3 Ancient Medicines That Already Live In Your Home – Sept 3, 2017


September 2nd, 2017

By Nick Polizzi

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Every week, we receive emails from folks who are eager to get ahold of the jungle medicines that were featured in the Sacred Science film. My first question to these passionate seekers is, “Have you explored the traditional herbal remedies that are available in your neck of the woods?” More often than not, the answer is no.

Yes, there is something intoxicating and mysterious about paddling down a foliage-entwined river to a remote village where there is rumored to be a powerful shaman. But similar practices exist all over the world, and many are available in or near your home.

Today I’m going to focus on three natural medicines that are so easy to find that they may already live in your kitchen!


Garlic – Allium sativum

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