10 False Claims Made By The “Pro Vaccine” Community — December 13, 2017

We’re living in an age where parents increasingly report that their typically developing children declined cognitively and physically after receiving vaccines. Despite the sound science supporting these parent claims, government agencies and mainstream media continue issuing the now shopworn mantra that vaccines are “safe and effective” ignoring published research and even common sense that indicate…Read more

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Changing – December 13, 2017


As this shift continues, little victories will be won.  Your Earth plane is getting used to different ways of thinking.  The process that was slow (very slow) at first will gain momentum.  Remember, it is best to let things develop as they would naturally.  This will give you the time to step into the person that you are meant to be now.  Yes, it may be challenging and a little scary, but you can do it! ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 13, 2017


Many of you understand the importance of balance, but think it is one static place you must find. But balance is not one unmovable alignment. True balance comes from movement and flow.

Think of being on a bicycle. It is very difficult to balance on a bicycle if you are not moving. But as soon as there is movement, your balance comes back very quickly.

Dear Ones, the energies are always moving, as will your balance point. That is the beauty of working with surrender and flow – it will always lead you to the find exactly what is required for your balance and forward movement.

It is the ebb and flow of the universe that creates an overall balance. If you stop and listen to your body and surrender to its own divine intelligence, it will let you know exactly what you require and how to get there.

Knowing your balance point might change every day depending on what your own unique needs are and what the energies are supporting will help you start to see the flow as what it really is, a tool that supports you in your wellness and comfort. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Cosmic Disclosure: Emery Smith – Whistleblower — Sphere-Being Alliance – December 13, 2017


David Wilcock: All right. Welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock, and we have a special surprise for you: the insider who I referred to as Paul. And I can reveal for the first time that his name is Emery Smith.And you may know him if you ever saw the movie, “Sirius”. Emery,…Read more

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Predicting Your Future ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – December 13, 2017

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are able to predict the future of your experiences by paying closer attention to the energy that you are giving off in the now moment. You can predict it because you are creating it, and it behooves you to accurately read your own energy.

So if that is something that you are interested in, we suggest that you start reading your own energy. Take your energetic temperature several times throughout your day to determine for yourself what it is that you are aligning with.

Feel your future now. Now if you are afraid of something that is coming up in your future, then it is important for you to move through that fear in the present. You want to have processed that fear before you arrive at the time and place of the event you are so afraid of.

You can take that energetic temperature, and then you can clean house. When you clean house, you get rid of that which no longer serves you and you make room for more of what does serve you. That is how you begin the process of creating your future.

You create your future in your present. More importantly though, you are creating the present. The present stretches itself out to become your experience of a future moment. Because you can only live in the present, it is so much more important that you take care of your energetic house in the present than that you attempt to manipulate events and people, and anything else that you can control, to assure you a better future.

Start now. Start creating the future that you would like to see in the now moment, and remember that any future experience that has been foretold does not have to come to fruition. When you are a vibrational match to that future moment, you align yourself with that prediction. If you want better predictions for your future, start by taking care of your now and predict your own future by creating it. You do so with the vibration that you are holding in this now moment.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Frankrike förbjuder mobiler i skolan — 13 December, 2017


Frankrikes skolminister Jean-Michel Blanquer meddelade den 10 december i en TV-intervju att mobiltelefoner förbjuds i franska skolor till och med högstadiet. Han framförde även att det vore bra ur hälsosynpunkt om barn upp till sju års ålder inte använde skärmar alls. Den franska skollagen förbjuder redan användning av mobiler under lektionerna. Under presidentvalskampanjen lovade president…Läs mera

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Ryssland håller på att skapa ett nytt internet — 13 December, 2017


Ryssland har tagit de första stegen för att bygga ett nytt parallellt internet. Målet är ett internet som kan fortsätta att verka även om det vanliga nätet skulle sluta fungera. Rysslands säkerhetsråd har bett landets regering stödja utbyggandet av ett parallellt internet som ska säkerställa landets IT-infrastruktur även när det ”vanliga nätet” slutat att fungera.…Läs mera

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11 Quotes From Buddha That Resonate & Help Almost Everybody Who Reads Them — December 12, 2017

“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.” The teachings of many of history’s religious and philosophical figures are timeless, but are often mistakenly taken at face value. It’s easy to slap a quote on an image or a t-shirt and pass it around, but it takes deliberate thought to actually internalize…..Read more

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A List of 19 Documentaries That Will Definately Have An Impact On Your Life — December 12, 2017

Documentaries hold a power unique to any other type of film. They have the remarkable capacity to shift our understanding of the vast and complex world in which we live, most of the time presenting us with powerfully relevant information, a previously unknown perspective, and hopefully, a new choice to make a difference. The following list of documentaries showcases films…Read more

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12 Dec Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 12, 2017

May you replace your worry with intention, your wounds with healing, your fears with faith, your lack with abundance, your loneliness with connection, your hopelessness with dreams, your judgment with acceptance, your anxiety with peace, and your yearning with love. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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