Montague Keen via Veronica Keen[Videos] – March 5th, 2017

All that was secret is being exposed. 2017 will go down in history as the year when the truth regarding humanity and its survival will become the main topic of conversation. Many will be both shocked and upset that they could have accepted such lies as truth. Facts must be faced. You do not have a choice. Think for a moment about the Cabal. When did they take over the Earth and condemn the human race to poverty; to a struggle for your survival. The mind control they used was very effective in keeping you from ever questioning why they had it all; why they lived such different lives to you; why the masses are forced to pay taxes to the Cabal. Why they ensured that the masses never actually owned anything. They even took ownership of you. They ensured that each of you was signed over to them when your birth was registered. That made you a commodity of the State; THEY OWN YOU.

Until you legally declare that you are a SOVEREIGN HUMAN BEING, they will continue to own you. They look down on you. They see you as something to be stepped upon. Until now, you have accepted this state of affairs.

At last, you are waking up. Many of you are looking at this situation for the first time. It does come as a shock when you realise for the first time, how you have been used and abused. You have killed each other in THEIR WAR GAMES, for that is all that they were. The foolish among you, believed their propaganda, and ANSWERED THE CALL TO ARMS. You have given your lives to play their war games, and you still do. The Cabal wrote your history. They controlled everything you ever learned. It was not an education, it was mind control. When you do your own research, you find the real truth. You have to go back into ancient history to learn who you are. Then you will learn what was taken from you by the Cabal.

Ask yourselves why are so many rushing to ANTARTICA: the Pope, the Head of the Russian Church, Obama, Putin, John Kerry, and so many others of note. What are they frightened of ? Hitler took over part of Antarctica. Many live there. You will be amazed when you research it. Ask why was it kept secret from you all these years. What were they hiding there? Questions must be asked and answers demanded. Governments are not your friends. They exist only to keep you under control and ignorant of what they are really doing.

May I suggest that you watch the following videos to help open your minds to what you will have to cope with very soon:

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