Man Builds His Dream Mini-Home In Just 6 Weeks For Less Than $10,000 (images & video) — October 3, 2017

Have you ever wanted to live in a home where you still felt like you were connected to nature and things were simple and pretty well off-grid? One man has done this in Thailand and it only cost him $9000 to do it. Steve Areen was offered some land on his friends mango farm to….Read more & images + video

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The Light In Unimaginable Darkness – October 3, 2017

My dearest, darling one; here you are, faced with more acts of senseless violence against the innocent and peaceful.  I know your heart hurts and I know you may not understand the infinite picture but, one day very soon, you will.
I gave many of you an idea of what would be coming years ago.  The thinning of the veil has made it so some do not understand what they are feeling, hearing and seeing.  It frightens and pushes them to places they may not have otherwise gone.  This is where your work begins, my love.  Send as much love as you can!  You may be far away from where these acts occurred or are occurring, but they will still feel your love and purity of heart.  Find one moment of joy in your memories and send that as well.
It may seem as if the darkness is ‘winning’, but that is far from the truth.  It knows it is fighting a losing battle and is doing all it must to hold onto whatever power it has left.  Release your pain and anguish over these situations, send it to be transformed to Love and Light….to come back to you, to be sent out again and so forth.  Then the power of you, as an individual, will be felt and known throughout your world.  Join together and be the peace your Earth plane is needing in this moment. ~ Creator



The Progress You Are Making ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – October 3, 2017

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are able to recognize the tremendous progress that you are all making, because we can read the energy of the human collective. We can see that there is far more awareness and far less suppression going on within the average person because the energy of the human collective is showing us that you are coming to terms as a human race with much of what you have needed to look at, feel, and process.

A shift in consciousness for an entire collective is a monumental task. No one said that it would be easy. And so, you are being asked to face a variety of issues, traumas, and emotions, and sometimes you feel like they are coming one right after the other. This is how you actually can tell that you are making progress. It is by measuring how much you feel that you can know that progress is occurring within you.

Think about how easy it is to ignore your feelings. You can drink alcohol, take illegal drugs, take pharmaceutical drugs, distract yourself with endless amounts of programming on television and on the internet. And those are just a few of the ways to numb yourselves and suppress that which needs to come up and be felt in order to be processed.

So hear us when we say that the progress you are making may not feel that way to you. It may feel like you are experiencing more pain, more sorrow, and more fear, but what is really happening is that you are releasing it.

First, you must be aware of what is going on within you. Then you must be willing to feel it. And finally, you must stay with it long enough to process it through your physical, energetic, and emotional bodies. And then you can allow in more of the energies of the shift in consciousness, and that is what we see you all doing on a collective level.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”




The Galactic Federation of Light via Sheldan Nidle, October 3, 2017

5 Batz, 9 Tzotz, 1 Ik

Selamat Balik! Many puzzling developments are currently manifesting. However, events are transpiring that are expected to end the present prosperity fund impasse. It is extremely necessary that the current distributions be carried out quickly according to Heaven’s wishes. A modified system has been put into effect to complete this as expediently as possible. A complementary strategy is now in place to enable the efficient delivery of your prosperity packages. The amounts of these funding packages have likewise increased exponentially.

The ongoing process to remove the large obstructionist banks from the current dysfunctional banking system has proved to be more difficult than we originally expected. This is owing to a number of large loopholes still remaining. It is our overall intention to use a transitional procedure to resolve this unsettling situation. We feel that the coming success of this solution can lead to the final delivery of your prosperity packages.

We remain confident that you shall finally begin to receive the significant amounts of currency that you have long been promised. In this Light, always remember that we are determined to forge the new NESARA/GESARA governments. It is this new governance that is destined to create a wondrous, sovereign and prosperous new realm, to finally end the UFO cover-up and to bring peace to this currently distraught orb.

This is destined to be the time when those who have long run this globe are to disappear. You can then rejoice, and in good measure complete your many infrastructure projects. The present period is indeed a prime example of a time that truly “tries Men’s Souls”. Look instead to the immediate future and know in your heart what is now ready to unfold. What can be truly said is that these are the best of times, as well as the worst of times. Remember, the best is yet to come.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We are watching everything carefully to see that all parties are following current protocols. We have as well paid a great deal of attention to all the shenanigans that have marked this program in the recent past. All of the existing pitfalls are to quickly change. A number of procedures are now in place to prevent what has so clearly become common practice. Heaven has assured us that this is indeed the case.

The blessings of Heaven are surely upon thee. Those who have for so long influenced and controlled your world are shortly to disappear. They have continued to prevent the prosperity and global harmony required and their rebellious ranting is now destined to be silenced! You are at last to be shown the divine mercy that Heaven is truly capable of.

The dark ones do not fully take into account what has been recently going on around them. They somehow still believe that what Heaven has promised can be deftly dissolved. This is definitely not the case. Prepare, my Children, for a marvelous miracle! What you have wished for is being readied to manifest! A wondrous new reality is to be created and in this you will discover how Heaven is divinely altering this realm for the better. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we reported on what is now occurring across this globe. The dark ones are to be arrested and incarcerated. They are to be completely separated from you. At the same time, new governance is to bloom and a new reality filled with wealth and sovereignty is to forever alter this realm. Never forget, dear Hearts, that the countless and never-ending supply of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be In Joy!) It is time for all to come to fruition!



Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis by Benjamin Fulford: U.S. Nukes North Korea and Japan Decides to Dump PM Abe – October 2, 2017


Last week the U.S. Air Force dropped a nuclear weapon on a mountaintop close to North Korea’s nuclear test site as a warning to that country to stop its recent missile provocations, according to NSA sources.  This was reported in the world’s media merely as U.S. bombers flying the furthest north of the demilitarized zone in the 21st Century.

This flight was followed by reports of a magnitude 3.5 earthquake close to where North Korea recently tested a hydrogen bomb.  Contradictory media reports described this earthquake as either natural or the result of a nuclear explosion.  In any case, North Korea did not brag about a new nuclear test after this event.

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Two Witnesses in Different Location Notice Two Very Similar UFOs — October 3, 2017


The skies of Brazil and the island state of Saint Lucia became the centre of the news after two very similar UFOs were reportedly spotted […] The post Two Witnesses in Different Location Notice Two Very Similar UFOs appeared first on Latest UFO sightings……Read more

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The Self Reset – October 3, 2017

The Self Reset

energy updateGreetings to You, it is I KejRaj(KayRy). I just have a short update to share with you all, a few decisions I have made for myself. You may notice a different tone of energy in this message.

From the beginning of 2017 to now, one date that kept circling around in my Universe is 10102017(10). In a way, today’s world, the technological world at least, is entirely designed on these two numbers, 1 and 0. The two digits are the ‘base code’ behind all computer ‘stuff’. And believe it or not, banks too mostly use 1’s and 0’s in their transactions and more.

If numbers mean anything in this process of the Global Currency Reset, than this would be the perfect date to Reset the System, 101010.

That is all I have to say about that.

If the Elders and the Galactics continue to enjoy playing cat and mouse with the Cabal like they have been for the past five years if not more, than once again this 101010 will be just another meaningless date.

However, it will NOT be a meaningless date for myself.

I have made plans to make a few changes in my reality. I will stop doing certain things, I will start doing other things. One of those changes will be this; After 101010 I will no longer make any updates at all regarding the Reset. I will no longer use these terms, refer or even read anything that is related to NESARA or the Global Currency Reset.

Until all of this actually OCCURS, NESARA and the GCR become public, for all to HEAR, for all to SEE, and for many to exchange. From my perspective ALL information, no matter the source, whether it is some intel guru or a channeled message, WILL BE labeled as IRRELEVANT and dismissed by me.

I will still continue to share on the blog a little bit of everything as I have done ’til now. Including NESARA and GCR stuff for all the readers.

Why have I made this decision?

It is very simple. Humanity and Earth, just like in the past, are once again PINNED, SUFFERING IN THE MIDDLE while two other forces go at it.

I am grateful to one group of entities in this moment. These would be the Galactic Renegades who have been wanting for quite a long time to DIRECTLY INTERVENE and NEUTRALIZE ALL CABAL and assist humanity directly. But they have been stopped from the Higher Galactic Commands and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Why? Because we MUST show love and mercy to a group of ruthless entities(Cabal) who for the past 13,000 years have had nothing in mind but to enslave and eventually kill off the humans of Earth. They have not had a change of heart for 13,000 years, but somehow it might happen now? ? ? It is NOT happening, and the Spiritual Hierarchy KNOWS THIS. But instead of physically eliminating them, which should have been done long ago, the approach has been chosen of raising the vibration to where the Cabal can no longer withstand the stronger light and die off on their own. Who knows how long that’s going to take, another year or so? We’ll see.

All I have now to ask the Galactics and the Higher Ups is this, when is enough ENOUGH?

From heart to heart, KejRaj! Thank You!

Klassiska homeopaters yrkesförbund nysatsar på svensk homeopati – 2 Oktober, 2017

Klassiska Homeopaters Yrkesförbund blir en samlande kraft för klassisk homeopati, och en kvalitetsstämpel för patienter, säger Margot Granvik, ordförande för KHY.

Klassiska Homeopaters Yrkesförbund blir en samlande kraft för klassisk homeopati, och en kvalitetsstämpel för patienter, säger Margot Granvik, ordförande för KHY.

Sverige har fått ett nytt yrkesförbund för klassiska homeopater: Klassiska homeopaters yrkesförbund (KHY). ”Det är Svenska Akademin för klassisk homeopati (SAKH) som satsar på att bli en samlande kraft, samt erbjuda patienter en kvalitetsstämpel”, säger ordförande Margot Granvik. Därmed tar KHY över SAKH:s hemsida.

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Facebook stängde NewsVoice-kontot – hävdar ”phishing” — 3 Oktober, 2017

Facebook-kontona som hör till redaktören och NewsVoice stängdes igår av Facebook. Inlägget Facebook stängde NewsVoice-kontot – hävdar ”phishing” dök först upp på NewsVoice…..Läs mera

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The Dark Forces Have Been in Survival Mode for Almost a Year Now — October 3, 2017

Major movements towards the complete control of the surface population by the negative agenda were halted and reverse engineered back into a major push forward towards positive polarity/timelines. The 23rd of September was pushed with as much quick “end of the world” programming as possible for a greatly needed recharge for the negative forces, and unknown…Read more

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