[Jesus through John Smallman, May 23, 2016] – Jesus on Dissatisfaction and “Enormous Changes” Jan. 29 – 2017

January 29, 2017 by

Jesus postingWe hear of President Trump building a wall to keep illegal Mexican migrants out, renewing the black prisons in other countries where American targets are tortured, reinstating the global gag order aimed at ending abortions, etc.

Jesus addressed this time back in May of last year. Let me repost his comments here as material for reflection.

These are interesting times! Much is happening in the physical realms that is quite unprecedented. The stability of many of your “democratic” governments is no longer assured as dissatisfaction with the whole political process among the citizens of these various countries increases. And the elected officials seem either unaware of the situation or are unwilling to address it.

From such situations revolutions arise. Enormous changes are about to occur that will amaze and shock you as the real agendas of many in positions of power and authority over you are disclosed by disaffected minions and employees. Whistle-blowers are appearing everywhere with information that has been withheld but which should have been in the public domain. As this continues so does people’s dissatisfaction and that leads to change. In this case to enormous change!……….

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