All these people have CURED serious diseases using nothing but food nutrients – July 15, 2017

Image: All these people have CURED serious diseases using nothing but food nutrients

(Natural News) When people are faced with a serious ailment, their tendency is to go to a hospital and have themselves checked by a general practitioner. They then take the medication prescribed by the doctor and hope everything will be alright. These people, on the other hand, took a different direction when it came to searching for a cure.

Meet 45-year-old Suffolk, England hotel manager Nicole Green, who had been diagnosed in 2008 with multiple sclerosis (MS), a neurological disease that is characterized by vision impairment and a loss of motor control. She reportedly cured herself with a diet of flax seeds and fish. Then there‘s 52-year-old West Wycombe retired civil servant Bill Rogers, who, instead of taking statins to regulate his cholesterol levels, turned to food such as sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and soya.

This seems to suggest that having proper diet is as effective – perhaps even more – as ingesting commercial drugs when it comes to curbing the effects of a disorder or disease, or neutralizing a condition that can make your health take a turn for the worse….


UN Treaty Bans Nuclear Weapons – July 15, 2017

On Thursday, 122 UN member states adopted the first ever treaty banning nuclear weapons. It’s legally-binding when taking effect – without an enforcement mechanism to assure compliance. The treaty states “(e)ach State Party undertakes never under any circumstances to…develop, test, produce, manufacture, otherwise acquire, possess or stockpile nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices.” All…

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The Portal – Two Cobra Interviews – July 15, 2017


Two Cobra Interviews here: The Portal 



Sananda via Victoria Corachene, July 14th, 2017

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ is a well-known saying and could not be a more poignant one for these times on Earth. No-one can take full responsibility for the events in the world yet every…Read more

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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, July 9th, 2017

The magnitude of the help available to humanity to ensure that the Shift happens has been demonstrated to you over the last ten days. Your connection to the Andromedans was strengthened. The Palladians introduced themselves and worked with you also….Read more

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Messages from the Angels via Ann Albers – July 15, 2017

Your real purpose

Never in your life are you without purpose. While there is great value in “seeking your purpose” know that your real purpose here on earth is to see love, be love, and express the love that sources you in each breath. It really is that simple. In the moments you are doing this, you will feel that your life is joyful, meaningful, purposeful, and expansive. 

While having a role you love, performing actions that feel ‘significant,’ or leaving a legacy may be expressions of your deeper purpose (to see love, be love, express love), they are not required to live a life that feels meaninful and rich with purpose. 

You can humbly garden all day, and still find a purpose in being at peace. You can watch the clouds and feel that your purpose is to embrace stillness. You can help one person by opening a door and know that your life had meaning this day. You can take one small self criticism and turn it to love, and know that there is great purpose in that act for your soul.

Try not invalidate yourself simply because you have not found an “activity” that makes you feel purposeful. Breathe… you have a purpose in that, for now you are part of the ecosystem on planet earth, feeding the trees and receiving the oxygen they provide. Breathe again… you have just shared your energy with all of creation and you are taking in the energies of all creation. There is purpose.

Look around you. Find one thing that looks like love to you – a color, an object, a person. Shut your eyes now. Feel your heart. Think of one thing to love about yourself. Now perform your next action with great love. See how simple this is? You have just seen love, been love, and expressed love. You are living on purpose.

Dear ones, in our eyes you are all equal. From the vastness of the mountains, to the lowest single-celled form of life you are all made of the very same love. Each one of you fits perfectly in the intricate web of existence, and none of you are ever without purpose.

The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, July 14th, 2017

A Message to Lightworkers – July 14, 2017 by Caroline Oceana Ryan The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective: Greetings, Masters of this Ascension Era! We greet…Read more

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Tvångsvaccinering sprider sig i Europa – Italien tar beslut(Video) — 15 Juli, 2017

Italien vill införa medicinska diktat i form av tvångsvaccinering. De som inte vaccinerar sig eller sina barn bestraffas med böter eller rätten till sina barn. Inlägget Tvångsvaccinering sprider sig i Europa – Italien tar beslut dök först upp på NewsVoice…

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Lars Bern om Big Food och varför vi skall välja ekologisk mat – Del 1 – 15 Juli, 2017

Industrimaten Big Food

Den globala livsmedelsindustrin – Big Food – är som nästan alla de stora globalt opererande industrigrenarna, uppbyggd enligt det hundraåriga extremt framgångsrika Standard Oil konceptet. Inlägget Lars Bern om Big Food och varför vi skall välja ekologisk mat – Del 1 dök först upp på NewsVoice…….

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Medical BOMBSHELL: Chemotherapy Found to Spread Cancer(Video) – July 15, 2017

New research conducted at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University has found that chemotherapy spreads cancer throughout the body, causing a sharp increase in cancer cells circulating throughout the body (including the lungs).Led by Dr. George Karagiannis, the research focused on chemotherapy “treatment” of breast cancer, but further studies plan to see…

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