This Artwork Is Probably The Most Accurate (And Scary) Portrayal Of Modern Life We’ve Ever Seen – July 1, 2017

By Sophie McAdam at It’s not nice, but it’s certainly close to the mark… Steve Cutts is a London-based illustrator and animator who uses powerful images to criticize the sad state of society. Greed, environmental destruction, junk food and TV consumption, smartphone addiction and the exploitation of animals are all issues that have inspired his…

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Fall of the Cabal 432Hz – July 1, 2017

Published on Jun 30, 2017
The fall of the Cabal is happening in real time. It is undeniable now. The experiment of duality is coming to a close and the Universe is healing itself. It needs our help though. We are a vital part of this process. Forgiveness is the key to ending the cycles of anger and the need for revenge. If we don’t begin to practice forgiveness now, it will be even harder when more information comes out.Healing of the self is crucial. If you can forgive yourself, you can forgive everyone else, because everyone else is you, and you are everyone else.
Victory of the light!

The FBI Dropped The Child Porn Case In Order To Protect The TOR Exploit — July 1, 2017

The United States government is dismissing a case against a criminal who was caught accessing a child porn website because the United States Department of Justice does not want the world to know how they were able to catch that paedophile. The United States versus Jay Michaud is the official title of the case. The…

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How To Download The Data That Google Has Been Collecting On You – July 1, 2017

The colourful search engine collects random information about your random searches and in many, it also collects data from your location and other interests so it can provide you with advertisements related to your interests.

This random collection of information sometimes provides with amazing and personalised results. While plenty of times, it is simply a strategy from Google to make money;even though the company does not sell you information directly to other parties, it has its ways.

If you are worried as to what information the tech giant is collecting about you and you want to analyse, these steps will help you download the information that Google has been collecting on you.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday July 1, 2017


Your holidays are so rejuvenative to you because they are days filled with expansion and joy. Because you are navigating the day through enjoyment and flow, you become much more present and expansive. What would happen if you started to infuse your day to day life with those same elements?

What would happen if you asked yourself, “What would bring me joy?” every single day and then made a point of adding that element into your routine? We will tell you. Your health would improve. Your mood would improve. You would become lighter and much more joyful. You would experience satisfaction much more consistently in your life. You would prepave your tomorrows to be far better matches to you through your presence and appreciation.

Living a life with sporadic enjoyment was never the plan for you, Dear Ones. Your interests are there to help you navigate your life expressions. So live. Experience. Follow the joy. That is what we wish more than anything else for you. ~Archangel Gabriel