The Cetaceans and Water Spirits of Sirius B via Galaxygirl, February 9th, 2018

Message from the Cetaceans and Water Sprites of Sirius B for February 9, 2018 Cetaceans and Water Sprites of Sirius B 2/9/18 Greetings humankind. We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B with a message of encouragement, hope and of renewal….Read more

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Message from the Angels via Jenny, February 9th, 2018

We bless you for being steadfast as the very air around you changes. Those of you in the snow countries, know that the snow is receiving the new light frequencies. Each individual snowflake is assisting in the deep assimilation of…Read more

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How Powerful You Are ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council Channeled by Daniel Scranton – February 10, 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

By the power that you access within yourselves, you are able to produce new timelines, new probabilities, and therefore, new experiences. We are always going to encourage you to go within yourselves to discover the power that you possess. Your power is in your ability to focus. You are focusers of energy, and you are accessing vibrations all the time.

When you realize how powerful you are, and when you recognize that your power lies within you and in the present moment, that is when you will truly begin to create your reality consciously. By demonstrating to yourselves how powerful you are, and that you can be trusted with that power, you enable yourselves to experience the new timelines that you create.

When you are focusing on the past, or projecting out into the future similar results that you’ve achieved previously, you disempower yourselves. You become more reactionary than creation-oriented. Creation is the name of the game. It’s what you came here to do. You create, and you experience. You experience, get information, and make choices about what you want to create next.

Now, there are ways in which you can access your power that you have not yet discovered. These will be coming to you as downloads that you will unlock, but the power is there. The power is already within you. Accessing your power is as easy as acknowledging that you have it, focusing within yourself, and activating a vibration.

If you begin by accessing vibrations for the sheer enjoyment of it, you will recognize that you create your experience in the now moment. You create an experience of the now moment, and that now moment expands out. It becomes what you call the future. And when you walk in your power, you can access any future experience you desire. And you are ready. You are ready to experience just how powerful you are.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source: Daniel Scranton

Lady Nada via Natalie Glasson, February 9th, 2018

The Three Stages of Soul Cleansing by Lady Nada

9th February 2018


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 9th February 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

As the overseer of the cleansing energy and vibrations of the Creator’s light, I, Lady Nada, come forth to share with you the exquisite cleansing and awakening which is taking place within the souls of many upon the Earth. The ascension process is moving so fast currently that it is difficult for many to keep track of the shifts activating and awakening within their being. There are so many levels of your being, and each is being activated, cleansed and recalibrated to support your remembrance of the Creator. It can be challenging to know and understand everything that is taking place within your being. Therefore it is appropriate to observe your energy and become familiar each day with how your body, mind, emotions and spiritual self feel and appear to you. In doing so not only do you give yourself space to notice how your being reacts to energies and your environment, you also begin to observe a journey taking place within your being. Such awareness can give you a sense of trust in the process you are moving through, feeling more able to understand your needs each day. You will also begin to recognise the sacred link and connection between each of your energy bodies while being able to trace stagnant or limiting energies back to their core. The most beautiful spiritual practice that I can share with you and which we encourage on the inner planes 8th Ray of Light is to become familiar with whom you are in each given moment, without judgment or expectation. It is a sacred and loving acceptance of all that you are, which offers an in-depth insight into the ascension process your soul is moving through.

I, Lady Nada, encourage you to take 5 – 10 mins a day to simply observe your body, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. In doing so, you will become friends with your truth. If you become aware of any pain, suffering or stagnant energy as you observe, simply continue to observe with love in your heart. You may discover that simple observation is a powerful tool that allows healing to take place. All energies that you hold onto and that require to be released simply wish to be acknowledged, once this takes place, often they heal and dissolve.

Stage One

Your soul is currently exploring expansion. The first stage of cleansing your soul is currently experiencing is the process of releasing, receiving and embodying the space of the Creator. This is a very beautiful process because your soul is releasing and letting go of many energies, perceptions, wounds, patterns and limitations that it has carried through many a lifetime. This process of release takes place through your soul expanding its energy at an earthly physical level and a spiritual inner planes level. It is a great moment of celebration, your soul is ready and feels safe to magnify and multiply its energy, thus enhancing its power. As your soul expands releasing and letting go of unneeded energies so its vibration quickens and an experience of liberation dawns. Your soul is free to exist without limitations, merging more fully with all aspects of your being, Mother Earth and the earthly reality while also exploring the Universe of the Creator. Remember that you are the Creator therefore you fill and exist within everything. Your soul is exploring its connection with all that is the Creator and embodying the truth of the Creator. This is extremely invigorating, activating and pleasurable for your soul because your soul is journeying through remembrance of all that it is as an expression of the Creator.

Through expansion, your soul is creating space to receive, collect and embody more of itself and the Creator. Your soul is exploring the abundance, fulfilment and wholeness of the Creator, awakening and drawing these sacred energies into its core. All that your soul is experiencing on the inner planes and the Earth is filtering into your physical body. The vibrations, consciousness and shifts taking place in higher aspects of your soul are impacting every part of your being and life upon the Earth. You have the ability to draw these energies and the joy the higher aspects of your soul are experiencing into your being and existence now.

‘I am speaking to all aspects and levels of my soul. As you move through a process of releasing, receiving and embodying the space of the Creator, I surrender all that I am to daily receive the benefits of my soul’s current expansion journey and progression. I am an embodiment of the highest truth of my soul upon the Earth now. Thank you.’

Stage Two

Quickening of lower vibrations. Your soul is delving deep into the lower vibrations of all that you are. Your soul is empowered and is carrying magnified light into stagnant, lower vibrational energies within your being and within other embodiments of your soul on the Earth, simultaneous lifetimes and on the inner planes. Your soul is anchoring so much light into lower vibrations of your being that all that is your soul is vibrating, pulsating and becoming powerfully energetic. This is encouraging higher aspects of your soul to quicken, becoming powerful beacons of light. As your entire being, reality and soul vibrate at a quicker rate, so the Creator showers you in blessings, light and love. This is immensely empowering as it enhances your feeling of being supported and loved unconditionally by the Creator. Your soul soars synthesising and remembering the Creator, establishing new connections and showering your being with such positivity, truth and excitement. Your physical self and personality begin to release with ease all perspectives of lack and pain, as there is an overwhelming feeling of being loved and supported by the Creator that creates a beautiful flow and fulfilment to your life and existence upon the Earth.

Due to the current cleansing mission of your soul, you may feel negative or painful energies becoming more visible within your being as your soul vibrates the light into lower energies to transform them. At the same time, you may experience empowering feelings of being loved, supported and blessed, as your reality flows with ease and perfection. It may feel as if your dreams are manifesting in your reality. Be aware that you may swing from recognising the pain within your being to feeling completely fulfilled and loved. This will be natural at this time, and there is a need to simply accept that your soul is working on a very deep level for the greater good of your ascension.

Stage Three

Your soul is contemplating and experiencing its wholeness. Your soul is magnifying all the beautiful Creator qualities it recognises itself as, sending waves of these sacred qualities into your entire being. Due to this, you may experience surges of energy, emotions or feelings moving through your being at different times throughout your day. Such surges could cause confusion as from nowhere you may find yourself feeling blissfully happy or deeply connected. You may also experience inspiration to take action in your life or to develop certain skills and abilities. This is a beautiful process as it will allow you to become more familiar with the sacred qualities at the very core of your being and essence.

To contemplate and experience the wholeness of your being your soul will begin to download light vibrations from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Goddess Beings, Dimensions, Inner Plane chambers and so much more. This is a way of activating new beautiful Creator qualities within your being and at the core of your soul. As new light vibrations from throughout the Universe of the Creator penetrate your soul and entire being, remembrance of the wholeness of your being will dawn, with new previously unrecognised qualities and abilities emerging to be observed and accepted. When you experience energies flowing and pouring into your being, know that it is your soul contemplating the fullness and wholeness of your being. It is a time of celebration and awakening of all that is your truth.

Please know I, Lady Nada, am present to support you in the cleansing and evolution of your soul,

Lady Nada

Source: Natalie Glasson

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Daily Message ~ Friday February 9, 2018


The fastest way to experience your own innate worthiness is to start to play with the energies of surrender, faith, flow, and trust. There is no special preparation or initiation or level of attainment required in order to move into receiving the support and guidance of Source, just a pure, heartfelt declaration of surrender, which is the entry point of the Divine Combination.

It is through your openness to start to use those essential elements of surrender, faith, flow, and trust, that you will make the profound and moving discovery that there was nothing you ever needed to do but let yourself be led and loved. This will allow you to experience for yourself the complete unconditional love and acceptance we have for you exactly as you are. And you begin to understand your incredible power as a co-creator as you steer your flow with gratitude.

Do you see? There is not one reason for you to continue to wait or go it alone when you have an entire universe filled with beings who adore you and whose greatest joy and purpose is to serve and guide you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Getting Back Up – February 9, 2018


Dear one…many times you have been slammed to the ground by things and people who you thought you could trust.  Laying in the dust, you thought long and hard, ‘should I stay down or get up?” Nine times out of ten, you gathered your strength, pulled your human limbs under you, pushed yourself back up, dusted yourself off and began walking your path again.  There was no guarantee that the ‘huge knock-down’ would not come again, but you had faith!  You trusted the indomitable will within and the great guiding force of The Universe to show that you were always where you needed to be in that moment.  Today, focus on those amazing feats, the times when you refused to stay down and know that, no matter what, you will always be able to do it again because you are guided, gifted and loved! ~ Creator

Awesome UFOs Disguised As Clouds Pass Undetected By Human Eyes, Feb 2018, UFO Sighting News (Video)

Here is a great video of some recent sightings found on a weather phenomenon site this week by MrMBB333 of Youtube. He discusses how some of the things on the site do not resemble things found in nature, but instead have qualities that seem more like alien craft. This is the easiest way to hide from human….Read more & video

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