Quan Yin via Susan Leland – Bringing the World into Peace – January 10th, 2017

Kuan Yin:  “We Are Partners
in Bringing the World into Peace”
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference –
January 10, 2017


“I am Kuan Yin and I greet you with all the Love in my Being.  And I thank you, Beautiful Ones, for being here in this togetherness of our Hearts.  And I assure you that I have only Love and all that Love holds and creates for all of you – and most especially, that is Peace.

“Consider, if you will, your own beings and all that radiates through your beings from your Hearts, and all that comes into your Hearts from the Higher levels where only Love exists – the Realms of Light, as we call them.  The LoveLight, the Light of Love is indeed the Highest energy in the Universe!  And it has the power to prevail, not because it makes war, but because it brings a Peace that goes beyond whatever problems, whatever challenges, even whatever battles you may be struggling with. And as one member of Humanity comes to that Peace, and then another, and then another, it becomes the prevailing energy on the Planet!

“Now, I am seen most often as a gentle being, and I am seen as a feminine being.  But I am more than that.  I have the masculine within me as well and that is what you might call the ‘action;’ the feminine is the ’emotion.’  The masculine is the action, or the thinking of what to do.  And in that respect, I am a warrior as much as any of you are or have ever been in any of your lifetimes!  And so, when they come together, you will find that gentle Peace, that loving Peace, and you will find the Passion to do all within your power to share that Peace, to express that Peace, and to encourage others to form communities of Peace and eventually countries of Peace!………..

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