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A gentle reminder; whatever you think and feel is picked up by those around you. The closer you are to the person, the more they pick up.
If you spend much of your time harping about your boss, your partner or next-door neighbor and, even though you may be very careful about who hears it, others do hear you and will eventually begin to pick up on the attitude. They sense the vibration and even though you are telling them something verbally, they know what you are really saying. Then, one day, you will and may wonder why you are being treated differently. Think about it…absolutely everything you think, feel and speak is heard by The Universe. ~ Creator

Six Ways To Free Your Mind From the Matrix – October 24, 2017

Six Ways To Free Your Mind From the Matrix

There is an idea that the solid world, along with our perceptions, is all illusionary, and that the reality is that we are all creative thought contained within vibratory light. Your reality is made from what your senses perceive; these are essentially signals that are interpreted by your brain. Life can be said to be an illusion, created by the senses.

A less radical view is that the Matrix is contained in the world all around, the things that prevent most people from reaching their spiritual potential. It keeps people locked into materialistic ideas, and common misperceptions about their purpose in life. The Matrix continues to thrive because of ignorance of the masses along with a deep-rooted reluctance to change. It is safer to live the life that one is used to and conditioned to believe is correct than to break free and explore other ways.

People can help you find the way to free your mind, but ultimately it is you who must make the choice to break away from the concept that is the Matrix. There are six strategies to show you how to free your mind from the Matrix.

1. Raise Vibrations

Everyone is a slave to their thoughts. Thoughts generally consist of low-level, low-vibratory energy. To free minds from this enslavement, you must raise your vibration levels, increase your conscious awareness and help your minds to evolve.

To raise the level of vibrations, you must start to feel happy with life, be thankful and appreciative for all aspects, see positives in seemingly negative events and be content. You must also banish traditional ways of thinking.

To become free from the Matrix, you must harmonize your vibrations with those of the universal vibrations all around, search for the truth, overcome fear and start to live a more positive life. The concept is relatively easy; become one with yourself, one with those around you and one with nature.

2. Still Your Mind

Doing activities that require a lot of attention and focus are good ways to keep your mind present and thus have a calming effect. You are prevented from thinking so much about other distracting things. Clearing your mind of distracting thoughts paves the way for your inner awareness to emerge.

Stop worrying about those things in life that you cannot change, and instead focus on the things that you can change.

Meditation is a very effective way of calming your mind. A calm mind makes expansion of awareness easier. Chaos is removed from life, instead replaced with harmony.

3. Become Free From Your Emotions

Believe in the concept that you are not your mind. When you feel an emotion threatening to overwhelm you, take a few moments to focus on your breathing and be still. Feel the emotion and then let it pass. Do not hold the feeling, do not allow it to grow, acknowledge it and it will quickly dissipate. An enlightened person is free from the chains of their own emotions.

4. Accept Alternative Views of Reality

The mind is imprisoned with general beliefs of reality. As human beings, we resist and fear change because we are not aware of our real creation, origin and purpose. We are unaware how to expand our consciousness and raise our awareness, so we continue in a state of ignorance. Accepting other possibilities is vital for growth.

5. Raise Your Levels of Intuition

Meditation can help you to raise your levels of intuition. Intuition is instant feelings or thoughts that do not come from your logical and rational brain, but rather from an inner part of you.

6. Expand Your Awareness

Awareness is when you can feel and be conscious of your existence. Human awareness is mainly evolved to the level of self-awareness, where we are able to differentiate ourselves from others around us. It gives people a sense of difference and allows people to exercise free will and explore their own versions of reality. In reality though, all people come from the same source and share a connection.

7. Change Your Root Thinking
People must rid themselves of their desires and relinquish their egos in order to be able to understand, and access, a greater power than the individual self.






The More You Give ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – October 24, 2017

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is the perfect time for you all to be giving more of yourselves to everything that you are doing. The amount of yourself that you put into any task in front of you is a message that you are sending to the universe about how willing you are to participate in its expansion. The universe is listening. It is paying attention, and it sees when one of you is putting more of your energy into something. And it can also see when one of you is phoning it in.

When you are present, mindful, and giving of the energy that you truly are, you are calling forth more co-creative energy to come and play with you. You have the ability to shine your light more brightly than you ever have before because of the recent upgrades that you’ve received, and because of the amount of energy that the Earth has received.

