Research: Pomegranate Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease(Video) — June 1, 2017

June 2nd, 2017 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World Pomegranate isn’t exactly the ‘new kid on the block’ where superfoods are concerned — most of us have been well-versed in the exceptional health benefits of this tasty fruit for quite some time. From its heart-healthy attributes to its ability to reduce cancer risk and…

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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, May 28th, 2017

These are extraordinary times when the unexpected happens and people are exposed for what they are, not what they pretend they are. This is on a worldwide scale. Again I remind you that “nothing is as it seems”. You must remain alert. Take note of all that is shown to you in unexpected ways. May I remind you of your visit to Tara, when you, J, A, B, and G, stood at the Lea Fail. The intention was that each of you would read the Andrew Bartzis Revocations aloud. You each read a section, except G, who floundered and became extremely fearful. He was unable to read the text. This, my dear, should have opened your eyes to the fact that he was not at one with you, or our aims. He is under the control of the Jesuits that he serves, whether through mind control or intent. You are now left in no doubt, as he has shown his hand by threatening you and our work for humanity. Pray for him. He is a man in fear who wants a foot in both camps: should he stick with the Vatican or escape their clutches? There is no hiding place, for all is being exposed…

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Matthew Ward via Suzy Ward, May 30th, 2017

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Irrational acts of terrorism and governments violently putting down citizen protests are inevitable as a third density civilization completes karmic experiencing so it can evolve. Please don’t focus on the sad aspects of such events, but rather steadfastly radiate your light, the mission you chose to help Earth’s peoples awaken spiritually and consciously and be inspired to transform their world into the Golden Age.

We have been asked how “just radiating light” can help Earth, and others have questioned how light absorbed by bodies’ cells promotes growth in spiritual and conscious awareness. Most simply stated, light is consciousness, the information in cells’ DNA, and DNA is what designs all life in this universe. Some years ago I spoke about this topic and I asked my mother to copy that part of the message.

Not only is the collective consciousness what caused the planet to descend into deep third density and kept it mired there for millennia, but more recently has been assisting it to ascend out of there. And, because Earth loves all her resident life forms, she is eager for souls to steadily radiate their light into the collective consciousness, where it can offer sleeping souls the “lift” into spiritual awareness and the cellular changes they need to physically move into the Golden Age…

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En av USA:s mest framgångsrika läkare: ”ha alltid kolloidalt silver i ditt husapotek” – 1 Juni, 2017


Dr. Gerald M Lemole M.D. är en välkänd professor i neurokirurgi i USA. Han var en av nyckelspelarna vid den första lyckade hjärttransplantationen i USA och är känd som pionjär inom hjärt- kärlkirurgi. Han var tidigt ute med att framhålla den stora vikten av livsstilsförändringar och ett mer holistiskt synsätt för en bättre hälsa i USA. Förutom allt detta är han dessutom en stor förebild och svärfar till den kände TV-doktorn Dr. Oz. I ett avsnitt av Dr. Oz delar han med sig av sina bästa tips för bättre hälsa. På frågan om vad varje hushåll bör ha hemma i sitt husapotek tar han upp två saker. Kolloidalt silver och probiotika.

Kolloidalt silver är välkänt för sin bakterie, virus och svampdödande effekt. Dr. Lemole berättar att så fort du känner av en infektion i t. ex. halsen, spraya då en dusch kolloidalt silver för att förebygga att infektionen bryter ut. Detsamma gäller sår som man får på kroppen, som man sprayar direkt på för att ta bort virus och bakterier.

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Vegan Bodybuilders That Will Literally Smash Your Vegan Stereotype – June 1, 2017

Since I was a child, there has been a big misconception about non-meat eaters, whether they are vegetarians or vegans, that once deterred me from ever believing giving up meat was healthy, and then, as an adult, made me want to give up meat even more. Questions circulating the topic typically involved, “How do you…

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EU-svindel toppen av ett isberg – 1 Juni, 2017

EU flagga

En granskning av reportrarna från journalistsamarbetet ”The MEPs Project” har visat på svindel med pengar för EU-politikers hemmakontor. De får 42 000 kronor i månaden för detta men det visar sig att många kontor inte existerar. Man vet inte vart pengarna tar vägen. Svindel? Ja troligen. Det är sannolikt bara toppen av ett isberg. En orsak…

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Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2017


Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2017 by http://www. earlyMay 2017; UFO over Area 51 – Nevada, USA Read more… 8th May 2017; UFO fleet […] The post Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2017 appeared first on Latest UFO sightings.

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One Who Serves via James McConnell, May 28th, 2017



Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here with you in those of you that don’t know on the phone, we’re the One Who Serves. And we are here to do exactly that. And in service here, we wish to pick up on something that was said earlier where we, from through the James here, we jumped in and said, “No! No that cannot be. You cannot be thinking in terms of taking the various medications, various things that are your maladies of various types. You cannot be thinking in terms anymore of being on your pharmaceutical drugs, your allopathic medicine. It does not work for you anymore. As you move into the higher vibrations you cannot handle that anymore. Those pills — that lower vibration – will do exactly that: it will lower your vibrations. So as you are raising your vibrations and you take these various drugs of different types it lowers your vibration. Not what you want, is it people?

So more and more and more move away from this. Weed yourself off. All of you wean yourself off of this. You see? (Weed is good too, though, just so you know!) [Laughter] It can be very helpful in many cases and had been introduced to this planet, this consciousness here. It is something from the Great White Brotherhood. We introduced it. It is something that is good for you. Not in over indulgence, though. Do not overindulge in it. But use it as a form of helping to move in to higher states of consciousness. This is what it is for…

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Aramda via James McConnell, May 28th, 2017


I AM Aramda.

I Am one that many of you are aware of, many of you have known. Many of you can resonate to my name: Aramda. You feel the energies, you feel the vibration within you as you say my name. And my name has a connection with many of you.

I am not one that has been written of in the Bible or in the various holy texts of many kinds. I am not one that has been spoken of in that way, but I am reintroducing myself to you now once again. I am one that is up in a ship at this moment as I am speaking with you. My ship the Amalia and I am there to help to coordinate along with Ashtar, along with Sananda, the vibrational change that is going on, on this planet at this time. These waves of energy that are coming into the planet. And I am here with my ship as with all of the other ships that are now parked just outside of the atmosphere and some even within the atmosphere. And we are in what you would call the final parking spot here…

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Sananda via James McConnell, May 28th, 2017

I Am Sananda.

And as I have said many times, I am here with this group, I am here with many of you. Many of you that are in the awakening process. Many of you that have awakened to who you are, to begin to remember fully what you are here for. And as you are continuing with this program, with this process that you are going through, that we are helping you move through, you are going to come to an understanding not only of who you are but what you are here to do, what you came to do, the mission that you came here for. And that mission is going to be introduced to you more and more and more as these days and weeks and even months go by. You are going to come more and more to understand the meaning that you are here for; what you came to do here.

And as you come to this meaning, as you come to this understanding, you will realize that you are the One. You are THE ONE. Meaning that you are one with the God Source within you and within all beings; within all Creation…

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