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Horus via Nancy Tate, January 21st, 2018


Wake up Call: Horus, January 21, 2018  


I’m going to let you know what is coming for the people to begin to open more more and more. They will find that there is more to this life on earth than they had originally thought in this lifetime. They will begin to open up to what they know to be the reality of life on this earth and how it will become the way to live in so many instances. This is what is called the beginning of the new age of miracles, and we are all awaiting the fullness of being able to work with you and set the table for the brightness of truth to spread forth and become the everyday appearance of the way it is around the universe and about to be on this planet Earth.

I am here this morning in order for you all to be able to comprehend what is taking place around the world and the intervention of being able to accept the funds that are awaiting distribution. It is a matter of all of the obstacles to be removed that would be interference once the funds have begun to be released. It is a matter of all of those who have been in service only to themselves to be removed and returned to their origins in order for them to be cleared of the old energy they have been operating in. Then they will be released back to the freedom they came from and allowed to move forth in the Love energy from which they were created. You all had agreements to walk the paths that were planned for the transmission of what could be experienced on earth, and then to claim the right to be able to return to your origins, observe what was expressed, and then be able to move forth in the Love energy in a way that all of us know is the purity of that Love in peacefulness, and joy that is the purity of The Creator in every moment.

Today is the beginning of the newness of what I have been speaking. I say that because today is the expression of every day, and every day is every moment of the expression of the clearing of the old and the return to the new moments of expression that are upon us all. It is a matter of us all being told what we are experiencing is the old way of being, and how we are beginning to release that old way and allow our momentary expression to move forward in the way we are already creating.

We are all one, and as we see this in every step we take, we will be able to move forward in a way that gives us the Oneness in expression of ourselves and each other in a way that we have long forgotten is our natural, harmonic way of life. As we do this it will all come together in a way that shows us that what we have been experiencing on earth has contributed to what we realize has been a gift to us in the momentary expression of how to live in the harmony that we all knew was the way we would be forever in peace, joy and Love of all existence. In that way, we will all move forward in that energy in ways that we will create that we have only just begun to bring to our lives in this moment.

That is my message for this day, and I know that it will awaken some of you to what it is that you will find an answer for in at least one question you’ve had in these recent times of change. I am pleased at your expression of how you are bringing to your lives the answers that you have been looking for. Love is all there is, and you are fully in it in this moment of truth within, that you express forth in your life of Love. 

Thank you dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “Intel Black Out” 1/21/18

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Date: Sunday, 21-Jan-2018 04:44:44



INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “Intel Black Out” 1/21/18

Just because you can’t see what is really happening…doesn’t mean that it’s not going on behind the scenes.

The Main Stream Media ‘Fake News’ sure won’t tell you about things like ‘Gitmo Prison’ being filled up with Cabal for ‘Military Tribunals’.

They won’t tell you about bad guys trying to escape earth and being shot down over Michigan by the Secret Space Program (SSP) Alliance ships.

They won’t tell you that 87,000 Pedophiles have been arrested so far.

They won’t tell you there are another 45,000 ‘Arrest Warrants’ waiting…plus 10,000 ‘Sealed Indictments’.

Reports of Nuclear Warhead Missiles in Hawaii & Japan “were real”…and were taken out by Pleiadian craft working with SSP Alliance.

It has been decided that this year (2018) people will be introduced to some extraterrestrials…which will be Pleiadians that closely resemble us.

This Government Shutdown is a distraction while the Military arrest the high profile cabal.


What they don’t know is…this shut down is the end for the corporate government and it will never return while all the criminals go to jail now. (the republic will take it’s rightful place)

Delays in the RV / GCR are to allow time to make sure it is safe for your money and protect your new accounts.

We are waiting on the United States Treasury to push the button for the RV / GCR to start and it is very close now.

Announcements will be made soon about NESARA / GESARA…the Restored Republic…new gold backed currency…new banking…prosperity and more.

Common Law will be restored when the New Restored Republic is announced to the public. (which is already in place behind the scenes and has been in control for some time)

Trump is not going anywhere…and he will be reelected for a 2nd term. (as he continues to drain the swamp)

Look for new technology to soon appear like ‘Med Beds’…’Free Energy Units’ and ‘Replicators’.

This will be the end for death based hospitals and big pharma pushing poison…as Med Beds will cure all diseases…repair any injury…replace any limb or organ and give you perfect health. (in minutes and free)

This same technology will make you young again to remain that way for the next 1000 years. (so you can spend all that money) 🙂

A transformational wave of high frequency energy from the galactic central sun (not to be confused with our sun) is to hit us in the next few days…which is said to cause the shift from 3rd to 5th dimension…which has been termed “The Event” by Cobra of the Pleiadian Resistance Movement.

This Event will be nothing to fear at all…but will mark the beginning of the ‘Golden Age’ of 1000 years of ‘Heaven on Earth’.

Soon you will be able to travel the universe and meet other forms of life which is never ending…



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Monsanto’s latest marketing ploy: Labeling GMOs as “biofortified” — January 20, 2018

Image: Monsanto’s latest marketing ploy: Labeling GMOs as “biofortified”

(Natural News) GMOs have been getting a bad name for quite some time now, and it’s hardly surprising given the near-constant stream of evidence showing the harms caused by genetically engineered crops and the pesticides used on them. As people increasingly make an effort to avoid buying these products, Monsanto has come up with a…Read more

via Monsanto’s latest marketing ploy: Labeling GMOs as “biofortified” — NaturalNews.com

75% of Children Who Received Vaccines in Mexican Town Now Dead or Hospitalized – January 21, 2018


Despite the insidious attempts of the corporate-controlled U.S. media to censor the stories about the deadly side effects of vaccines, the truth keeps surfacing. The latest vaccine tragedy to strike has killed two babies in La Pimienta, Mexico and sent 37 more to the hospital with serious reactions to toxic vaccine additives.

“…14 children are in serious condition, 22 are stable and one is in critical condition,” the Chiapas Health Secretariat said in a statement via Latino.FoxNews.com.

What’s especially alarming is that only 52 children were vaccinated in all, meaning that 75% of those receiving the vaccines are now either dead or hospitalized.

The vaccines were administered by the Mexican Social Security Institute, known as IMSS. The IMSS confirmed the deadly reactions occurred after children received injections of vaccines for tuberculosis, rotavirus and hepatitis B — the same viral strains targeted by vaccines routinely administered to children in the United States.

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#WETHEPEOPLE: Q IS BACK- NSA Intel Leading To D$ Arrests ASAP #GREATAWAKENING – January 21, 2018

Published on Jan 18, 2018

Q came back online to tell us of the intel coming from the “19” sequestered in the Pentagon, meaning President Trump, his Cabinet Members and two others, who are receiving the Intel from the NSA collected after the data dump received after the Hawaiian Missile Crisis. We await more news! For the report on the vatican pedo rings: https://www.aim4truth.org To support You Are Free TV: https://www.patreon.com/youarefreetv

Sananda via Kerstin Eriksson, January 20th, 2018

Sananda; I believe in you!

Dear beloved friends I am Sananda
I am here for you always!
Do you think I am perfect?
Do you think I am done with learning about my own path?
I have walked many roads, to be where I am today,
I have felt every feeling.
The universe is evolving and expanding
and so are you!
You are constantly learning new important matters about yourself and your path
in life here on Earth.
No one is perfect!
No matter where you are in your journey, there is always more to learn.
There is no end to learning!
Not even the most popular guru is fully learned!
The keys to walk the path to development, inner knowledge, the Light,
is to be fully compassionate to every step that you take!
You are on a journey.
Your life is a journey!
With an open mind and open heart you can realize that you are indeed travelling.
When you love each breath and when you have faith in each step of your path,
you will surely reach enlightenment!
Please bring JOY.
Don´t forget to feel your joy as you walk!
Let your joy be your travelling companion.
And there are more ingredients that are necessary!
Faith, hope and love of course!
And even more!
Sometimes you feel, that you are just struggeling, and you don´t feel that you move forward?
Well I have also struggeled! And I have felt exactly the same!
Sometimes we stand still for a reason. A very good reason!
It is like an incubating time, a moment in life where you grow,
and there after it is time to move again.
It is a natural part of your journey!
It is a special time for you to develop in,
before you choose direction and there are many paths.
So let there be joy and love each step that you take!
Look into your heart and feel gratitude for each breath that you take!
Through the loving vibration of grace and gratitude doors are being opened.
Sometimes when you think that you are just struggeling,
you have forgotten about having faith in yourself.
You have the keys, but at these moments you can´t see them.
So embrace grace and gratitude and realize that you have what you need
and that is you dear!
I love you and I always walk beside you, no matter if you are standing still or not!
I am Sananda
and I believe in you!

