Cosmic Disclosure: Nazca Tunnels and Super-Suit Technology Season 9, Episode 11 – February 7, 2018

Cosmic Disclosure


David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. And we are here, once again, with our special guest insider, Emery Smith.

And Emery, again, I want to thank you so much for finally stepping forward to do this.

Emery Smith: Well, thank you, Dave. It’s been a long time, as you know, around 10 years for me to come out and talk about it.

And I think it’s time for the people to know to add to what you have already been teaching.

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Healing the Divine Masculine — February 10, 2018


February 10th, 2018 By Richard West Guest writer for Wake Up World There’s been much talk and publicity recently over the plight of women objected to all kinds of domineering, humiliating and abusive behaviour from men. This situation needs healing for sure, for both women and men, and to do this we need to inquire deep within…Read more

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Cops Charged for Raping Teen in Van May Walk Free Because Cop/Suspect Sex is LEGAL—In 35 States — February 9, 2018

Because cops kidnapping people and then having sex with them is legal in 35 states, two alleged brutal rapists may walk free for savagely raping a New York teen. The post Cops Charged for Raping Teen in Van May Walk Free Because Cop/Suspect Sex is LEGAL—In 35 States appeared first on The Free Thought Project….Read more

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Your Current Life Circumstances ∞The Pleiadian High Council of Seven – Channeled by Daniel Scranton – February 9, 2018

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

Taking a look past the circumstances of your life is sometimes exactly what you need to do. So when you are faced with circumstances in your life that do not please you and are not to your liking, sometimes it is necessary to look right past them and to put your attention on what is coming and what those circumstances have helped you to create.

As you sit wherever you are, and you contemplate how you got there, you are not serving yourself and your desire to move past those circumstances. It makes no difference how you got there, and focusing on how you got there does not move you into the place where you want to go. If anything it keeps you stuck in a loop where you continue to create the circumstances that you do not prefer.

So what you really want to do is to recognize that everything in your life is serving you in some way. Sometimes a circumstance in your life is getting you to access more energy so that you can create a new and better circumstance. Sometimes it is meant to simply spark that desire within you that propels you into the new experience, the new circumstances.

So whatever it is you are living has a purpose, and that purpose serves you. When you recognize this, you can stop obsessing about how you got to that place. You can stop feeling sorry for yourself, and you can start a proactive approach to the creation of that which you do desire. No circumstance is ever meant to be permanent. That would only stagnate your growth.

Now, if things in your life are just the way you want them, you can also expect them to get better from there as well. You will always be in a state of expansion and growth, and sometimes what you need to propel you into that growth is precisely what you do not want to experience. Sometimes living exactly what you don’t want to experience gets you beyond the fear of living it.

And so once you face that fear, you recognize that it is just a place for you to catapult yourself from. It is just summoning forth more energy through you, and it is giving you an excuse to create. Be certain that wherever you are on your journey and whatever it is you are experiencing has a gift for you, and it is up to you to unwrap that gift and to benefit from whatever it is you are living in your lives.

You and only you can change your circumstances, and you can only do so when you empower yourselves by seeking to be back in the flow of energy that is taking you to that which you do desire.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all.”


Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 9 February 2018

As time progresses you should be aware that you are creating a new life for yourself. You are slowly beginning to discover the real you, a Being of magnificence and inner beauty. You are beginning to understand that “judgement” is…Read more

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Archangel Michael via Karen Vivenzio, February 9th, 2018

Arch Angel Michael and The Legions of Light via Karen Vivenzio Dearest hearts, we wish to speak to you tonight of the impending changes taking flight. For you have waited so long in such an infinite fight for the…Read more

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Frukt och grönt sprayas till evigt liv — 9 Februari, 2018

Färsk frukt och grönt kan i butiken vara upp till ett år gammal. Tack vare en ny syntetisk kemikalie som letat sig in bland våra livsmedel. Men trots att substansen är godkänd inom EU sedan 2005 känner varken KEMI eller Livsmedelsverket till den. Text: Ulla Gabay, I bräschen för växternas ”eviga liv” går det…Läs mera

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Saint Germain via James McConnell, February 4th, 2018


Yes, I AM St. Germain.

It is always a special time to be able to be with you in these ways. And as you are knowing these ways that we come to you now, are not going to be for too much longer because those times are approaching where we will be more physically with you even to the point of view of sitting across from us at the table.

