, through the gathering, sharing of consciousness experiences and having the spiritual awakening tools with the proper empowering context for multidimensionality, with vast amounts of meditation clearings, and the core principle of being GSF. Learning how to become a Cosmic Citizen via personal spiritual freedom and self –sovereignty whereby one learns to discern forces, mind control and the many entities that are on the planet earth today. The core Principles of ES community are founded and based upon the Law Of One and Relationship Mastery principles, and in our intrepretation, emphasizing the great need to expand human consciousness in order to support a free information society (full disclosure) that is based in World Humanism.

ES has a commitment to integrity and we are working as a group with small resources to support and help as many human beings as we are capable, primarily through our online presence, to offer an empowering context and tools that help to relieve the sensation of fear, anxiety, depression and extreme isolation when undergoing the biologically natural and normal process of spiritual awakening. We hope these tools are of great service to you and those you feel may benefit, as you share them with others.

Our huge group project, Ascension Glossary and the Hieros Gamos System (HGS),  are major works in progress. It is our hope it serves more awakening humans to empower themselves through being re-educated to build their own self-focused inner healing connections. Thank you for visiting our site.

Blessings on your awakening journey,

Lisa Renee, Founder and the ES Community


Ashtar via Susan Leland, January 10th, 2017

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference January 10, 2017 “Greetings, Beloved Family! Well, if you were not on an up-note before President Obama spoke, I shall tell you right now that the consciousness of all of those who were engaged in…Read more

via Ashtar via Susan Leland, January 10th — Sananda

Important Situation Update from Cobra – January 15, 2017

Important Situation Update

Year 2017 will see much more presence of the Light on the surface of the planet than any of the previous years, as the presence of the non-physical Light particles from the Galactic Center has increased greatly. On the last day of 2016, there were many signs in the sky in the form of polar stratospheric clouds and other unusual cloud phenomena:

David Wilcock on Coast to Coast with Notes! – January 15, 2017



(Note: I am not going to add or supplement the information from this interview with any other sources or intel. I will just be providing notes from this interview and won’t be adding anything else.)

David Wilcock just did an interview last night (1/13) with Jimmy Church filling in this time on Coast to Coast Radio. Now I’m not sure if this is video should be allowed to be up or not but someone uploaded it anyways and I will share it here until it is flagged or taken down or what have you. I will post it below along with some notes. I included the mostly major portions of the information released here. The interview runs from 6:34 – 1:54:38. The video starts at 6:34 so you don’t have to look for it.

I’d like to thank David and everyone else in the awakened community and all of those unseen people in the intelligence community for continuing to push forward with this information and this movement despite threats and other negative greetings as a result of this work. We will be victorious and there are noticeable signs that this is really happening. Much love everyone <333

They discuss the following information:

  • PizzaGate revelations are a big problem for the ‘elite’
  • Hillary implicated in the PizzaGate scandal
  • Britain ahead of the curve about exposing ‘Elite’ Luciferian-related child abuse
  • Election was a choice between two unacceptable candidates
  • Alliance now stronger than the Cabal
  • Alliance made up of majority of personnel of 15 intelligence agencies according to Dr. Steve Pieczenik
  • Alliance doing active clean-up phase and Cabal will be completely removed and taken out before we hear anything about it
  • History of fall of empires and fascist regimes shows that positive coups just happen and that they don’t talk about it before it happens
  • PizzaGate information was result of positive forces in U.S. intelligence services
  • Cabal knows they botched 9/11, it didn’t go exactly as planned
  • Teams that were suppose to plant fake WMDs didn’t put them there as planned because they were killed
  • Cabal were aware they would be exposed
  • Cabal needed a get-out-of-jail-free card in case tribunals were started
  • Cabal factions refusing to surrender mostly living in underground facilities
  • Some of these bases are in Antarctica
  • Marines ordered to take out/kill these people if they don’t surrender
  • Some Marines were in shock to see some of these people as Reptilian-looking humanoids fighting alongside regular humans
  • Most of this clearing is already mostly done
  • We wouldn’t recognize most these people if we saw them
  • Ending of California drought significant sign of change of power
  • Cabal plans on announcing Antarctic ruins once when they are in the midst of war crimes tribunals
  • Many bodies found in Antarctic ruins, bodies with elongated skulls being removed
  • David being authorized by U.S. gov’t which is under mostly Alliance control to release information;
  • All major U.S. military aircraft carriers have been brought back to port
  • All being restocked and re-outfitted with technology that would have been released in 100 years, but is being loaded up now
  • Includes three different types of drone that look like a quad-copter
  • Floating aircraft carriers will apparently be released
  • Buzz Aldrin’s health issue was the result of being taken on a craft over 200,000 miles away which was the back of the moon in 7 minutes
  • Craft was a triangular and black that took off from Antarctica
  • He did see the ruins also
  • Many Cabal members have been defeated or have surrendered
  • Many people have disclosed information on film and films will be played once all of this comes out
  • Pete Peterson given 6 inch thick stack of briefing documents which will be handed over to David soon who will share it with us when the time is right
  • Timeline given for things to start happening is very imminent

