Scientist Finally Confirms Weather Modification: A Comprehensive Database on Chemtrails and Weather Modification Already Exists (Videos) – September 12, 2017

By Catherine J. Frompovich –



Too many humans in the Northern Hemisphere have been horribly affected by recent mega-hurricanes—“Harvey,” Texas; “Irma,” Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Florida—which may not be “Nature’s wrath,” but something even more sinister with several more on the way! However, there are skeptics, who can’t believe what is happening can have inputs from weather technologies, so exaggerated in capabilities they just may result in bankrupting governments, economies and financial systems, and severely limiting resources like food, water, and shelter for months!

This author has had some very intelligent people contact her saying they think weather geoengineering is a “conspiracy theory” or “hoax,” so she asked her Editor to republish the article she wrote in January of 2015, which you will find in full below the first video.

Something just may ring a bell now. How much more devastation do we want to live through, not only here, but globally?

Here’s a major scientist on CBS TV News telling us what’s been going on……

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