Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 1, 2017


Dear Ones, your divinity is always there. It is your alignment and acceptance of your own truth that allows you the experience of it.

That is why your self care practices are so important – they help keep you in the alignment that helps you remember who you really are, and what you know. The more you choose the self love and care that allows you to stay in that space, the more your own unique beauty and contributions will shine, which not only serves you and your soul journey, but also all of humanity.

There is nothing in the world more breathtakingly beautiful than a human being shining the light of their own authenticity as a glorious individuation of Source energy. For those of you who still feel an urgency to hurry up and do something, it is coming from your soul craving to shine, unapologetically, in its own glorious light.

That is the core of the enlightenment process – coming home to the divine light that you are, and then having the courage to let it shine for the entire world to see, and through that action lighting the way for others to find the way to their own divine truth, as well. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Chlorella found to dramatically improve cardiovascular health – November 1, 2017

October 28, 2017 by



A meta-analysis of chlorella supplementation, published in the journal Clinical Nutrition, reveals that chlorella helps support the cardiovascular system, as reported by NutraIngredients-USA.com.

Previous studies on chlorella had varied findings because of the differences in their study designs and subjects. Moreover, the findings were “not fully conclusive,” according to the researchers at Shahrekord University in Iran. Therefore, they evaluated the effectiveness of chlorella on cardiovascular risk factors.

The researchers analyzed 19 studies up to Jan. 2017 on chlorella supplementation and those that had sufficient data on changes of lipid profile, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), and fasting blood glucose – all of which are common factors that influence risk of cardiovascular disease.

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The Health Benefits Of Avocados & Organic Guacamole Recipe — November 1, 2017

Avocados are native to Central and South America and have been cultivated since approximately 8,000 B.C. By the mid-1800s, they had been introduced to Asia and Jamaica, but they did not arrive in the United States until the early 20th century. California and Florida produce most of the avocados grown in the USA with other…Read more & Organic Guacamole Recipe

via The Health Benefits Of Avocados — The Sleuth Journal

The Divine Council of Overseers via L’aura Pleiadian, October 31st, 2017

Forces of Consciousness are the vibratory states of Light Frequency that reveal themselves AS the levels of consciousness. Experiencing Shifts in our awareness to more “consciously” EMBODY the Divine Attributes of our Divine Ascended Being ~ opens the floodgates, so…Read more

via The Divine Council of Overseers via L’aura Pleiadian, October 31st, 2017 — Sananda

Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions 12: Repressed Disclosures and Coordinated Communications — Sphere-Being Alliance : news – November 1, 2017

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. I’m here with Corey Goode, and in this episode, we are taking your questions and hearing what Corey has to say for the answers.Corey, Welcome back to the show. Corey Goode: Thank you. David: Let’s hit the ground running here: “Perhaps…Read more

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You Are Lightworkers ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – November 1, 2017

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are the checkpoint through which consciousness enters this entire universe. We know about the balance of darkness and light in the universe, and we are maintaining a balance that is slightly favoring the light. Now you might wonder why, at this point in your evolution, you would need any darkness at all. And the truth is quite simple. Those who play the role of the dark are doing so to give you an opportunity to experience something you’ve never experienced before.

You know that you are unconditional love. You know this because when you hear it, that truth resonates with you. But how do you experience that unless you have something truly unlovable in front of you. When you choose to be who you really are, you help to take this universe to the next level. You help to tip the scales even further on the side of the light by offering more light.

You have your own gateway inside of you, and that gateway has access to an unlimited amount of Source Energy, an unlimited amount of light and love. It is up to you how much of that you let in, and therefore, you are also helping to keep the amount of light in this universe at a magnitude that will always be the dominant force. We together are all ensuring that the shift in consciousness occurs. We get help from you, and you get help from us.

And there are so many beings on the side of the light, banding together, creating strength in numbers. So you see, even a little advantage goes a long way because those who are playing in the dark are still feeling that separation from Source, and only the love and the light that you shine upon them can awaken them to the truth that no matter how far on the side of darkness they have traversed, they are never actually separate from Source. That is why you are all called lightworkers.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source: danielscranton.com

Mass Mind Control Through Media – New JFK Documents Confirm CIA Infiltration Through Media & More Proof That Major News Networks Cannot Be Trusted (Videos) – October 31st, 2017

October 31, 2017

I put together a compilation of info-graphics, articles, quotes and videos that show without a doubt that the criminal CIA network controls the news and media cycle.  This is a form of mass mind control as they promote stories that manipulate the perception of reality on the people of the world and in America.  They use their agents of deception and infiltrate news agencies in order to stop the reporting of true events.  Continue below for an exposé of how the dark hats in the CIA control the perception of millions of people and how they have developed false flags to murder people, operate against freedom, and undermine democracies all over the world.

Paradigm Shift: We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American ...


Read more at: ascensionwithearth.com

Or at: sananda.website

Mr. Ed’s Intel Update via Email – October 31, 2017

Received via email from Mr. Ed…… Rumor Mill News Agents Forum INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “General Intel” 10/31/17 Posted By: Mr.Ed Date: Tuesday, 31-Oct-2017 20:19:35 INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “General Intel” 10/31/17 Recently (a 226 page) ‘$279 Trillion Lien’ was placed against the ‘International and American BAR’ for the seizing of the…Read more

via Mr. Ed’s Intel Update via Email – October 31, 2017 — Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs

Illuminati Leak: Full List of Current Members of Secret Society Exposed as ‘Committee Of 300’ – November 1, 2017


An Ex-Illuminati Member has posted a list of members of secret society and the Committee Of 300.

High Ranking Illuminati member, who spent 47 years in a high-ranking position with the elite secret society says that he wants to reveal everything about the secret society’s plans after it all became “too much to bear” for him.

Membership of the Illuminati, or the Committee of 300, has always remained top secret, and although assumptions have been made about who the members may be, this is the first time the full list of members names have been exposed in this rare leak from an anonymous Insider.



The following sites present the list of the names here: