Cancer Survivor: Ryan Leulf (Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) Video – September 8, 2017

Cancer survivor

Ryan Luelf is a young man who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He said, “One oncologist gave me 2-3 months to live. Others said maybe I had longer… but from Day 1 I knew the exact path that I wanted to take.” He radically changed his diet, detoxified his body, and is alive…Read more & video

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Want Cancer? Eat Plenty of Refined Sugar, Say Researchers (Video) — Septemer 8, 2017

September 9th, 2017 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World Today, most of us are aware that refined sugar is bad news for health, and several scientific studies have dramatically driven that point home, showing sugar is one of the most dangerous substances we can consume — especially where cancer is concerned. Incredibly, Americans…..Read more & video

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Dates Are One of the Most Healthiest Fruits On The Planet: The Health Benefits of Dates — September 8, 2017


I have to admit, I avoided dates for years because I always thought they were the same thing as prunes, which as a kid I was NOT a fan of. But, after learning about some of the amazing health benefits packed into these sweet little fruits, I decided it was time to give them another try…Read more

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El Morya via Ann Dahlberg, September 8th, 2017

El Morya
Friday, September 8, 2017
Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am El Morya and I come for the first time to you in this context. It is an honor for me to be able to speak with you today. Earth or Gaia now has all eyes on her. It is a large event in the Universe and there are many who have come here from far and wide to follow the sequence of events that now and since some time back are taking place on Earth. Everybody is offering their help and help is to be given dear friends, enough for all and a little more. You have many guides with you and they try to make your path as easy and clear as possible.

There are many who want to wake up and come along with Gaia now. She spreads her wings over you now to give you the courage and the support that you so much need now. These are chaotic times, but the light is shining in the tunnel and pulls you all out of there. On the other side you will enjoy love and harmony that flows to you from all directions. In the calmness of your inner self you can find some of this harmony. Imagine living in this and to let go of all worries forever. This is what you are working for now and this is what you have worked for during a long time. You have worked for bringing along all your brothers and sisters. You choose to ascend as a collective humanity and finish together with Gaia who also has chosen to ascend into higher dimensions and join with her original family. You will all be joining with your original families and the joy is great in the Universe. You have lived in many places in the Universe and you have many friends all over Cosmos. It will be wonderful for you to get to meet all your near and dear again.

Things are now being prepared for your arrival. Different preparations are ongoing – Everything from our arrival to your arrival and everything is individually crafted for you depending on where in the awakening process you find yourself. Everybody will receive the help they need and wishes to receive. Your inner voice and your soul have the last word and your wish is our law. Everybody who wants to ascend with Gaia still have the possibility to do so and they receive the help they need on this side and the other side. Do not think too much about this. Try instead to feel good where you are and listen a little extra to what your heart and your body want to tell you. Follow what feels right for you even if it does not fit with what others say and do. Nobody has the same journey. It is not possible to compare with each other. You have chosen your own journey and those who interact with you have chosen their journey, which in some ways will help them on their path, just as they help you on your path. It is the whole time a puzzle with many pieces, which eventually becomes a whole picture. The image of you has started to appear at the horizon and you start to understand whom you are and where you are going. It is an exciting journey. So, take good care of each other. You are all the time each others teachers and have chosen each other for this purpose – to simply learn and understand your selves better at a deeper level in the heavy density you live in.

The Universe has opened up its origin for you, the universal wisdom and love that can be found in its origin. Receive this dear children on Earth – it surrounds you now. You just need to open up your heart and take in all that is given to you now. It is a wondrous time to be living in, a mix of old and new, a mix of wisdom and ignorance, a mix of darkness and light. Thankfully the light has taken more and more hold on Gaia and she sails higher and higher up in her manifestation of love and wisdom. You are coming along dear children on Earth and you receive all the help you need now. Ask for help dear children. There are thousands who are ready to help with whatever it is you ask for.

I can feel an enormous love from all sides where I stand now – from both Gaia and from all the beings around her and it makes me very humble and loving. I forward all this love to you, our brave warriors on Earth.