But we want to caution you before this occurs we do not want any of you to supplicate yourselves in front of us, in front of any of us. That goes for Archangel Michael and Sanat Kumara and Sananda and Ashtar. None of us want that because if anything, we would bow to you because you are the ones that are bringing this entire process forward. You are the ones that are creating this ascension not only of yourselves but of the entire planet. That is what you have to come to understand.

Yes there are going to be many things that are going to begin to shift and they are already in that process now. Some of you cannot yet see them. But if you look carefully enough, if you look with those eyes that are open, you will see many more things that are coming to fruition now, that are becoming not only a potential but a probability at this point now. And as these things continue to develop and happen, you will see in the financial system that you are in, come into a complete state of balance. You will see all of the things that you have been hearing such as arrests, such as disclosure, such as bringing forward all of the truths revealed. These are coming as well. NESARA, GESARA, all of this is not only just a potential now, it is a probability that it will be in this year that you find yourselves now.

The only thing that can hold this off now is you: you the collective you, you the ones that are bringing this forward. You are the only ones that can stop it. And as you each one know that is not going to happen because you have worked so hard, each and every one of you have worked so hard lifetime after lifetime after lifetime to bring you and the collective consciousness of this planet to this point now.

And I speak in terms of ‘now’. As Sananda said find yourself in the now, in the perfect now, because this is the perfect now. There is nothing to be in the past, nothing to look back over your shoulder at. There is much to look forward to.

But in order to look forward to all that is coming, you first need to be in the perfect now and then that perfect future will manifest itself. Look now all around you look, within you for those continuing changes to develop outside of yourself but even more importantly within yourself, because those things you have been asking for when you do ask the question ‘why doesn’t it happen to me’? It has not happened to you because you do not yet believe that it can. But as soon as you believe it can — truly believe — then anything and everything is possible.

I AM St. Germain. I will leave you now with all of my love and peace and the Violet Flame to continue to merge within you and purge all that is of the negative yet within you.


Sananda via James McConnell, February 4th, 2018

It is Sananda. I AM going to speak first here and then I will bring my dear friend St. Germain and he will share with you much more.

But for at this point now as you continue on in your various missions, as you continue to work through all of these things that you are dealing with in your daily lives, it is important for you to know that we are all with you. Each of us are with you more than you can possibly imagine.

There is so much that is in the process of happening, as you hear many times. And many of you become concerned that these things are not happening, that all these things that you’ve been hearing about are not yet occurring. But I tell you now, as Sananda, they are occurring.

There is so much that is happening if not outside of yourself, inside of yourself. So many changes that are developing within you because you are metamorphosing into that beautiful butterfly that comes from the caterpillar.

You are the one that is moving through this transition and you are becoming that beautiful being that you are intended to be, that you once were and you are going to be again. Not that you are not now, for you certainly are. From where we see you, you are all beautiful beings. But from where you see yourself many of you do not believe that you are. Many of you believe that you are less than. But I tell you that you are more than you can imagine at this point and you are going to yet be so much more.

But as you look toward the future — and a wonderful future it is — always remember that you need to be in the now at all times. Do not forsake the now for the future. Do not wait until tomorrow comes before you live for today. That is important. Because even though everything is changing and about to change tremendously more, because you are beginning to see these things — and yes, you cannot in many ways feel like you can tell your neighbors, tell your friends, your family even of all of these things that you know of because they look at you like you are … what is your term … nuts. They look at you like you don’t know what you’re talking about, like you’re living in that La La Land. But you are not living in La La Land.

You are the ones that are living in a reality. A reality of your own making. A reality of the collective conscious making. And as you continue to make this reality it is going to come into being. You are going to move into this new Golden Age. You are already moving into it.

What just occurred with this celestial event that just happened with your moon, it was a catalyst to bring about the next waves of energy that are coming. And they are coming. And they’re going to be here with you very soon and you are going to experience much more within you. Many more feelings of bliss are going to come over you. You are going to be going through your various days and you are going to wonder, why do I feel so good, whereas before you would ask the question, why do I feel so bad. Now it is going to be mostly good, mostly positive.

But you must believe that. You must believe that good times are ahead and the old paradigm, the old times of the past, the ones that kept you depressed and down and feeling like you are lost and alone, those times are over my friends. My dear brothers and sisters, those times are over and now it is time for you.

I AM Sananda and I will leave now and bring St. Germain.


The Council via Ron Head, February 8th, 2018

The Council – Avoiding the Traps Today we want to speak with you about the traps that are intentionally laid for you to keep you embroiled in the duality. You are divided into parties, races, ins and outs, moneyed and…Read more

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