Andromeda via Ute, April 8th, 2017

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Beloved Brothers and Sisters!

We are coming from far it seems, but in truth we are very close to you, because we are one at Heart. We share the Presence of the One That is the Truth of all That exists.

As your friends we wish to let you know that you are not alone in the increasing turmoil on your planet that experiences presently the most intense battle between opposite forces, the forces of light and the forces of dark. If you allow, we are here to provide for you a heart-space of equanimity and inner freedom, and making it as such easier for you to find that space, if you would enjoy our friendship.

For you it is important to understand, that this battle is created by a lower dimensional mind, a mind that is lacking the understanding of Prior Unity, but from which Unity you originally come. A mind that can only think struggle and in opposites, warm and cold, light and dark, good and bad, because it is not connected to the all-knowing Divine Heart that feels the Unity of and is One with all beings and things.

Even if opposites appear to be at war with one another, it does not need to disturb you at your core, who are on the path of evolution. It does not need to confuse you, with the understanding that you can collapse opposites and struggle in your Infinite Heart where they cease to exist.

And so you bring peace and unity, love and thereby joy to a world that seems to be lost in impossible conflicts. It is your mind that creates conflicts by believing in them. Ponder this! You can choose your experience, even in difficult situations, if you refuse to accept the idea of separation from the Radiant Sea of Existence.

You are able thus to meet even personal problems with a calm mind and an open heart by not dramatizing them, by not going there, by not playing the victim, by choosing not  to suffer, but to maintain your innate Happiness!

It is happiness that finds Unity, the Truth in which all beings and things emerge.
Take your opportunity to make a grand leap forward in your evolutionary journey by transcending in your Heart-Space what seems to be inconsistent in the outer world.

These things are but appearances that have in reality nothing to do with the Heart of your Being.

And so you are not allowing to be ruptured by what does not belong to True Life.

Consider that although this entire hassle seems to be real, it is merely your agreement that allows it to appear as such. If you change your point of view, you exit the confusing game of deception and come to feel the truth, Your Truth that is real and that is superior always to the unreal that tries to pull you down.

It is the Essence of your Being that needs to be birthed now to celebrate the victory of true humanity in a war which is utterly unworthy of you and in which you do not need to believe. And it is trust within that Heart-Space that creates a shift in your experience.
Stand on this platform, the platform of Undisturbed Peace, Stillness, in which you can meet all seeming difficulties and contradictions  of a disturbed world, knowing it cannot really touch you, because it is NOT you, but an appearance only. YOU are above it. Know this. With compassion.

And as the chaotic waves will calm down around you, you will change your world, with the power of understanding who you truly are. A spirit being, a creator-god, an angel, an emanation of Love-Light. Be thus. Know Who You Are. We bring this message to you to remind you of This!

We are the Light-Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message  conveyed by Ute

The Galactic Federation of Light via Sheldan Nidle, April 11th, 2017

11 Men, 18 Mac, 13 Caban

Dratzo! The madness of this odd reality continues to bring forth constant new interpretations of how this world works. We are left in a quandary to figure it all out. Because of that, we are left in a holding pattern, but are still in the final process to make possible the predicted release of the RV and the end of the old USA, INC. This realm is filled with constant pitfalls that somehow turn into blessings that move everything forward. We expect to shortly hear that the initial long awaited payouts have at last begun. Those in charge of this task insist that the current misguided state of this realm is not to defer this much-prolonged moment. We expect to hear the good news and know that something grand is about to happen. This journey of yours is constantly tainted by the devious skullduggery of the supposedly helpless dark cabal. We tend to laugh at their assumptions. Our belief is that a major set of miracles is about to descend and change Everything….

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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, April 7th, 2017


Dear Ones,

There are new energies floating about. Once again, you perhaps feel a bit fuzzy or foggy for the energies are likely causing you to jump between dimensions in ways you have not yet experienced – new emotions and physical capabilities you drift in and out of.

Many proclaim such is so because of astrological happenings, even though astrological signs are mostly related to those of 3D and have little to do with you.

Your fuzziness is an adjustment within your new being for nothing is yet stabilized enough for others to proclaim how you will react.

You do not always understand your new actions, so how can others predict how or why you will react? That is not to say that others cannot sense your direction options, but instead that others must be undergoing similar energies for them to understand what they sense or ‘read’ within you.

You are a new person. Something you often forget. So it is that you return to actions of old expecting concrete results only to discover there are no concrete results at this time…

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