You and Only You ∞Archangel Michael via Daniel Scranton – January 8, 2018

“Welcome. We are here to serve and assist you.

We would like to begin by asking all of you to give yourselves some credit. We would like for each of you to recognize yourselves as having made it this far. Participating in a shift, such as the one you are in the midst of, is not easy. It is not for the faint of heart.

Many of you are taking on more than your share in order to be of service, and we are pleased to witness you in your process and to offer our support every step of the way. It only takes a moment to acknowledge yourselves, but the impact of that moment stretches out across all time and space.

You and only you can give yourselves the credit, the recognition, and the acknowledgment that you really deserve, because if you receive it from somewhere or someone outside of you, it will not be received by you, not in the same way. Fortunately, you have us to remind you. And you have all of your guides encouraging you to love yourselves, to take care of yourselves, and to give yourselves that which no one else can.

But ultimately, it is up to you. It is up to you to hold yourselves in the light, to praise yourselves, and to acknowledge your worth. And in so doing, you build a bridge between your ego and your higher self. You give yourselves an upgrade. You spread your wings, and you allow yourselves to soar as you were always meant to.

So take a moment to acknowledge the beauty of your essence, the determination that you have demonstrated, and every single act of kindness and service that you have ever performed. Be willing to do this at least once a day, and feel the immediate benefits.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”



High Level Intelligence Source Unloads Deep State Secrets: Must See Full Interview – January 7, 2018

“Alex Jones talks with Infowars source Zaq regarding the Deep State as well as the globalist’s plans.
High Level Intelligence Source Unloads Deep State Secrets: Must See Full Interview

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James Gilliland Newsletter, January 5th, 2018

An Extremely Inconvenient Truth by James Gilliland January 5, 2018 America and the world are going to have to swallow a very large red pill. It is unfolding as we speak. America and the world are going to have to…Read more

via James Gilliland Newsletter, January 5th, 2018 — Sananda

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#QANON Updates – Q Map, Q Posts, Q BreadCrumbs, Liz Crokin & More – January 7, 2018

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Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 7, 2018

Operation Disclosure


Every single cabal false flag attempt throughout December and this month have been thwarted.

Victory over the cabal is expected to be declared today from the Alliance’s command center of operations.

Alliance leaders are at Camp David to oversee the transition.

The RV will be released immediately after the Alliance’s declaration of victory.

If victory is not declared today, then the war will continue until all cabal threats are completely eliminated.

Victory is near, whether today, tomorrow or the next day.

Nova Earth is on the horizon. Like a rising sun, it cannot be stopped. Ready to envelope the Earth with a blanket of warmth.