Brilliant Cartoon Perfectly Sums up How the Mainstream Media Works – April 19, 2017

Comic artist from Columbus, Ohio Dustin Rogers has managed to perfectly sum up exactly how the media works in one brilliant cartoon. This is why the human race will never get anywhere until everyone turns off their TV “programming”… (H/T: Blacklisted News) Delivered by The Daily Sheeple We encourage you to share and republish our…

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 19, 2017

Many of you have swung wildly from selflessness (which excludes the self) to the other end of the spectrum to a self love practice which also involves separation. It is good to experience both extremes, for you are gathering all of the information required to find balance and inclusion with your love practice.

Dear Ones, the true expression of love is never separating. It is always inclusive, supportive, safe, healthy, and nurturing. Self love is simply making yourself equally deserving of the love and care you so beautifully give others. Healthy boundaries, acceptance, and balance keep the flow open and constant, in ways that empower both yourselves and others.

Love is not a commodity, but rather the constant that you seek. It is a state of alignment and actuation that is ever expanding and the embodiment of your divine beingness. It is truly what anchors the energy of heaven on earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

Source: Trinity Esoterics

Credit: Galctic FREE Press


Google Confirms That Their Contractors Suppressed Alternative Media – April 19, 2017

Being a part of and a voice within the “alternative news” network, I’ve had a front row seat to just how many changes and how much censorship has occurred since we started, all the way to the present day. Although I do not prefer the name “alternative news,” it’s simply just news, nothing ‘alternative’ about…

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2 000 sexuella övergrepp av FN-styrkor – 19 April, 2017

 Soldat från Sri Lanka på plats i Haiti 2010. Personerna på bilden har ingenting med artikeln att göra.

FN:s fredsbevarande styrkor på Haiti kan ha gjort sig skyldiga till uppemot 2 000 sexuella övergrepp, varav flera på minderåriga, visar en ny granskning.

Det är nyhetsbyrån AP som granskat övergreppen på Haiti. De omfattande sexuella övergreppen ska ha pågått från 2004 och framåt och utförts av FN-soldater från 23 olika länder…

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