Your humble servant,

El Morya

Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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The Real Story Behind Aliens, UFOs, Demons, Illuminati, Satanism (Video), September 6th, 2017

This explains the history of the Cabal. The video explains the history of first the Illuminati leading up to Satanism and demons then eventually malevolent aliens and UFO’s half way through the video. This video is disturbing, user discretion is advised.

ONE WHO SERVES via James McConnell, September 3d, 2017


Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om, Om. Greetings to you!

For those of you who do not know, this is One Who Serves. And we are here to share more about some of these things you are speaking of in terms of how everything is as we keep saying many many times over and over in many different ways: everything is being orchestrated. Everything is coming together.

There is no need for you to worry about storms and all of these things because they are all part of the plan here. They are all part of what you would call the bigger picture. And everything is exactly as it needs to be.

Now that is not to say that there is not suffering and sadness and all of these things. And some people go through this and they are going through it for a reason. Whether it is for themselves or for people around them and lessons that they are learning and what they are needing to go

But even more important is the bigger picture here, is what is at stake here in terms of in your various storms. As this is happening many things are happening in this process here, in the process to bring about change in a greater manner. In terms of: look at all the love that is being shared around these catastrophe’s here. We speak of the one in Texas. Look at all of the money that is being generated in many different ways to help those in need. Look at how neighbor is reaching out to assist another around them whereas before they would have not even given them the time of day but now they are reaching out. And this happens in many cases in times of these catastrophes.

Many come forward and spread the light. And this can do that. This can bring this about. This various times of travail — seeming travail but they are not necessarily that in the bigger picture as we are speaking.

And in terms of the storm, think in terms of everything is going on around you. Not only these particular storms but all of the storm of the three-dimensional illusion that you still find yourselves in, and see this as the storm raging around you and you being in the center. You being in the eye of the hurricane and how gentle and calm it is inside there. This is going within. This is being within your Source, within your Being. This is what you need to do as all of the storm is raging around you.

Source 1 Source 2Channel: James McConnell – “Believing is seeing!”

DJWAL KHUL via James McConnell, September 3d, 2017


This is DK, as my friends in the Theosophical Society would like to call me. And as those who have read the Alice Bailey books I AM also known as The Tibetan. And I greet you today.

My good friend the One Who Serves knows me well. As so do many of the Brotherhood because I Am part of the Brotherhood … and Sisterhood for that matter also in incarnations and I am here today to give you some practical advice on how exactly can you help release these energies that you might have. The first thing that I have to offer you in terms of advice is to keep monitoring yourself throughout the day. If you ever feel resistance toward something, this is a key. This is something that is pointing you to an energy that you are holding within you that can be released. So look for resistance with …
[Call drops] [8:30] (Channeler: So coming back to this, the conversation was regarding monitoring of self.)

As you go about your day just do a check. Check on yourself every hour. Check to see how you’re feeling. Are you feeling anxiety? Are you feeling upset? Are you feeling sad? Are you feeling impatient? Are you feeling angry? Are you having hard feelings about somebody?

Just check, every hour, 12 times a day and this will give you the habit of checking to see if you have any energies that must go. Because these types of emotions that I have just described are the things that you won’t find in an Ascended Master because those things have been

And this is what this next 7 – 8 years is about. It’s about purging these types of energies so that you are in a state of peace; so that you are in a state of centeredness. Because when you are in peace and when you are in a centered place it matters not what happens in the outside world. And I must also mention that it is very, very easy for us to be distracted by these outside activities that are happening.

If you find yourself thinking and talking more about things that are happening outside of you that is a clue for you to think again on where your focus should be. Should your focus on the outside or the inside? And as Source has mentioned it is the inner work that is necessary at this time and that will then manifest itself. As you become more and more clear of these mis-qualified energies what happens is that your energy field effects thousands then hundreds of thousands and then millions of others. It helps them also to easily clear these energies from themselves.

So this is the purpose of monitoring yourself so that you can now begin to look at these feelings that you’re having. Let’s say for example that you are waiting in line at a grocery store and you’re feeling impatient. Well that impatient energy is something that can be taken out. You could ask Source to take it away from you. And Source will do this. Why ask Source to do this? You might be asking yourself isn’t Source busy enough already? Aren’t there trillions of other galaxies and systems that are going through ascension? Why the focus here on earth?

