10 Unexpected Symptoms of Candida – and How to Beat It With Supplements – June 28, 2017


July 28th, 2017

By Elisha McFarland

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

According to this study at Rice University 70% of all people have candida colonies in their intestines, mouth or skin.  Candida albicans frequently causes superficial infections by invading and damaging epithelial cells, but may also cause systemic infections by penetrating through epithelial barriers.

The Candida albicans that grows in your gut, is kept in line by healthy bacteria that also lives in your gut. If however the balance of bacteria is thrown off by antibiotics, poor diet or prescription meds Candida can over run your system. As the candida infections spreads, the overgrowth releases nasty toxic byproducts into your body causing numerous unpleasant symptoms…

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