Here’s How to Protect Your Privacy From Your Internet Service Provider – April 10, 2017

Here’s How to Protect Your Privacy From Your Internet Service Provider


Electric Frontiers Foundation

We pay our monthly Internet bill to be able to access the Internet. We don’t pay it to give our Internet service provider (ISP) a chance to collect and sell our private data to make more money. This was apparently lost on congressional Republicans as they voted to strip their constituents of their privacy. Even though our elected representatives have failed us, there are technical measures we can take to protect our privacy from ISPs.

Bear in mind that these measures aren’t a replacement for the privacy rules that were repealed or would protect our privacy completely, but they will certainly help.

Pick an ISP that respects your privacy

It goes without saying: if privacy is a concern of yours, vote with your wallet and pick an ISP that respects your privacy. Here is a list of them.

Given the dismal state of ISP competition in the US, you may not have this luxury, so read on for other steps you can take.

Opt-out of supercookies and other ISP tracking

In 2014, Verizon was caught injecting cookie-like trackers into their users’ traffic, allowing websites and third-party ad networks to build profiles without users’ consent. Following criticism from US senators and FCC action, Verizon stopped auto-enrolling users and instead made it opt-in. Users now have a choice of whether to participate in this privacy-intrusive service.

You should check your account settings to see if your ISP allows you to opt-out of any tracking. It is generally found under the privacy, marketing, or ads settings. Your ISP doesn’t have to provide this opt-out, especially in light of the repeals of the privacy rules, but it can never hurt to check….

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Becoming your Fifth Dimensional – Week TWO by Sue Lie, April 9th, 2017

Becoming Fifth Dimensional–Week Two/How your Consciousness Influences Choices and Actions Becoming your Fifth Dimensional -Week TWO Through Suzanne Lie How Your State of Consciousness Influences your Choices and Actions Becoming Your Fifth-Dimensional SELF Week 2 “warm up” for our Multidimensional…Read more

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Being Fifth Dimensional – Week One by Suzanne Lie, April 8th, 2017

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Saul via John Smallman, April 9th, 2017

Within God you have your eternal and endlessly joyful existence. 04/09/2017 by John Smallman Saul Audio Blog for Sunday April 9th Humanity has chosen to awaken, it’s as simple as that! However, although in truth the awakening has already occurred, it…Read more

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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, April 9th, 2017

How the White House was infiltrated is now out into the open. Remember the first time that Donald Trump visited the White House? How confident he looked: a man looking forward to taking office. Remember that when he later emerged from his meeting with Obama, he looked shocked and disturbed. Both his confidence and his words had changed. He had learned that you are President in name only and the DEEP STATE makes the decisions.

However, Donald Trump refused to accept it. He went after the paedophiles of the Deep State and he was successful. The Deep State did not like this. They had to find a way to stop him. So they removed all Trump’s people from office and replaced them with their own. But even this was not enough for them, so then they got to him through his own family. Make no mistake about it, the Deep State wants to get rid of him, as they cannot buy him nor can they control him.

This is important, my friends. The Deep State wants you, the people, to turn against Donald Trump, so that you do it for them. It is important that you continue to support him by helping him to see the full picture. The writing is on the wall for the Deep State. Do not assist them to remain in control. They have been exposed and the whole world is looking on in horror.

Trump is a prisoner in the White House. Technology that is unknown to man is used to make presidents carry out the work of the Cabal. It is evil in its true sense. It is how your world has been controlled for hundreds of years. You have seen in the past what has happened to presidents who dare to stand up for their beliefs. Trump wants a world which is free of the domination of evil forces. No politician will give you that. THEY HAVE ALREADY SOLD THEIR SOULS TO GET INTO POLITICS.

I ask you to research for yourselves what is being said in the following videos. Everything is explained in simple terms….

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Utrikespolitiska institutet: TV4:s påstådda myndighetsrapport om rysk hotbild helt felaktig[Video] – April 10, 2017

ryssland flagga

Att Ryssland skulle bedriva aktiv påverkansverksamhet mot Sverige rapporterar flera medier flitigt, bland annat TV4. Men stämmer hotbilden? Läs mer på The post Utrikespolitiska institutet: TV4:s påstådda myndighetsrapport om rysk hotbild helt felaktig appeared first on

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Former Patagonia CEO Gifts One Million Acres To Chile For National Parks – April 10, 2017

Parque Pumalin, Chile

In the largest ever private land donation to a government in Latin America, the one million acres composing Parque Pumalín has been given to Chile. Inspired by the gift, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet signed an agreement to place Parque Pumalín, as well as 10 million acres of federal land under environmental protection.

The massive area (three times the size of Yellowstone and Yosemite put together) will now be designated for national parklands. “Today, we are bequeathing to the country the greatest creation of protected areas in our history,” said Bachelet in a speech.

The sprawling valleys of Parque Pumalín were originally patched together 25 years ago by two American conservationists, Doug Tompkins and Kris McDivitt Tompkins, as part of their legacy of “wild lands philanthropy”. It was their vision to preserve the lands from the sweeping industrial development consuming much of Chile, where mining is a major factor in GDP and national exports….

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What’s Happening on the Moon?[Video] – April 10, 2017

Project Moonshadow is a five-part video series bringing together supersoldier Captain Randy Cramer and secret space program insider Corey Goode to discuss the secret space program. I post Part 2 on what’s happening on the Moon. Evidently it’s a busy place. They describe the activity dating back to the early Fifties, maybe earlier. A lot…

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Khazarian Satanists fatally expose themselves by turning Trump into a zombie slave[excerpt] – April 10, 2017


The Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia made a fatal miscalculation last week when they blackmailed US president Trump into becoming their slave zombie, Pentagon and other sources agree. The Satanists posted videos of opium poisoned babies being murdered by doctors and used that as an excuse for Trump to order an illegal missile attack against Syria.…

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