How The Arcturians Are Healing Planet Earth(VIDEOS) – January 22, 2017

How The Arcturians Are Healing Planet Earth

Alien Reptilians, who are multidimensional extraterrestrials, have been plaguing our planet for eons, lowering our vibrational frequency and using fear, manipulation, and mind-control to dominate and enslave humanity. They have no natural enemies here, so they have had free rein to carry out their agenda. But that is no longer the case! The Arcturians, a much more powerful race of multidimensional extraterrestrials, are right now helping to heal the planet and raise its vibrational frequency by removing alien Reptilians and sending them to the Light.

The Arcturians are highly advanced, very loving and peaceful beings from Arcturus, a star in the Boötes Constellation. They are ready to communicate and work with any soul who aspires to journey with them to a higher level of consciousness.

In their words: “The souls of the people of Mother Earth have suffered enough over the ages, and now is the time to make the Age of Aquarius a new and glorious era.”

Wayne Brewer is a prominent private investigator with over 35 years of experience uncovering hidden truths and the author of “Are You Possessed?: Now is the Time for Divine Intervention.


Trump Inauguration Speech Hints at Official Disclosure of Secret Space Programs – January 22, 2017

Written by Dr Michael Salla on January 21, 2017.

In his inauguration speech challenging the vested interests that control political life in Washington D.C., President Donald Trump spoke of a future where humanity has full access to the kind of advanced technologies allegedly used in secret space programs. Trump appeared to be hinting at the benefits official disclosure of these programs would bring to the U.S and the world, and that he was going to challenge the vested interests hiding these.

Back in December 2016, he had told presidential historian Douglas Brinkley that he planned to write a short speech himself. Later, Trump tweeted a picture of himself working on his speech alone, thereby indicating that its content would be his own Creation……

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The Realization – January 22, 2017

Others will say and do hurtful things.  Some of it may be directed toward you.  That is the way some humans operate…. they do not know any better.  You have heard this before, however, it is worth hearing again, “What others say about you is none of your business.’  Until they realize that, with their hurtful words, they are only hurting themselves, until they realize that lying to others is only lying to themselves, nothing will change.  Let them exist in their world, in time they will understand the implications of their actions.  Until then kindly, compassionately and with deep empathy…. send them love.  Because, in the end, love is all they truly need. ~ Creator



Pope Says There Is “A Clear Need For Science” To Protect The Planet – January 22, 2017

By Brianna Acuesta at The pope is allowing science to guide him, why can’t his followers do the same? Historically, religious zealots have long defied scientific advances and theories because they didn’t coincide with their faith and beliefs, but Pope Francis has been changing this ever since he became the Catholic leader in 2013. As…

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When Things Get Chaotic….January 22, 2017

Jesus asked us not to be alarmed by the chaos we see around us:

“Do not be disturbed by the worldwide political upheavals or ongoing conflicts, these are signs of your awakening, as more and more members of humanity express their dissatisfaction with the unacceptable systems of control in which governments and international corporations are and have been engaging all across the planet.

“These systems are no longer acceptable, and the damage and suffering that they have been causing for so long can no longer be hidden, denied, or tolerated.

“You have a saying: ‘Knowledge is power.’ Well, knowledge is spreading rapidly throughout humanity and the power and control that the elite have held over humanity for so long is dissolving as people across the planet reclaim theirs and demand that essential changes, which they will bring about, be put into effect.

“Change is required and change is occurring that will lead to further change. The collective decision to awaken will not be stopped or reversed, in fact it is accelerating. Humanity is on a magnificent roll, and you, the Light workers and Light bearers, have been extremely effective in getting it started.” (1)

Here’s Hilarion in October 2016, suggesting like Jesus that these changes need to take place:

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The Team via Peggy Black, January 20th, 2017

“The Team” via Peggy Black: Hosting Your Divine Conscious Self We are here to support, encourage and empower you as you begin another cycle of transformation. Your present reality is certainly offering you the opening to step into your awareness…Read more

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Mother Mary via Ann Dahlberg, January 21st, 2017

Mother Mary Saturday, January 21st, 2017 Channel: Ann Dahlberg I am Mother Mary and I am glad to be able to speak to you again. The world is what you make it into, dear children. What does your world…Read more

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