Report: Bill Clinton Offered Lynch Scalia’s Seat During Tarmac Meeting – QAnon – February 6, 2018

QAnon hints WikiLeaks has tape and/or transcript of Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting

Report: Bill Clinton Offered Lynch Scalia’s Seat During Tarmac Meeting - QAnonImage Credits: Tom Williams / Getty.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tuesday morning QAnon dropped two posts that suggest in their famous tarmac meeting, former President Bill Clinton offered to then-Attorney General Lynch the Supreme Court seat of murdered Antonin Scalia, in exchange for Lynch making sure the FBI investigation into former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s email server be stopped, exonerating Clinton of any criminal charges.

The first QAnon post was timestamped at 01:34:50, approximately 1:35 am ET on Tuesday, appearing as follows:


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Goddess Isis: 13 Crystal Skulls – February 7

isis eraoflight






Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting with my Higher Self, with the Councils of Light with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following message come forth.

Dear Children,

I Isis, come forth this day for many tides of great blessing is unfolding.

Behold thy Light of the Great Central Sun comes forth to bring tidings of great blessing to the hearts of you all.

Unification is a bliss within the universe at this time. For all that embrace the Light and the Love are ascending.

Connection with your Higher Hearts is the Master Key for the Ascending Souls at this time for many of you are connecting with your Soul Plans and Timelines and Oversouls.

Your Earth is changing – the galaxies are changing all is evolving. The Universe is rising.

The 13 Crystal Skulls representing the Star Nations of Pleiades, Arcturus, Antares, Andromedeans, Procyons, Lrya-Vega, Virgo, Orion, Dracos, Ursa Major and Minor (Bear) and Sirius with the 13th – Cosmic Collective Consciousness is now activating and connecting now with the 12 Central Suns and the 12 Master Pyramids.

This will increase the threshold of consciousness connecting all Ascending Souls through the 7 initiations of the Halls of Amenti by which all Ascending Souls will connect more thoroughly with timelines.

It is now time to raise consciousness. For the consciousness of Duality is now being eradicated for those whom are embracing the Higher Soul in this now.

Intensive activations are abundant at this time as the 144,000 are indeed truly activating and are stepping into their power.

The Energy is now changing. For the tongues of Mankind that have been hiding the Truths are of no more and the Truths shall unfold.

The Energy shall now overlight those Higher Souls whom have stepped forth in Service to the Light to bring forth the message of Love of Peace and of Healing.

Embrace the Cosmic Energies coming forth as we balance the Sun and the Moon Energy bringing forth great healing and balance to you all.

As the Twelve Master Galaxies activate connecting through layers upon layers The Masters beholding the 33/6 code are indeed activating the 33 Star Gates bringing forth the 33rd Degree Christ Consciousness to this the 33rd Planet Earth at this time.

These Activations are being felt by many Ascending Souls at this time as they embrace the initiations of the Christ Consciousness.

The Galaxies are indeed facing great change. The Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy are slowly merging coming forth into great unification. The Andromedeans are working with your Earth at this time facilitating the Great Shifts.

Acceleration is the key now and changes are indeed taking place to uplift the many Galaxies at this time.

We still embrace great challenges and it is important for you all to hold to you space and remain connected to your Hearts and to your Higher Hearts.

I know ignite the Mother Flame within you all connect dear children to your Hearts. For the Love is the Key to unfold the answers that you behold.

Behold the Paths unfolding… For those whom are connected with the Higher Heart are unfolding with Higher Love, Higher Intention and with Faith and Ease.

For the Paths upon your Earth are changing now as all Ascending Souls are stepping forth now to assist Humanity.

I AM Isis and I speak through Elaine this day. Elaine DeGiorgio

Laser Scans Reveal 60,000 Previously Unknown Maya Structures Hidden in Guatemalan Jungle – February 7, 2018

sharewhatyouknowIn a monumental archaeological discovery, whose magnitude hasn’t been seen in decades, an aerial survey over northern Guatemala revealed tens of thousands of Maya structures, including pyramids, palaces, temples, fortifications, highways, houses, and farms, which had been hidden for centuries amidst the thick vegetation of the Guatemalan jungle. This incredible discovery indicates that the Mayas had an enormous, interconnected network of ancient cities, which may have been home to as many as 10 to 15 million people some 1,200 years ago.

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Hilarion: Self Mastery – February 7, 2018


Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! You who frequent the Scribe’s website are those who seek to stay connected to the higher realms in God’s multi-faceted and multi-dimensional kingdoms. You are on the path of self-mastery and this Earthly lifetime is one you as Eternal Soul have chosen in order to complete your soul lessons while living and experiencing the exhilaration of pitting yourself against the opposing forces that one has found here on Earth. This phase of Earth’s existence is coming to an end in the next twenty years or so. Souls who wish to further experience duality after this time will have to find another planet to do so.

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UFO Fleet caught near Tesla Roadster in Space — February 6, 2018

SpaceX just launched a Tesla Roadster to Mars on top of the SpaceX’ Falcon Heavy rocket. This was the Falcon Heavy’s maiden flight. It’s the launch that everyone’s been waiting for. The Falcon Heavy is a monster. It has 27 engines, can generate more power than 18 747 jumbo jets, and is the most powerful rocket to…Read more & video

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Japanese Rocket Followed By UFO On Jan 18, 2018, Video – February 7, 2018

Date of sighting: January 18, 2018 Location of sighting: Japan During the recorded launch of a Japanese rocket, a UFO was seen flying past the rocket at high altitude. This being a no fly zone to keep aircraft safe is further proof that this was an alien craft. If you compare the size of the UFO with…Read more & video

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Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for February 6, 2018




Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – February 6, 2018

The new financial system is online.

The old financial system has been set on a collision course and will be replaced by the new financial system.

All remaining Cabal are pulling funds out of the old financial system as per terms of surrender/amnesty.

This pull out resulted in the stock market falling yesterday.

Their funds will be converted into new asset/gold-backed currency under the new financial system.

This allows the Alliance to control the Cabal’s funds.

The Cabal who do not agree will perish.

Expect the stock market to continue falling like escape pods ejecting out of a spaceship on a collision cource to the sun.

This is the GCR happening in real time.

According to rumors from sources, appointments will be given this week on banking days, (Wednesday, Thursday).

If true, the 800#’s will be released very shortly, today or tomorrow.

Woman Chatting With Child on FB Messenger Suddenly Sees Man Spying On Them—IN THE APP — February 6, 2018

A woman who was chatting with her nephew in the Facebook Messenger app was horrifically surprised when she noticed someone watching her inside the app. The post Woman Chatting With Child on FB Messenger Suddenly Sees Man Spying On Them—IN THE APP appeared first on The Free Thought Project…Read more

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