The Global Food and Health Crisis: Monsanto’s Science is Bogus — October 31, 2017

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the new director general of the World Health Organization (WHO). With a $4 billion annual budget, WHO’s decisions affects us all and its decisions also affect the bottom line of some of the most powerful corporations on the planet. Health is political. And health is big business. For instance, WHO makes dietary…Read more

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Free Your Mind from Mainstream Media Brainwashing — October 31, 2017

Patrick Henningsen, New DawnWaking Times Starting with Gutenberg’s printing press, then Thomas Edison’s motion picture camera and the introduction of celluloid and the silver screen, and later the cathode ray tube – a select few media institutions, and the men behind them, have enjoyed monolithic monopoly over the information we see and hear. Their machine is…Read more

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 31, 2017


Dear Ones, have you ever noticed how much more comfortable you are energetically when you are visiting a new place? That is because it naturally leads you to pay attention to your surroundings and become far more engaged in the present moment.

You don’t need to go away in order to experience this in your day to day lives. You can start to infuse the same natural presence in your life by simply making little changes to your routine. Take a different route to work. Visit a part of your city you haven’t been to before. Try new things. Go outside and really see everything, from the tiniest bug to the vastness of the sky.

Routine can dull your senses and lull you into missing so much wonder around you. By choosing to pay attention and try new things you will step back into the presence and expansion your soul is always craving. You will also find gratitude naturally occurring, which is the key to creating even more of what brings you joy. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Feeling Is Freeing! – October 31, 2017


Allow yourself the space to feel, my love!  If you want to cry, cry.  If you choose to be angry, be angry.  Is it shame or guilt that is coming up for you?  Then feel it.  Feeling is the first step to discovering the source so you can release it in the highest and best way.  These things may not always be pretty, but they are necessary for you to grow, change and grow some more.  Embrace them! ~ Creator

Rose McGowan Says Arrest Warrant Issued to ‘Silence’ Her for Refusing Sex Abuse Hush Money — October 31, 2017

Last week, as TFTP reported, Corey Feldman—after announcing that he had a plan to take down Hollywood pedophiles—was arrested and charged with possession of drugs. This week, Rose McGowan — who has also been vocal in exposing Hollywood’s sexual predators— had a warrant issued for her arrest as well. McGowan has been at the center…Read more

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Montague Keen via Vernonica Keen, October 29th, 2017

The battle intensifies as, one by one, all the lies of your controllers are being exposed. Their pyramid of power is disintegrating all around them as books are being written and brave souls are speaking out. I ensured that a…Read more

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Florida Congressional Candidate Claims To Have Received Instructions From Aliens Telepathically — October 31, 2017

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera
Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera


Florida congressional candidate Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera gave details of her experience with aliens during interviews years ago. In 2009 interview, she said aliens first contacted […] The post Florida Congressional Candidate Claims To Have Received Instructions From Aliens Telepathically appeared first on Latest UFO sightings….Read more

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Message from Ashtar via Galaxygirl: A New Day – October 30, 2017


I want to take you on a journey today of the New Jerusalem, a ship that has piqued much interest of late, for it is fast approaching and the time draws near. There is much bustle and excitement in the air here for we long to become reunited with our brothers and sisters on the ground, the ground crew, our family. For we have been separated for so much longer than you realize and the road has been a long one.

We are here to reassure you that you are not alone, nor have you ever been or ever will truly be. For we are a huge, wondrously diverse family, spread across many star systems, experiencing different sagas and timelines – too numerous to contemplate. We are all here for you, with you, cheering you on and saluting you in your achieve and hard work. For the work load has been a relentless one, has it not? We too are weary but without the physical fatigue of a human form…..

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Keeping Up with the Momentum ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – October 31, 2017


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to bring a higher frequency through during these transmissions because we have felt the readiness of those of you who are tuning in, and we are happy to report that the number of individuals who are ready for higher frequencies is increasing every day. You are not here to begin at the beginning. You are here to experience the result of what has been set into motion by all that humanity has ever lived and experienced throughout your rich history.

Therefore, you are benefitting from momentum that has been created by you in previous lifetimes, and most individuals who were born into this particular time on planet Earth have had a challenging time keeping up with the momentum that has been created in all of those previous lifetimes that you’ve lived. However, there has been a marked improvement in your ability to absorb the momentum that is attempting to carry you to the fifth dimension.

It is your willingness to experience life, your willingness to surrender, your willingness to forgive, your willingness to let go, and your willingness to be here at this time that are the contributing factors. Now that more of you are keeping up with that momentum, you are ready to receive higher frequencies of energy from us and from a variety of other helpers and well wishers.

Now, the energy that we send is also designed to help you keep up with the momentum and to ride the wave that you are currently standing next to, but not quite yet riding. So it is time for all of you to accept that the work has already been done to create the elevation and the expansion of the human consciousness. Now is the time for you all to sit back, feel the energy that is on planet Earth to support you, and let that momentum carry you into your inevitable ascension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



Illuminati Leak: Full List of Current Members of Secret Society Exposed as ‘Committee Of 300’ – October 31, 2017


An Ex-Illuminati Member has posted a list of members of secret society and the Committee Of 300.

High Ranking Illuminati member, who spent 47 years in a high-ranking position with the elite secret society says that he wants to reveal everything about the secret society’s plans after it all became “too much to bear” for him.

Membership of the Illuminati, or the Committee of 300, has always remained top secret, and although assumptions have been made about who the members may be, this is the first time the full list of members names have been exposed in this rare leak from an anonymous Insider.



The following sites present the list of names here: