Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 2, 2018

Operation Disclosure


The frequency of intel has decreased drastically since New Years as several sources have nothing new to report.

Cabal criminals are being processed through Gitmo to conclude the mass indictments/arrests. The rest are “disappearing” in “accidents”.

There is some resistance on the RV front. Greedy 3D matrix brainwashed bankers (cabal or not) are attempting to profit from the RV event — they are being charged with fraud, previous crimes, or threatened to cooperate.

Despite the resistance, there is nothing delaying the RV at this point (since cabal criminals are still being processed).

The RV is simply on hold by the Alliance, there is no physical cabal interference. The cabal are now completely powerless.

Insider sources await confirmation for the completion of the mass indictments/arrests before declaring victory.

Once victory is declared, the Alliance opens the RV flood gates.