Dozens Of Pages of Analysis From A Monsanto Study Found Copy-Pasted in European Food Safety Report – October 1, 2017

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Monsanto, are a multinational corporation that was once known for manufacturing Agent Orange for use as a chemical weapon in the Vietnam War. In September 2016, the German chemical company Bayer merged with Monsanto and became one of the world’s biggest agricultural conglomerates.

Monsanto are notoriously known for their super-corporation approach to nutrition. The company and its genetically modified organism (GMO) seeds have been the subject of global protests around the world. They have reaped huge profits from selling its popular weedkiller, glyphosate (known as “RoundUp”) in tandem with crops genetically engineered to withstand glyphosate (“RoundUp Ready”) crop. Last year, RoundUp brought in around £3.5bn.

The weedkiller has been linked to increased cancer rates, autism, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. As a result, Monsanto are currently locked in battle over relicensing the brand RoundUp in the European Union. The final decision on its authorisation is expected in November. The decision to continue or discontinue the brand will be informed by the European food safety authority (Efsa). It was recently revealed that Efsa based a recommendation that glyphosate was safe for public use on a EU report that copied and pasted analyses from a Monsanto study……

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