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Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, January 20th, 2018

My dear friends, we love you so very much, We always advise you to follow your hearts, but being human you’ll discover as you follow your heart towards your larger desires there are things along the way that don’t excite…Read more

via Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, January 20th, 2018 — Sananda

Mother/Father God via Ann Dahlberg, January 19th, 2018

Mother/Father God

Friday, January 19th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Father/Mother God who is speaking to you today my dear children on Earth. The light shines now with a steady glow over you and it helps you to bring light to all your nooks. Everything is being lit up on Earth today. Everything is lit up in your bodies. Let it shine dear children on Earth… let it shine and be no longer afraid of the light, as the light is your dearest friend and comes with much balsam for your souls. The soul can now free itself from its chains like the butterfly that emerges from its cocoon and then spreads out its beautiful wings under the rays of the sun. It then flies off to wherever its wings takes it and just enjoys its newly found freedom. It lives for the day and neither yesterday or tomorrow concerns it. It is like a butterfly that you should try your wings and it is in the now that you should live. Everything happens now and it is much that is happening now dear children. You are growing out of the cocoon stage to become a splendid butterfly that enjoys all it sees and does.

Let the joy and the love move into your hearts and let the soul show you the way now. The soul prefers to be free and not attached and to do that which is beautiful and loving for itself and others involved. It can be brave and strong and it acts in its own power with the light tones that it belongs to. Do no longer close in your soul. It seeks the light – its secure home abode. It looses its footing in the dark and can get lost. Let in the light to your soul and you will be thousandfold rewarded, as your soul is light and truthful and just wants the best for you. It is the instrument for your journey and knows the tones that your body needs. You have a true friend in your soul and you can find it deep inside you heart, unless you already have prepared some space for it by opening up your heart to the light and good that is within you. Yes, dear children, many of you have already done this. You have prepared space for your soul and you have started your journey from darkness to light. Some of you are in the final phase of this journey and the light is starting to take over more and more in your body. The same is true for your Earth. Earth is filling itself with light every day and spreads it across its surface so that more will have the opportunity to absorb light into their hearts.

It is a light and beautiful time that is approaching for the children of Earth. It is a light and beautiful time for me, your God, Father/Mother, Source, or what else you want to call me. You are all my dear children and I have always waited for your return to the light, which you once left but now you are on your way back to it. It is easier than you think. You just need to choose it in order to find it. There are many many entities that are helping you with it. You just need to whisper your wish into your heart. I am always with you and I can hear your wish and your wish is my law. Thus have much faith and trust in yourselves and the law that rules in the Universe that I have created. Your light is with you. You just need to choose to bring it out dear children. I am waiting for you…we are waiting for you…always. You are my beloved children and you will always be in my heart. Your light is my light and my light is yours. This is the way it is and always will be.

There are large forces around you now that help you find your way to your light – you just need to choose it. It is your will, your free will that determines which path that you will follow. I respect that will and will always love you and be with you regardless of which path you choose.

I leave this message with great love and wish you now a light and loving journey.

Father/Mother God


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

The messages posted on www.sananda.website can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source


Choosing & Creating Timelines ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – January 20, 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have an ability within you to project your consciousness to a timeline that you want to investigate before bringing your physical self to it. You are doing this without realizing that you are doing it, but now is the time for you to begin to do it consciously. You want to be in control of which timeline you are choosing, and you are capable of making that decision for yourselves consciously.

Your higher selves and your oversouls know this now. So you are going to be encouraged to project your consciousness onto several different timelines to investigate for yourselves what lies ahead on those particular timelines. More importantly you are going to be able to tell by how they feel whether you want to align with them or not.

Now the data that you bring back with you after each one of these projections can and will be used to create new timelines, because that is what you are here to do. You are not here to just choose from the options available to you. You are also here to take from your experiences that which pleases you and excites you, and then you are to create new experiences, new opportunities, and of course, new timelines. You are doing this for everyone, as each new timeline is available to all of you.

So how do you do it consciously, then? How do you project your consciousness onto a timeline and explore it? First of all, recognize that these timelines exist as probabilities all around you. So if you begin by stretching your consciousness, as we have already discussed, then you can move to the next level of this consciousness journey, by taking your consciousness into one of those probabilities.

See them as portals that exist all around you, portals that you can travel down, get a glimpse of what they contain, and then come back from. This is the new way that you create your reality. Choose the timeline whose vibration you want to experience most of the time, and know that you will continue to have opportunities to choose again and again and again.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source; danielscranton.com