The Angels via Ann Albers, January 14th, 2017



My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are so very loved. We say this time and again. Most of you hear us. Most of you believe us for a moment. If you really lived as if you were loved, however, your lives would change. You would tap into an eternal truth, a love that is so all-pervasive it would rush into every aspect of your lives.

The Creator is sending you, always, a steady stream of love. It is up to you to believe and receive, or sadly to resist.

If you lived as if you were loved, you would get up each morning and smile! You would say, “Thank you God for giving me another precious day of life! Thank you for the sunrise, the birdsong, the sounds of people coming to life. I’m ready for another grand adventure today! I know you are watching out for me, guiding me, and cherishing my every breath. Oh that feels wonderful!”

If you lived as if you were loved, you would listen to your heart, knowing that the Creator and your angels support the very essence of your desires, hopes, and dreams. You would know that if your neighbor refused to give you their ice cream cone, then God would provide another! If someone you want desperately to love you does not, we can find you someone even better who does!

If you lived as if you were loved, you would trust that when life does not look the way you want it to look, we simply have something better to bring you!

If you lived as if you were loved, you would be in the world but not of it. You would never need to fear the state of the world, your finances, or anyone else’s behaviors. You would know that you are cared for and protected by a power far greater than any of these. The power that lives and breathes within all things cares for every detail in the entire universe, including the stirrings of your heart!

If you lived as if you were loved, then when someone criticizes, condemns, attacks, or abandons you, you would hold your head up high and say, “That’s OK if you don’t like me! I am loved beyond anything you can possibly imagine and I’m so sorry you don’t feel the same way!”

Dear ones, try going through just one day of your life telling yourself over and over. “I am loved beyond measure. I am loved without condition. I am cherished in every breath,” for indeed you are.

This is truth. This is our reality. This is how we love you, how the Divine loves you, and how ultimately we would love for you to love yourselves!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


Ready? – January 14, 2017

Are you done?
It is enough?
Are you ready to stop?
Are you ready to start?!
It is time to be done beating up on yourself.
It is time to start viewing yourself as good enough.
It is time to stop belittling who you are.
It is time to start embracing the beauty, intelligence, joy and love that The Universe is offering you.  Yes, it is nice to receive these confirmations from others, but you must also be able to give them to yourself. ~ Creator



Light Pillars In Canada Reveal The Stunning Beauty Of Nature [Watch] – January 14, 2017

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist Sometimes, beauty in nature is subtle. Other times, it’s bold and impossible to ignore. Nature is incredible. If you need more evidence of this, look no further than the images below, captured by Timothy Joseph Elzinga. The Ontario, Canada, was woken up by his two-year-old son at 1:30 a.m. and…

via Light Pillars In Canada Reveal The Stunning Beauty Of Nature [Watch] —