The Shift – November 25, 2017


It has been said before, but it deserves repeating; the upcoming shift is massive.  It is so large that those who have the gift of sight on your Earth plane cannot see what they call an end to it.  As you navigate this monstrous change, please remember…the inhabitants of your Earth have been asking for this shift for decades.  They may not have known that it was going to come this way (smiling) but, it is coming.  As the mass consciousness moves toward a higher level, the energies of your world and environment will continue to seek its best balance; male/female, light/dark, high/low.  If you need help with it, ask!  This is why The Universe is here…to assist when you need it most. ~ Creator

Daily Message ~ Saturday November 25, 2017


One of the greatest disservices you have experienced has been being taught to dismiss your imagination. We cannot stress enough the importance of your imagination!

The imagination is a vital tool to create, to expand, to grow, and to express yourselves. It is also the part of you that is very connected to your inner child and loves to have fun and sees the magic in everything. It is the part of you that allows the now moment to become everything it can be and more.

The imagination is the bridge to the psychic part of your mind. It moves you beyond your inner controller into your inner creator and into a flow that effortlessly aligns with Source. So many of you start to connect beautifully with spirit and then immediately dismiss any success as “just your imagination.” This immediately cuts off that flow. Trust. Flow. Allow your imagination to take the lead.

What will happen, if you understand the importance of your imagination as the bridge to the psychic part of your mind, is you will allow yourself to keep flowing to the place where the magic happens. And eventually something will happen that you could never possibly imagine and that is when you will know you have entered the realm of your own innate psychic ability.

Dear Ones, connect with that beautiful imagination of yours! Dust it off. Bring it forward to play. Integrate it back into its role as a very important part of who you are. Give it free rein and allow it to lead you to brand new exciting ideas and potentials. Let it bring the lightness and fun of wonder and creation back into your life. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

You Are a Sovereign Being – Time to Start Acting Like It — November 25, 2017

Jeff Street, Contributor Waking Times There is a growing awareness and indignation about the injustice and inequality running rampant in our world, and growing interest in creating the better world that we all know can exist. One of the key changes that needs to happen to enable the transformation of our humanity is to reclaim our…Read more

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500 rescued, 40 arrested in Interpol-led human trafficking bust in Africa – November 25, 2017

By Brooks Hays – Updated Nov. 24, 2017

Nov. 24 (UPI) — Some 500 victims, including 236 minors, have been rescued in a human-trafficking bust led by Interpol in Africa.

The mission was carried out over five days simultaneously in Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal. Police arrested 40 suspected traffickers.

“In addition to arrests, this operation has opened a number of ongoing investigations to further disrupt the crime networks involved in trafficking in human beings, emphasizing the effectiveness of such operations via [Interpol’s] international network,” Yoro Traore, police inspector with the Interpol National Central Bureau in Bamako, Mali, said in a news release.

The mission was dubbed Operation Epervier and was organized under the Sahel Project, an initiative investigating organized crime in the Sahel region of northwest Africa. The German Foreign Office funded the initiative.

Traffickers arrested during this month’s operation are accused of forcing humans into labor. Some victims were forced to beg on the streets, while others were forced into prostitution.

One 15-year-old female was intercepted by police before traffickers could sell her into forced labor. The teenager was found with just a trash bag full of her possessions.

Another 16-year-old female was promised paid work to support her family, but was forced into prostitution.

“The results of this operation underline the challenge faced by law enforcement and all stakeholders in addressing human trafficking in the Sahel region,” said Innocentia Apovo, criminal intelligence officer with Interpol’s Trafficking in Human Beings Unit.

European and African authorities have been working to ramp up coordinate investigations of human trafficking and other forms of organized crime.

Early this month, France called on the U.N. Security Council to hold an emergency meeting to address allegations of slave markets operating in Libya.

The advocacy group Human Rights First estimates that there are 24.9 million victims trapped in the modern slave trade. The majority of these victims are forced into labor or the sex trade.





Daily Message ~ Friday November 24, 2017


So many enlightening human beings have been through challenging times where they have been abused, dismissed, used, and taken for granted. This is a core wound that many of you are working on healing.

The first step is to understand that many of you are on the planet with service contracts. This made being a giver very natural to you, but receiving felt far less comfortable. Shifting into a better balance of giving and receiving, of loving and being loved, of supporting and being supported, is key for you moving forward.

Many of you tried to embody unconditional love without remembering to include yourselves in your own tender care. It is never loving to let someone continually treat you with less respect than you deserve, for that is supporting them in showing up in less than their highest selves and enabling poor behaviour, which is disempowering for everyone involved.

As you are learning to love and honour self as much as others, you are stepping into far better boundaries and balance than ever before. You have learned that unconditional love serves and honours everyone in moving into their highest version of self. You have learned the importance of creating a safe space to support that healing and evolution. And you have accepted the fact that you absolutely deserve the same love and support back that you have so willingly given others.

After focusing on being willing to receive, remembering to include yourselves in your unconditional love practices, and having healthier boundaries, it is time to create a new declaration of self moving forward, that far better represents what you want and deserve.

An example of this might be, “I am always treated with love, respect, and consideration.” Try on different affirmations until you find the one that feels best to you energetically, and allow it to lead the way forward for you in a way that honours you like never before. ~Archangel Gabriel

11 Whistleblowers Who’ve Shared Information The Global Elite Don’t Want You To Know (Videos) — November 25, 2017

When whistleblowers reveal classified information, it creates more transparency, and reveals the true intentions for secrecy under the justification of “national security,” a term that’s basically used now to conceal vast amounts of information. Below is a list of 10 of the most important whistleblowers. Edward Snowden As most of you already know, Edward Snowden, a…….Read more & videos

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Former NASA Astronaut Claims He Personally Witnessed A 9-Foot-Tall Extraterrestrial While On Duty — November 25, 2017

It seems to be a rare thing these days to come across a person who isn’t at least open to the idea of intelligent extraterrestrial life existing somewhere in the universe (or if you prefer, multiverse). In fact, the general consensus within the mainstream scientific community is that we are assuredly not alone; as the Director…Read more

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The Angels via Ann Albers, November 25th, 2017

My dear friends, we love you so very much, As you enter your holiday season, start each day with a little affirmation of truth. Upon awakening, breathe deeply. As you do so, say to yourself: I breathe in the light…Read more

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NASA releases New Apollo 16 Footage, Which Is Proof They Faked The Missions – November 25, 2017

NASA just released a few minutes of footage from the Apollo 16 mission and guess what? Its been edited! At 3 seconds into the video, a whole 4 or more seconds were cut out as the rover was turning. What I think is that the rover got stuck turning and a lot of guys ran…Read more & video

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The Portal: New Cobra Interview By Chinese Prepare For Change Team — November 25, 2017

You might want to read this new Cobra interview by Chinese Prepare for Change team: Victory of the Light!

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