Lady Nada via Susan Sammarco, January 15th, 2017

“Lady Nada” I am “Lady Nada”. It is a little difficult to come back to this one after “Obeedichya” comes through. His is such a different frequency and speech pattern. “Sananda” is here to speak with you today. We…Read more

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Obeedichyah via James McConnell, January 15th, 2017

“Obeedichyah” I am “Obeedichya”! I have not been with you for a very long time, it seems. As you remember, I am the one who stands nine feet tall in front of you on my tail. Black and white. Yes,…Read more

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Take Your Places – January 18, 2017

It is time to start a riot, my lovely ones!  A riot of joy, love, excitement, forward movement… of kisses and hugs, of caring, compassion and empathy.  This is not meant to be an ‘underground’ movement, but one of open and wondrous growth for all!  Take your places, it is beginning! ~ Creator



Benjamin Fulford Report, January 16th, 2017

Benjamin Fulford Report: “Will it be World War or World Government” — January 16, 2017

Message from Benjamin Fulford

Will it be World War or World Government as Trump Presidency Approaches
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January 16, 2017

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The big geopolitical players are making final moves as the Presidency of Donald Trump and Western revolution loom. The Western military industrial complex made one of its final big moves by positioning a large tank army in Poland. This is ostensibly aimed at Russia but is in fact a move by a Christian alliance including Russia that is aimed at China. Incoming Trump Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, for his part, threatened to attack Chinese bases in the South China Sea. The background for these provocative remarks, CIA sources in Asia say, is that the Chinese have also sent 10 million people into Indonesia recently as part of a deal to build up the archipelago’s economic infrastructure, something that has raised alarm bells in the Pentagon. The Pentagon wants to build a new military base in the South China Sea to balance this Chinese move, the CIA sources say…….

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Astonishing Crop Circles Amaze Researchers – January 17, 2017

Richard Taylor, a physicist at the University of Oregon, is one of several academics to take interest in the crop circle phenomenon within recent years. Why? Well, when extremely complex, huge, and perfectly carved out geometrical patters to precision are made, people are going to notice. Taylor believes that “crop circle artists are not going to…

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Sheldan Nidle, January 17th, 2017

6 Eb, 15 Chen, 13 Caban Dratzo! The procedures agreed upon continue to move forward at their own slow pace. The emphasis as always remains security and the maintenance of an even flow. This operation has thus been reduced to…Read more

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Have Fun! – January 17, 2017


Release yourself from ‘linear thinking’. Rather than going from A to B to C, have fun jumping around from A to Q to G to Z and back again. When you relinquish control of how things should be, anything is possible. ~ Creator