Western Medicine Is Rockefeller Medicine – All The Way — February 8, 2018

Western medicine has some good points, for sure, and is great in an emergency, but it’s high time people realized that today’s mainstream medicine (western medicine or allopathy), with its focus on drugs, radiation and surgery, is at its foundation a Rockefeller creation. The Rockefellers, of course, are one of the most rich and powerful families…..Read more

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 7, 2018


Dear Ones, so many of you find yourselves in a situation where your employment is no longer an energetic match to you. It is becoming more and more uncomfortable for you to stay in that position, but you do because you are concerned that if you leave you will not have enough money.

The fact that you are becoming increasingly uncomfortable in any situation is a sign that there is something better available to you. Your discomfort serves the purpose of making you ready to let go of the old to embrace the new. If you felt comfortable whatever the circumstances, you would never consider change and expansion!

What we want you to know is that your next perfect energetic match will always have the full potential to support and serve you. But more than that, we want you to understand your level of montary abundance is an alignment that you have created. It is not dependant upon any job or circumstances, it is your level of energetic allowing. It goes with you everywhere you go.

What may choke out that stream of abundance is your fear that you won’t have enough, which constricts your flow and makes it difficult for you to receive or create in an empowered way. We urge you to think of a time when you had the greatest amount of ease and money in your life and fully understand if you created that alignment once, you can create it again. It did not come from externals, it came from you.

We also want you to understand that if you step forward in your highest service, whatever that may be and however it may show up, you are always, always supported. Your service path is your highest life expression, and where your soul beckons you to go. The abundance will manifest for you in many ways if you allow yourself to step into that flow. When God is your employer, the benefits are good. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




#QANON Updates via SGTReport.Com — February 8, 2018

Trump VS the deep state globalist coup, the DOW tanks 666 points sending a very clear message, Q posts about the Rothschild black forest, very troubling news about a detective who made a huge impact on the Madeleine McCann investigation & much more. Thanks for tuning in. https://youtu.be/nDixoT8GhMo Below are some of the relevant and newest…Read more & video

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Becoming Your Higher Self ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council – Channeled by Daniel Scranton – February 8, 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

If you have any doubt whatsoever about your ability to become your higher self, then please recognize that you already have been your higher self. You already are your Oversoul. You already are Source Energy. There is no question as to whether you can become that which you already are.

This is not something that you can fail at. You determine in every moment of every day how you perceive yourselves. You can decide in this moment that you are your higher self, and you can begin to operate as your higher self, or you can tell yourself the story that says your higher self is out there somewhere and you must scratch and claw your way to it.

You can sell yourself on any idea at all, even the idea that your higher self is somehow separate from you. You get to live whatever truth you cling to and whatever version of reality you want to experience. That is entirely up to you.

You are actualizing the experience of becoming something that you already are. Wrap your heads around that. It’s not about a need for you to get to where you’re going out of some sort of desperation or out of some sort of realm of possibility that you might not get there.

This lifetime for you is about creating the experience of shifting. It is not about earning your way there, proving yourself worthy, or taking all of the necessary steps to get to that ultimate place. You also determine your own value, and you do so by how much you value yourself.

You get to decide which aspect of you that you activate. You can activate your higher self energy just as easily as you can activate a vibration within you, a memory, or a thought. But if you are attached to the story that your higher self is out there somewhere, trying to get your attention and guide you to a better life, then that will be the version of reality that you experience.

We invite you to know yourselves as the highest version of yourself that you can. Do so by deciding that you already are that which you are becoming, and know that this journey that you are on is about feeling yourself shifting into something more. You are already that which you are shifting into, and so your success is guaranteed.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Mira of the Pleiadian Hight Council via Valerie Donner, February 6th, 2018

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council channeled through Valerie Donner February 6, 2018

Greetings, I am Mira. I speak to you today from the Earth Council where I am focused on assisting you and the earth with your Ascension.

Today I extend to you all the love from our hearts from the Earth Council, the Pleiadian High Council, your Galactic friends and family of the light. You are living during extraordinary times. It takes extraordinary beings to live in such extraordinary times. We admire the tenacity that you have in these final phases of trance-formation. Yes, you are coming out of your trances in preparation for transit into higher dimensions.

Daily you are awakening from slumber that was placed intentionally around your planet to prevent you from what you are now doing. You are becoming successful beyond measure in extricating your selves and the planet from the dark energies that have interfered for far too long. The energies are choppy and becoming increasingly chaotic as you have noticed.

The success that we are seeing is a monumental. It could be disarming, especially for those of you who are ultrasensitive, to feel what is going on with the earth around the earth and also within the earth. We suggest you just ride through the changes as best as you can knowing that you are doing your jobs simply by being on the planet right now.

We understand that your mainstream media is continuing to present the fakest of the most fake news. We applaud the truth tellers on the Internet for enlightening you and those of you who can see the truth about what is really going on. Please support these individuals that are taking many risks to let you know the truth. Someday you will be receiving information from what this channel likes to call CBS-the Celestial Broadcasting System.

Yes, the real CBS, will have much to share with humanity. You will learn the true history of the earth. You will be able to speak with our Creator and will be telepathic with each other. You will be able to talk with the animals, elementals and nature spirits. The old control system is crumbling. Have you noticed how their stories are getting less plausible? They are stretching the truth so much that they are almost stepping on their tongues.

You have many surprises that are in store for you. There are good surprises that you would have as if you were at a party. There will be other surprises that may not be as fun but are necessary in toppling those from the dark forces. We know it is heart wrenching for some of you to discover the horrific information that you have been learning. When this is all over we will have a huge celebration with all of you. You will get to taste the sweetness of life and drink the nectar of the goodness that you have earned by your devotion and dedication to this most important project.

I am Mira. I am sending love to all of you!

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Incriminating Documents Reveal Monsanto Knew They Were Poisoning The Environment With Their PCBs — February 8, 2018

Documents that have come to light recently show that Monsanto continued to make and sell polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) for eight years after they knew that they were hazardous to the environment and human health. The firm was already exposed for this practice when internal documents were digitized and posted as part of the Poison Papers….Read more

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Heal and nourish your gut with fermented foods: A beginner’s guide to making your own — February 7, 2018

(Natural News) Eating fermented foods has numerous benefits, such as protecting the body from harmful bacteria including salmonella and E. coli. Probiotics generally refer to live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your digestive system. These “good bacteria” are found in a variety of foods such as cheese, yogurt, chocolate, wine, and beer. It’s possible……Read more

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Remember when geoengineering was labeled a “conspiracy theory?” … Now it’s routinely cited in science papers as a strategy for saving the climate — February 7, 2018

(Natural News) When Natural News first started talking about geoengineering several years back, some people accused us of spreading baseless “conspiracy theories.” Fast-forward to 2018, however, and discussion of “chemtrails,” as many people call them, has become mainstream, as studies like this one not only openly admit that the spraying of our skies is, indeed,….Read more

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Bradley Manning – Chelsea Manning – War Crimes — Natasha – The Truth About The News – February 7, 2018

Bradley Manning discovered sick war crimes and human torture and reported it to Wikileaks. In early 2000’s when Bradley Manning discovered human torture, he did not know how to digest it, or take it, and it was not about protecting any particular country, it was about all sides losing at war, and the destruction of lives,…Read more

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