Daily Message ~ Saturday September 2, 2017

Judgement separates while acceptance unifies. So why do you judge and choose separation? Because there is something that you are afraid of – you are not feeling secure in your safety or empowerment.

Dear Ones, the more you develop healthy, loving boundaries and become responsible for your own balance, comfort, and satisfaction, the less you are affected by the wild card of what another may or may not do.

When you assume the role of being your own loving parent, best friend,and guide, you start to understand that you have everything you need to thrive. You will embrace your divine ability to co-create from that space of wholeness without fear. You will shift into self expression and mastery.

From that space of self responsibility, you will be able to accept people where they are without being afraid of their actions or feeling the need for them to change. You will fully understand that as a sovereign being no one can affect you energetically unless you give your power away to them to do so.

As you embrace your mastery, honouring your own capability and the capability of others, wherever they may be on their path, you will get comfortable in accepting it all as being divinely perfect, which will lead to the unity consciousness and unconditional love you are all wanting to experience as you continue to move forward in the shift of consciousness on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel



New Forbidden Archeology Documentary on Discovery of Ancient Real Giants(Video) – September 2nd, 2017

Credit: Sananda website


Houston: Muslims Offer Food, Water, Shelter To Harvey Victims; Mainstream Media Silent — Sept 2, 2017

Last week, Harvey, a devastating tropical storm, hit Texas with torrential rains causing catastrophic floods that left at least 35 dead and thousands homeless. Many in Houston are distressed, have no food, water, and other supplies. Though the state is devastated, a group of generous Muslims is helping to bring relief to their neighbors affected…Read more

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Photos of Antigravity UFO Near Fort MacDill support claims of USAF SSP — Sept 2, 2017


Yesterday, I received a series of six photos of a triangular shaped UFO taken near MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida. The photos were captured at approximately 8 am on August 31, by JP (pseudonym), someone I have been communicating with since 2008. These are not photoshopped or created by CGI, but genuine photos of…..Read more

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Film – Fynd som revolutionerar cancervården förtrycks av vårdetablissemanget — 2 September, 2017

Nya teorier och metoder kan revolutionera cancervården över hela världen om vårdetablissemanget inte lyckas stoppa pionjärerna bakom upptäckterna. Inlägget Film – Fynd som revolutionerar cancervården förtrycks av vårdetablissemanget dök först upp på NewsVoice…….Läs mera

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A channeling from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council August 31, 2017 through Valerie Donner







Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. As most of you know I currently work full time with the Earth Council.

Since our last report the ascension energies have been amplified. We think you know what we mean. The solar eclipse that just occurred on August 21 passing across the United States brought forth a powerful clearing, healing and shift. It happened where it was needed the most. The United States is in the midst of a great shift. It’s going from power over the people to power of the people. It’s shifting to the way that this country was originally intended to be. Even though it is in the midst of the separation and might appear otherwise we want you to know that this will rebalance and that the populace will reunify.

From our vantage point, this is happening expeditiously. It is extremely important that the United States and this part of the world exemplifies the shift in consciousness that the earth is going through. The United States was intended to be a model government. It was never supposed to be the way it is now. Please remain faithful to your vision for your country as well as for your planet. This statement applies to every country because each is going through their testing process so that humanity can decide once and for all if they are choosing the light or not. We know how this prevails.

We along with the other Galactic’s are providing intense focus on all that is occurring now on the planet. We have already intervened with weaponry that could be destructive to all of life. Those with big egos who think that they could have power over the planet and life would be proven sorely wrong. They will not be allowed to wrong the planet or humanity any further. There is a coming together of many like-minded powerfully caring individuals who are working behind the scenes to improve all aspects of life on the earth. Their sole focus first and foremost is to balance out the financial situation so that all will have their needs met. From great caring and sharing the fear of not having enough will be eradicated completely from the earth.

We understand that you have long been promised pieces of the financial pie in the sky held by those who consider themselves worthy of all this money. The days of their reign and financial control are rapidly coming to a conclusion. Many have given promises and false information to you. You have set false hopes based upon fallacies. Yet you know in your hearts that you are intended to have all the abundance that your Creator has provided for all of life on the earth. This abundance was never intended to be horded.

You are at the threshold of a whole new life on a whole new earth. This time of chaos is necessary for the consciousness to expand and evolve. Please paint a picture in your heart and in your mind of what this new life will be and how it will feel. The many distractions that you have had mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally will come to completion. This will allow your thoughts and pure hearts to live in peace on the planet Earth.

As you continue to complete the cycle of darkness and as you move into the Golden Age, you find your enlightenment expands exponentially. As this happens you will become a part of unity consciousness. We are waiting for you. We love you and are at your service.

I am Mira sending you love from the Pleiades and the Earth Council.



How to Deprogram Yourself in 7 Important Steps (Video – must see) — Sept 2, 2017

Society has undergone a mass brainwashing and it is time for us to deprogram ourselves in order to be completely immersed in the evolution of consciousness. 1. Religion If a UFO were to land in your backyard tonight, I promise the ET will not have either a bible or money. Religion has been the longest running form……..Read more & video

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Love Is on the Wing — Sept 2, 2017

God said: Deep within you, deep within the depths of you and everyone else, lies a Bubbling Brook of Joy that runs through you, such Happiness that you can hardly remember feeling, yet this Fulsome Brook is Full of the Joy you have read about and long to remember. Clearly, this Brook of Resurgent Joy…Read more

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Pope Francis Calls on Leaders to ‘Listen to the Cry of the Earth’ — Sept 2, 2017

Credit: Catholic News Agency Pope Francis is more than a figurehead for the Catholic Church, he is also an environmental activist. In 2016, for instance, the pontiff declared environmental destruction a sin. And in May of this year, he gifted President Trump a copy of the climate encyclical. Reportedly, he hoped the US President would give…Read more

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