Julian Assange Fires Back After Receiving Death Threats From MSM — July 3, 2017

The tolerant left-leaning media is at it again, using death threats as a means to hopefully silence Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange. But Assange isn’t taking it laying down, and he’s now firing back at those who are calling for his execution. Julian Assange has taken to Twitter to expose the aggression of liberal media commentators…

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Montague Keen – July 2, 2017

There was much celebration on this side of life this week. We were astounded by what you and your friends uncovered and successfully put right The Irish, on this side of life, had a party. They could not contain their excitement. They are overjoyed. Many now want to become involved with the unfolding of the corrupt regime. This has been in the planning for many years but we needed to have the right people in place to work together to bring our plans to fruitition. Be careful, as many will intervene, disrupt, and cause delay. You must stand fast. Know that you have got it right. Your energies blend together to attain the results that are needed. You are uncovering so much in places you never suspected were used to block energy from humanity.

Everything that could have been used to control mankind has been used. All the knowledge that ancient man knew and understood, was hidden from you. Without that knowledge, you were at the Cabal’s mercy. That was what they planned. Religion was created to attain total control over your lives. Many governments were created to ensure that you never experience freedom of thought or action. This was all part of the plan to remove humanity and take the Earth for themselves. This is why they ensure that you are vaccinated, that you breath contaminated air, and drink water that is laced with poison;and they charge you for it. You pay them to kill you.

Go to the sacred places and feel their energy. Be at one with it, for this is who you are. Connect with nature, eat natural food, fruit, and nuts, and all that nature provides, for it is pure and wholesome. Chemicals are never good for the human body…

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Ireland Follows Germany, France and Bulgaria with Ban on Fracking – “We’ve Made History” – July 3, 2017

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times

The global movement to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking), a method of extracting petrochemicals from shale rock deposits underneath the ground, is gaining steam as Ireland has just announced a ban on onshore fracking.

After passing the ban within the Irish parliament, The Petroleum and Other Minerals Development (Prohibition of Onshore Hydraulic Fracturing) Bill 2016 is now expected to be signed into law by Irish President Michael D. Higgins, meaning Ireland will join several other European nations in the movement…

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Top 7 Pieces of Modern Day Geopolitics Propaganda July 3, 2017

July 4th, 2017 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World Modern day propaganda is all around us. However, people have usually become so numb to it that they can no longer perceive it. Many people choose ignorance, complacency or apathy to deal with it. Often you can observe groups developing societal Stockholm Syndrome, where…

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Mother Gaia via Susan Leland, June 27th, 2017

Mother Gaia: “Beloved Children, Bring Yourselves up into Communion with Me and All My Kingdoms!!!” Ashtar On The Road Teleconference June 27, 2017 “I greet you with such Joy and, yes, you are my Beloved Children! I am Mother Gaia, Mother…Read more

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Clear Alien UFO Photo From NASA Mars Rover – July 3, 2017








The internet went into a frenzy with the crystal clear photograph allegedly showing an alien spaceship. The Mars Rover of NASA has photographed what looks […] The post Clear Alien UFO Photo From NASA Mars Rover appeared first on Latest UFO sightings…

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3 Effective Health Supplements for Chemtrail Protection – July 3, 2017

Public awareness of climate engineering is on the rise. According to Google Trends, the keyword search for “chemtrails” was at its highest ever in Google’s history in April of 2016 (the link to this chart can be seen here).Contributing to this trend was late musician Prince’s YouTube video in which he discussed these dangerous chemical…

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