You are in a position where co-creating with the universe has never been easier or more fruitful. One thing that we recommend you all do is to stop expecting the same results. When you give up, that is when you tend to no longer feel the need to infuse more of your energy into something. It is as though many of you have begun to believe that there is a futility to expending any energy whatsoever on your creations.

But we are not only talking about the things you want to create now. We are also talking about the little things that you do, the small inconsequential tasks that you need to perform just to maintain your body, your home, and you vehicles. When you perform these tasks, see them as an opportunity to call forth more of your energy and to spread it around. When you do, you will create an opening for more energy to flow to you from this abundant universe, and that energy can be used to create anything.

You just have to demonstrate to the universe that you are willing to play, and the universe will respond. The more you give, the more you get.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



High Ranking US Government Official Blows Whistle on UFOs A Week After Leaving The Pentagon — October 24, 2017

“Yes there have been crashed craft, and bodies recovered. . . . We are not alone in the universe, they have been coming here for a long time. I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet, and the UFO phenomenon is real.” (source) (source) (source)Who is…Read more & video

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The Goddess Feminine Warrior Energy Is on the Rise! Watch it Grow Everywhere! – October 24, 2017

From my heart to yours –  Therese Zumi

As a direct result of actresses in Hollywood openly admitting that they were victims of Harvey Weinstein’s sexually abusive behaviours Sweden is now experiencing an avalanche of effects which grows by the hour. Thousands upon thousands of women are telling about their experiences of being sexually abused by men under the # Me Too! Many women are telling of experiences that they have never dared to share with anyone before.

This has so far, within only a few days resulted in 2 journalists being fired. One from a main newspaper and one from Sweden’s main official TV channel. Another well-known and liked TV personality has also been fired from another channel having been exposed as being derogatory to women using sexist comments and unwanted sexual invitations on several occasions. Not only has this person been fired but all his popular TV shows have been shut down immediately and planned recordings of new shows have been cancelled. Everyone is now talking about this and lively discussions are taking place in the media asking men to come forward now and discuss with men of every age how women should be treated starting at a very early age. This last week has focused on these types of male dominance and sexist behaviours in the area of media, TV, newspapers and so forth, this week it would seem that it’s time for this discussion in the sports world. In fact, it seems as if these discussions will now take place in every area of people’s lives. It will! Nothing can stop this now everyone has had ‘enough’…..

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“Her Life Stopped When She Was 12” – Another Example of What An HPV Vaccine Injury Looks Like (Video) — October 24, 2017

The picture above is of Chloe Brookes-Holder, who was a happy and healthy pre-teen. She danced almost daily, hoping to make it her career one day; she hiked and led an active lifestyle. That all changed after her second dose of an HPV vaccine. After taking the vaccine she started to notice unusual symptoms, which…Read more & video

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Help Chloe Live Again

Hello Everyone!
I’m Chloe, an 19 year old who has a bundle of severe debilitating chronic conditions after being severely injured by the HPV vaccine 7 years ago. In October 2016 I died and came back to life due to the severity of my damaged ANS: I was resuscitated and put on life support until my internal organs recovered and until I could breathe without a ventilator. I’m so thankful for this second chance and I make every breath count, but my life is still more than challenging, which is why I am asking for your generous financial support……

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Covert Disclosure of Antigravity Rectangle Weapons Platforms by USAF Special Operations — October 24, 2017

On the morning of October 23, my long-time source JP (a pseudonym) was once again instructed to look up into the sky by a nearby covert operative where he saw a rectangle platform shaped UFO. He used his camera phone to take five photos of the UFO. He then noticed that he had missing time.…Read more & photos

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy (better presentations of the JFK assassination) — October 24, 2017

episode #6 from the series The Men Who Killed Kennedy. No longer available on cable ANYWHERE. Banned from TV, one of the best presentations of the JFK assassination.

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Matthew via Suzy Ward, October 23d, 2017

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. “Could you please ask Matthew to give us a message on how to get out of the fear circle.”Let us first recommend that you not think of fear…Read more

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If You Asked This Gorilla Where He Gets His Protein From, Here’s What He’d Probably Say – (Video) — October 23, 2017

It’s very easy to come across conflicting information, especially in regards to the science of health and even more so when it comes to examining meat-based diets in comparison to plant-based ones. Plant-based diets can help prevent over over 60% of chronic disease deaths, yet people are still arguing whether veganism is a safe and sustainable diet. This is…Read more & video

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