Well the focus here is because we are a part of Source and this planet is getting healed. So when this planet heals Source heals. For we are part of the body of Source so everything that you heal, everything that you ask to be taken away is contributing to the healing of this planet, of this humanity, of this galaxy, of this universe, and of Source.

So this is a very simple message. And I ask for you to consider simply monitor yourself and then surrender anything that you monitor and see that is miss-qualified to Source and it will be taken away.

I thank you very much for this opportunity to talk to you. I am humbled by the persistence that all of you have. You live in a time much different than the times that I lived as I ascended myself. You live in a complicated environment full of distraction, much more than what I had to deal with. And I can tell you that you are doing a phenomenal job. Keep up the great work!

As we look at you from these other realms I can tell you that we are filled with admiration and respect and we are humbly at your service.

Thank you. And I bid you my leave.

Source 1 Source 2Channel: James McConnell – “Believing is seeing!”

SOURCE via James McConnell, September 3d, 2017


As you sit there breathing out visualize Source energy flowing into the Mother Earth and Mother Earth radiating out that energy to the surface. This is the anchoring of Source into Earth. This is the mission that you came here for – we’re here to spread that energy to all.

And I come here today to tell you that during this ascension process we are now in what is called ascension timeline. This is a timeline that is controlled by Source. There is very little movement away from this timeline that can happen now. At the beginning of this eclipse and at the end with the next eclipse which will happen in 2024. During this timeline the ascension will occur. And I can tell you now that there can be no deviation, there can be no activities of those who are self-serving that can attempt to stall or make this not happen as this will happen. And for you it is especially important to keep yourself focused on your own internal journey because As Within So Without.

As you clear the energies that do not serve from within you, you will see this manifest in the outer world. As you clear out the storms and hurricanes within your own body and mind and energy, you will see this planet have weather that is like paradise. It is the miss-qualified energies within all of humanity that is causing these disruptions and there is only one way for Mother Earth to clear this out. If we don’t clear it out, if you and we within do not clear this energy out, Earth has to clear it out through these major catastrophic activities. Though we control this, you control this within. So seek within and seek to surrender any energies that feel like hate, any energies that feel like I must be correct, any energies that speak of ego. These are the energies that must be taken out of you. Purified.

Ask for me to help you with this cleansing. I AM here with an offer and an invitation for you. The offer and invitation is please call upon Me if you find yourself in a state of mind or an emotional state that is chaotic and I will help you take this energy out of you. And this is how you can contribute to the ascension process, is clear yourself within of all those things that you have hidden away out of shame. Open those doors. Take a look inside that closet inside you where you are hiding these energies, these emotional traumas, these old memories. Bring them out of the closet and ask Me to take it away and so it shall be. Thank

You may now open your eyes and look around with the eyes of Source. Look around. If you are in a room with someone look at them and see the Source within them.

I leave you with the invitation to every day ask for me, Source, to come into your body, to anchor into your body, and then anchor into Mother Earth.

I bid you goodbye.

Source 1 Source 2Channel: James McConnell – “Believing is seeing!”


Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 8 September 2017

Dear Ones do not be influenced by the outer signs of turmoil and ongoing problems that seem to be endless and show no signs of coming to a conclusion. As you will see one day soon when you look back, the New Age commenced as predicted but it took time to establish the new ways of life. The old energies are gradually disappearing but there are those who will not let go until they feel forced to do so. Like any of you they are creating their own destiny and time line that will enable them to continue in their chosen way. However, the negative forces will no longer be able to force their ways upon those of you who seek a peaceful life free from the abomination of war. Threats of war grow but at the same time many sources continue to work towards permanent peace on Earth. Be assured however serious the threats are and posturing becomes, there is absolutely no way a nuclear war will be allowed. Whilst your freewill is acknowledged, the higher powers have made it quite clear that no nuclear devices will be allowed to be used. Any attempt to do so will result in total failure and that is the Will of God….

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