Why is there such a Lack of Wisdom among World Leaders and Governments? – Sept 4, 2017

When looking at the world today, one gets the impression of living on a sick planet, with sick world leaders in an ailing democracy. It sometimes seems as if the planet has the flu, and no-one seems able to come up with a workable cure. Few will deny the fact that there is a terrifying lack of wisdom in the world. What happened to the profound knowledge of the great thinkers of the past?
Wisdom and solid cultural knowledge should play a prominent role in politics and society. The world as a whole could incredibly benefit a great deal from wise leaders and expert advisors, each with their own qualities, because if there’s one thing we need in order to judge and act in many living conditions, it’s (life) wisdom. Wisdom is one of the cardinal virtues in Christianity, and one of five forces (and also a paramita*) in Buddhism…..

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Transcript of Corey Goode Presentation: Life on Mars – Sedona Cosmic Awakening Conference, April 21st, 2017(Sept 4, 2017)

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is part two of the Sedona Cosmic Awakening conference wherein Corey Goode discusses life on Mars.

Special thanks to Andrew for the hard work.

Life on Mars….

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The Native Americans Code Of 16 Ethics For Humanity To Live By — Sept 4, 2017

By Luke Miller Truth Theory The Traditional Indian Code of Ethics is a set of rules that the Native American community choose to live by. The earliest written source for this code is from 1982, taken from the Four Worlds Development Project, which was founded by Phil Lane Jr, a member of the Yankton Dakota and…Read more

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Consciousness is the Key to World Change – Sept 4, 2017

August 30th, 2017

By Paul A. Philips

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Those craftily manipulating and controlling our society are caring less and less about whether or not we buy into their carefully cultivated 5-sense, 3 dimensional false reality, played out in the world theatre of illusion. They are caring less and less about the fact that in this theatre of illusion, we the audience, increasing in numbers, are detecting the gaps in the falling-apart scenery that was once believed to be real, as the brick wall behind it is further exposed; that there’s more and more of us in the audience detecting the strings attached to the stage puppets, such as the puppeteered politicians, and many of us can now see their strings being pulled by puppet masters who are no longer hidden in the shadows…

To an extent, the controllers don’t care that the theatre of illusion that has deceived us since time-immemorial with all its fallacies of freedom is being exposed and falling apart: The whole false pretence, the set-up, both the stage and the auditorium, has been energy draining and costly for them to maintain. And now, in their arrogance, the controllers consider themselves to be in such a position that our increasing resistance seems futile…..

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Thoughts ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – Sept 4, 2017


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have noticed that you all like to sit with a particular thought and ruminate on it until it has worn out its welcome. We see you intersecting with certain thought forms and then dissecting them as if they were somehow now your problem to deal with or fix. You don’t have to worry about fixing anything, and you certainly don’t have to worry about any thought that comes into your awareness as though it were somehow a part of you.

Your thoughts are not your own. You borrow them, and it usually serves you better to give them back before you all do. You mustn’t be afraid of the thoughts you think. It does not serve you to give them any power over you whatsoever.

Many individuals have been led to believe that their thoughts originate from inside of them, but we know that thoughts are floating around, and you are colliding with them. And then you have to determine for yourself whether you want to continue to exist in that thought’s presence or whether you would like to move on.

Thoughts, like emotions, can move right through you if you allow them to. But once you let them define you, then you feel that it is your responsibility to do something about them. You are energy that vibrates, and when you vibrate in harmony with other energies, you become aware of them.

If you don’t like the energies that you are becoming aware of, that you are intersecting with, then it is to your benefit to change your vibration. Go to the core of what is bringing you that thought, but let the thought be. Let the thought exist for those who want to harmonize with it.

When you understand the importance of vibration, you will also understand that thoughts are just symbols. They have absolutely no power over you, unless you give them that power, unless you let them define you. We know you as you really are – pure, unconditional love. And that is how we will always see you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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(Channeled message) – Archangel Raphael: Healing With Love – Sept 4, 2017

aa raphael

Feel the love coming up within you and welling up within you and coming out and surrounding you. Open the heart to the love, I reside with the heart

Yes beloveds, I am Archangel Raphael and I have been working with all of you today.

You have embarked on this journey and committed yourself to learning, to open yourselves and it may come as a surprise but that also means opening with each other and healing core issues; for what are we to one another but mirrors of ourselves? Anything that makes us uncomfortable is an indication of something that needs healing within us…..

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(Channeled Message) – Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, August 27th, 2017

Do not despair, my dear, the battle has intensified but it is not lost. The reason the Cabal appears to be still in control is that they own the media. They will tell you only what they want you to know. I can assure you they will never admit that they are losing their grip on humanity. They use everything against you. Their legal world is stacked against all human beings. Word Magic is used every day in legal documents. The Cabal studied black magic and it has served them well. They are masters of it. It is used against you every day of your life. Now that you have become aware of it, you can see it everywhere. Spelling is the casting of spells using certain words that have a meaning and power that you were never taught about. Do not accept as true what they tell you through the media. It is all propaganda to hold you in control. I cannot emphasise this enough…..

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Svenska banker vill chippa dig – Tidigare hemliga projekt nu offentliga — 4 Sept, 2017

DEBATT. Swedbank Labs och Handelsbanken Din Ekonomi skriver att tiden är inne för att låta dig chippas. Bankerna utger sig för att de trendspanar, men skapar egentligen chip-trenden själva. Labs meddelar att avdelningens projekt tidigare var hemliga, men att de valt att glänta på dörren. I mitten på 00-talet spreds konspirationsteorin i USA att det fanns…Läs mera

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NEW Strategy to Push Back Against the Dangerous Spread of Smart Meters and 5G Technology (Videos – Must See) — Sept 4, 2017

(NaturalHealth365) Josh del Sol Beaulieu, the filmmaker who brought you the investigative “smart” grid documentary film Take Back Your Power, has teamed up with some extraordinary individuals to launch the InPower Movement, an actionable solutions-based follow-up offering a method to hold accountable those who continue to cause harm with smart meters and 5G technology.The award-winning…Read more & videos

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