Strange UFO recorded from a plane over California(Video) — June 8, 2017


Check out this interesting footage of a bright lights that were filmed from a plane over California. This was filmed on 1st October 2016 and […] The post Strange UFO recorded from a plane over California appeared first on Latest UFO sightings.

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LEAKED Area 51 UFO Test Footage?(Video) — June 8, 2017

The Area 51 is undoubtedly one of the most strange and mysterious places in the globe, many theologians and Ufologist have studied this milestone for years and still continue. We all recall that initially the government denied the existence of the base, but in 2013 something changed, the united states were forced to admit that…

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Onto Better Things….June 8, 2017

Well…now that the most recent wave has move through you, it is time to move onto better things.  Changes, both small and large, should be expected!  Near fear, darling on, these things are always for the highest good.  However, if you have been ignoring or putting off a change after several reminders, the actual change itself might not be as ‘gentle’ as you would like.  Breathe in, breathe out and know there is work to be done….and, you ¸of all people can do it! ~ Creator 

The Creator Writings

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Your Galactic Family via Sue Lie, June 7th, 2017

Meeting Your SELF–Your Galactic Family–Through Sue Lie


Meeting Your SELF

From your Galactic Family Through Sue Lie

Our dearest Grounded Ones,

We commend you for hearing our message and for sharing them with others. We speak to you within this NOW to share with you that it is the Now for you to prepare. For we, your Galactic family, are now approaching earth.

Please realize that inter-galactic Earth has always existed in the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, fifth dimensional Gaia is already alive and well. In the same manner, your fifth dimensional expressions of SELF are alive and well in the fifth dimension and beyond.

The challenge is not to become fifth dimensional, as you always have had a higher dimensional, expression of your fifth dimensional self as a component of your Multidimensional SELF.

More and more of you are remembering, and regaining, your fifth dimensional awareness of SELF. This remembering is an important component of your ascension process…

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One Who Serves via James McConnell, June 4th, 2017


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

How are you all? Do you will feel good? Do you feel like the energies are with you? You are strong in those energies? How many of you saw Sanat Kumara or felt him or experienced some sensation of him? Very good. Very good.

This is a beginning here, for some of you, a manifestation of types. Because in times coming you are going to experience more and more of this type of thing. You are going to experience more and more of your various guides that are working with you; the mentors that are working with you now that are going to begin to show themselves more and more to you in many different ways. Some even to the point of physically appearing to you. Not in your 3D illusion but in the higher vibrations when you find yourself in the higher vibrations so then we can then be with you. For we will not come down all the way to where you find yourselves when you are in the depths of depression or when you are feeling anger or any of these things you will not find us there with you then. But when you are feeling good when you are experiencing the joys of life, when you are in joy yourself that is when we will be making our appearance to you.

And we will be appearing to you in various ways at the next Advance as well. Just a hint here. Just a “get ready” because things are going to begin to pop. Is that the right saying here? It works. Okay.

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?

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Sanat Kumara via James McConnell, June 4th, 2017


As Sanat Kumara I have many names, many callings. Some say I AM the Lord of the World. Some say I AM the Great (or One) Initiator, and the Ancient of Days, and many other such names. The name I most resonate to is the Great Initiator for I Am there whenever there is an initiation to be had or take place. I Am the one that presides over these initiations just as many of you received an initiation at the prior Advance that you had. I was there to preside over this. And I am here now not as an initiation but as a movement of consciousness because what is an initiation but a movement of consciousness, a change in consciousness, a change in vibration. This is all about consciousness and vibration. The entire ascension process is consciousness and vibration…

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Groundbreaking Study Confirms Cannabis Has ‘Significant’ Effect on Killing Cancer Cells – June 8, 2017


Leukemia has a new foe — one reviled by the U.S. DEA, loved as a tool for law enforcement profiteering, and purposely maligned by Big Pharma — cannabis.

A new study found that, in combination with traditional chemotherapy, cannabinoids — the active compounds in cannabis — significantly improved treatment of leukemia.

Adding cannabinoid therapy to a traditional cancer treatment regimen meant doctors could lower the dose of chemotherapy while minimizing its oft-debilitating side effects, such as nausea.

Researchers also found the order in which the two medicines were administered proffered different results — more cancer cells die, or experience apoptosis, when cannabinoids follow chemotherapy.

“We have shown for the first time that the order in which cannabinoids and chemotherapy are used is crucial in determining the overall effectiveness of this treatment,” explained Dr. Wai Liu of St. George’s, University of London, and lead author of the study, quoted by the Daily Mail

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The West’s War on Free Speech – June 8, 2017

Concept of freedom of speech or no talking isolated on white

“With a name like the “National Democratic Institute” (NDI) one might expect the US State Department-funded, corporate-financier chaired front to be the premier proponent of freedom and democracy worldwide. And although it poses as such, it does precisely the opposite. It uses principles like free speech, democracy, press freedom, and human rights as a facade behind which it carries out a politically motivated agenda on behalf of the special interests that fund and direct its activities.

In a recent Tweet, NDI linked to a New York Times article titled, “In Europe’s Election Season, Tech Vies to Fight Fake News.” It claimed in the Tweet that the article featured:

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See the list of the top 5 most dangerous vaccines whose victims received high payouts from the U.S. government – June 8, 2017

(Natural News) It’s no secret that vaccines can and do harm innocent people. But just how many people have been harmed by them — and how much has the government awarded to families of vaccine victims? Between the fiscal years of 1989 and 2015, the U.S. government’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has awarded over $3 billion in injury compensation and legal fees to the sufferers of vaccine injury and their families…


Women Protest In Underwear for Slut Walk March in Jerusalem – June 8, 2017

“The march is known for its topless protests and has taken place in a number of cities around the world. In Jerusalem, many women stripped down to their underwear and wrote slogans on their bodies calling for an end to the rape Culture.

Slut Walk

Hundreds of activists took to the streets of Jerusalem yesterday to march for women’s rights and to protest against sexual harassment in the ‘Slut Walk’. The scene was made up of women shedding their clothes and holding placards saying “No means no,” “Don’t tell us how to dress, tell men not to rape,” and “My body is solely mine,” which were written in both English and Hebrew.

The annual march, which has proved controversial in the past, was held with a police escort and passed off without incident. The Slut Walk is an international movement that was sparked in 2011 when a police officer stated that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised” during a speech to university students…

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