5G – Över 180 vetenskapsmän och läkare varnar för allvarliga hälsorisker – 14 September, 2017

Man med laptop och 5G - Foto: Crestock.comMan med laptop och 5G – Foto: Crestock.com



Över 180 forskare, vetenskapsmän och läkare från 36 länder har skickat en gemensam skrivelse  till EU-kommissionen i vilken de kräver moratorium för utbyggnaden av 5G. De varnar i skrivelsen för ”potentiellt allvarliga hälsokonsekvenser” i form av bland annat neurologiska effekter infertilitet och cancer pga den ökande strålning som 5G innebär. De pekar också på att det saknas forskning som visar att utbyggnaden inte utgör en fara för människor och miljön. Följderna kan bli ”tragiska och irreversibla”, säger cancerläkaren och forskaren Lennart Hardell.

”Den trådlösa industrin avser att använda teknik som kan ha några mycket allvarliga skadliga följder”, förklarar en av undertecknarna av skrivelsen, Lennart Hardell, cancerläkare och docent vid onkologiska institutionen, medicinska fakulteten, Örebro Universitetet, Örebro.

”Vetenskapliga undersökningar har sedan många år och i stor omfattning redovisat skadliga effekter för människors hälsa när trådlösa produkter testas ordentligt med hjälp av förhållanden som speglar verkliga exponeringar. Eftersom hälsorisker observerats redan vid i dag vanliga exponeringar är vi mycket bekymrade över att den ökade exponeringen för 5G-strålning kan resultera i tragisk, irreversibel skada. ”


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Påve Franciskus: Ifrågasätter du klimatförändringarna är du “dum” — September 14, 2017

global warming

Påve Franciskus går nu till attack mot människor som ifrågasätter klimatförändringar. Enligt påven kan man klassa dessa människor som “dumma och envisa”. Läs mer på nyadagbladet.se The post Påve Franciskus: Ifrågasätter du klimatförändringarna är du “dum” appeared first on VAKEN.se………Läs mera

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Grounding Galactic Energies ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – September 14, 2017


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have taken the necessary steps to assist you in bringing more energy down from all corners of the galaxy to your planet. We have assisted you by opening portals, and we have given you updates and upgrades so that you could not only receive energy and information from all across the galaxy, but so that you could also ground it into the physical reality in which you live.

You sometimes need help when it comes to the things that you are doing subconsciously. Now of course there are individuals who do this consciously, but they are very small, percentage-wise. And the rest of you are being assisted by us, and by your guides, and other high frequency beings who want to help. What this means for you is that you are creating a new Earth, an Earth that is integrated with all of the energies from across the galaxy.

You need to integrate all of the aspects of yourselves, and all of the aspects of the various star systems where you have also incarnated. Many of you talk about being starseeds and wanderers, and you are. But that means that you need to create an environment on planet Earth for yourselves where you can feel at home. It doesn’t mean that you are looking to graduate from Earth so that you can go home.

So we are assisting you in making Earth feel more like home to those of you who have felt lost and out of place for most of your time here. These energies that you are learning how to assimilate and ground are going to help you navigate your way to the fifth dimension, but more importantly, they are going to help you feel more whole and complete. They are going to help you access your higher selves entirely and ground that consciousness into your physical bodies as well.

The new Earth will be as it was always intended to be. It will be a place where energies from all across the galaxy can coexist in harmony. What you are doing now is nothing short of miraculous, and that is why you sometimes need a helping hand to make it all happen.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source: Daniel Scranton



Arcturians Are Earth’s Protectors — September 14, 2017

Arcturians | A door has closed behind the flow of consciousness of humanity, and the next will only open when the luggage of a troubled history, far exceeding the present and the planetary sphere, will be left behind.In this suspended space of consciousness, the duality seems to be extremely unbelievable, the individual consciousness currents being…..Read more

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CDC-funded study confirms flu shots linked to spontaneous abortions… vaccine experts rush to explain away the findings – September 14, 2017

Image: CDC-funded study confirms flu shots linked to spontaneous abortions… vaccine experts rush to explain away the findings

(Natural News) A CDC-funded medical study being published by the medical journal Vaccine has confirmed a shocking link between flu shots and spontaneous abortions in pregnant women. The study was rejected by two previous medical journals before Vaccine agreed to publish it, further underscoring the tendency for medical journals to censor any science that doesn’t agree with their pro-vaccine narratives.

“A study published today in Vaccine suggests a strong association between receiving repeated doses of the seasonal influenza vaccine and miscarriage,” writes CIDRAP, the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy……..



Mainstream Media Defends Amazon Deleting Nearly All Negative Reviews of Hillary Clinton’s Book — September 14, 2017

The mainstream media was quick to defend Amazon after it deleted nearly 70 percent of the reviews on Hillary Clinton’s new book…….Read more

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