UFO Caught Over Cantonment, Florida Frightens Eyewitness, Nov 8, 2017, Photos – December 16, 2017

Date of sighting: November 8, 2017 Location of sighting: Cantonment, Florida, USA Source: MUFON #88800 This is a fantastic photo of a UFO caught mostly by being in the right place at the right time. Thats usually how it happens. Look at the detail on the UFO. Its moving so fast, its still blurred on its edges, however we can…..Read more & photos

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Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for December 15, 2017

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – December 15, 2017

The Alliance, under the direction of the Galactic’s have initiated an Intel blackout as of last night.

There is speculation that this may be a sign that the transition event is now imminent.

Once the quantum website comes online, the 800#’s will be posted immediately.

This event will be sudden, seamless, and instantaneous.

Embrace the future

The Carnegie Council Calls for Global Governance to Regulate Geoengineering — December 15, 2017

By Derrick Broze. As the Carnegie Council calls for global governance to regulate climate engineering, advocates and opponents of the controversial technology prepare for a looming policy debate. On December 8, the Carnegie Council released an essay calling for policymakers to invest resources into creating new forms of governance as a response to increasing calls…Read more

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Dramatic Recovery In Parkinson’s Patient With Gluten Free Diet — December 15, 2017

Could gluten’s toxicity extend to the nervous system, producing symptoms identical to classical Parkinson’s disease? A new case study adds to a growing body of research indicating that wheat’s neurotoxicity is greatly underestimated. A remarkable new case report describing the dramatic recovery of a 75-year-old Parkinson’s disease patient after following a 3-month long gluten free…Read more

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Big Pharma’s Control Over the News — December 15, 2017

Jon Rappoport, GuestWaking Times Over the last 11 months, pharmaceutical companies have spent a stunning $3.2 billion on TV ads for drugs. That much money buys you influence. It buys you control. If a major network suddenly decided to set its hounds loose and investigate the overall devastating effects of medical drugs on the public, there…Read more

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Time… — December 15, 2017

The time you have on your Earth plane seems to be long, but, from the Universe’s perspective…it is very short.  There are many sources telling you that each moment is precious, lovely and should not be wasted.  However, when you are in a challenging situation, time will appear to move at a snail’s pace.
It is important for you to realize, dear one, that the slow times are put in place for your benefit…to give you time to process and learn.  Each minute, regardless of the negative/positive aspect is a gift.  Learning well from the negative will release the need to bring in similar situations.  Embrace and love each one! ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Friday December 15, 2017

Many of you are in troubleshooting mode with yourselves on a continuous basis. You look for ways you are not good enough, for what needs improvement, for what is wrong with you. We understand that you perceive this as being diligent, but it is having an opposite effect on you than what you are intending.

If your desire is to be more loving, let’s say, we suggest you start to notice all the ways you demonstrate being loving throughout your day. We will give you a hint – it is far more than you think! Your kind words, your intentions, a soothing touch, a simple act of service, holding the door for another, recycling, feeding an animal, are all examples of how you embody love every day. And there are so many more!

Dear Ones, if you are in troubleshooting mode all the time you will always find more trouble to shoot. Look for the ways you embody what you wish to experience more of and celebrate the wonder that it already exists within you! If it doesn’t already, celebrate that you wish to experience it, for that is also success and grow that experience from there.

Your focus expands and gives a blessing of continuation to what you place it on. Isn’t it time to acknowledge, accept, and grow the many, many things that are so beautifully and divinely right with you? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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