The mandate to overthrow mainstream news Feb 12, 2018 by Jon Rappoport

jon rappoport

The mandate to overthrow mainstream news

By Jon Rappoport

Pick just one global issue—vaccination.

There is an elite movement underway to install universal shots for everyone, and the voices of major media are relentless and brutal in demanding this, while attacking those who know something is terribly wrong and harmful in the program.

The media are voices of, yes, anti-science. They do what they do best—fake it. On a grand scale. They are the lunatics, leading generations to their toxic doom. They are urging humankind over a cliff. They are the Final Solution to health—as in: destroying it.

Take the issue of expanding the number of shots given in a short period of time. NO proper studies have been done to assess the safety/danger of injecting children and adults with multiple toxins, such as aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde.

Any reasonable human would insist that such studies be done, prior to increasing the toxic load on the body.

The media conveniently overlook and ignore this obvious necessity. At what point does their blindness pass from being depraved indifference to active participation in a universal crime? We are long past that point.

And still, the media pretend they are “the friends of humanity.” That attitude has always been the tactic of tyrants. “Take this poison. It is life-affirming and life-giving.”

That pose is sufficient to warrant a mandate: overthrow mainstream news. Expose it, gut it, shine a light on its liars and fakers. Don’t let up. Don’t give up.

Media leaders and apparatchiks have sold their souls to the vaccine cartel. They are the faceless bureaucrats of a death machine. Recognize them for who they are. Depict them for who they are. Men and women with blood on their hands. No amount of posturing and primping and claims of authority will change that.

The media say—“experts at the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization assure us…” More posturing. The experts are trained liars. They are no more qualified to offer advice than monkeys living in trees.

You could say the entire explosion of independent media is based on one insight: why should we believe the so-called experts? From that flow thousands of discoveries.

In my 35 years of working as a reporter, I’ve seen the faces of mainstream journalists who have left the fold. I’ve seen those ugly and self-entitled faces riven with decay come back to life. I’ve seen the deep guilt and grief lift in a new dawn.

I’ve seen those men and women pick up the sword of truth, finally, and turn into heralds of a new era. You want magic? This is magic. This is the turning of the tide.

—No longer playing defense. Instead, going on the attack—

For several of these reporters, the turning point was the 14-year smallpox eradication campaign waged in Africa, with a highly dangerous and destructive vaccine even “the experts” were nervous about.

The experts knew the vaccine, given to people whose immune systems were already compromised, would cause smallpox and death—and they knew many of the 100 million vaccinations in Africa were given to people whose immune systems were, in fact, already teetering on the edge of oblivion.

The reporters also knew that, after the World Health Organization celebrated the eradication of smallpox in Africa, the searing truth came out in a secret meeting in Geneva. The vaccine must never be used again. It was causing smallpox.

One reporter told me, “There was no coming back from that. Once I found out what happened, I had to get out of the news business.”

He “went independent.”

Some years ago, a reporter told me no amount of “negative information” would ever convince him to stop defending vaccination.

I wrote to him: “Someday, up the line, it’s going to hit you like a ton of bricks. You’re going to listen to the people who really know—the mothers who watch their health happy babies fold up and leave the world after getting a shot. You’re going to experience something you never thought possible. And yet, in contrast to the mothers, it will be nothing. You’ll feel like a fish yanked out of the water and forced to breathe air. One thing will save you. The truth. Pick it up. Use it…”

Source: No More Fake News


Easing Your Way into Your Power ∞The Creators – Channeled by Daniel Scranton – February 12, 2018


So there is no mistaking that there has been a shift that has taken place within your reality, and it is ongoing. You will find that there will not be one particular event that will make you all realize what has already happened. But instead, you will notice the ways in which you are changing the way in which you approach your lives.

So as you have already seen, there have been many advances in your technology that have made your lives much easier. It is now a much easier path for you to move around from place to place, and to get information, and to communicate with one another. So that is one way in which you can see that everything in your experience keeps getting easier.

And when you desire to take a break from all of that technology and tune in to your self, your own power, you will see that see that the vibration of ease is now more readily accessible to you. The ideas now are not so foreign to you as they once were.

So moving around with ease, and getting whatever information with ease, and communicating with ease, these are things now that you have taken for granted. And now that you have the outer technology giving you these easy pathways, you can more readily access that ease without the technology, without needing your phone, your computer, your airplane, your vehicle.

You can simply find the frequency and take yourself there, or give another information, receive information, and as you are able to do these things, you will say that life continues to get easier because now you don’t need to lug anything around and plug it in, power it up, fuel it up.

You can simply do it yourself. So the more you can do for yourself, the more powerful you feel. The powerful you feel, the more you do for yourself. Until, before you know it, you are living lives of freedom and excitement and taking everything in your world to new heights.

You are the creators, and you will continue to create the new universe that you are opening up to and exploring with your consciousness. So allow yourselves the chance to make little changes to your lives that will demonstrate to you how easy life can be. And practice – practice the frequency of ease so that you will enjoy more and more of this beautiful, wonderful, ever-expanding Universe that you are a part of and a creator.”

Source: Daniel Scranton

Benjamin Fulford Report Excerpts, February 12th, 2018

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Alternativa Nyheter från, och – 12 Februari, 2018

Tyska polisen vill att cannabis legaliseras



Tysklands nationella polisorganisation vill att all användning av cannabis i landet ska legaliseras.

Den tyska polisen är starkt kritisk till landets nuvarande narkotikapolitik som delvist förbjuder cannabis. Enligt den tyska polisen leder det nuvarande cannabisförbudet till att kriminella organisationer ökar.

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Mikrovågsstrålning och magnetfält kopplas till DNA-skador



Strålning orsakar DNA-skador och oxidativ stress, enligt en ny analys av samtliga 833 studier publicerade mellan 1990 och 2016. Analysen har gjorts av professor Henry Lai som själv på 1990-talet visade DNA-skada både vid wifi-frekvenser och lågfrekventa magnetfält.

Mikrovågsstrålning eller radiofrekvent strålning sänds ut från mobiltelefoner, mobilmaster, wifi, surfplattor, bärbara datorer och dylika produkter.

Mobiltelefoner, surfplattor, bärbara datorer avger också lågfrekventa magnetfält. Andra vanliga källor till förhöjda magnetfält är kraftledningar, elledningar, transformatorer med mera i frekvensbandet 0-300 Hz.

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Sanningen om socker



Debatterna är många om dess säkerhet, men hur ska vi få veta den verkliga sanningen om socker när sockerindustrin ständigt vilseleder våra experter med att använda samma fula metoder som tobaksföretagen gjorde innan rökning dömdes ut som farligt? Jo, här på får du veta sanningen om socker, den som sockerindustrin inte vill att du ska veta.

Att socker ger hål i tänderna, det vet de flesta av oss, men hur farligt är egentligen socker för resten av kroppen? Om detta har forskarna och läkarna debatterat i decennium men det vi konsumenter inte får veta är att sockerindustrin använder samma fula metoder som tobaks- och asbestföretagen gjorde.  Innan asbest och rökning dömdes ut som det sämsta du kan utsätta din hälsa för.

Dokumentären berättar om hur utbredd sockeranvändandet är i till och med de vanligaste matprodukterna som vi köper i affärerna samt pratar med forskarna som vågar trotsa sockerindustrins marknadsförare och visa vilka effekter socker har på kroppen. De gör detta genom att använda bland de längst pågående, mest utbredda och oberoende studier som finns dokumenterade i världen.

Här får du reda på hela sanningen om socker, som sockerindustrin inte vill att du ska veta:

The Secrets of Sugar, dokumentär av CBC News från 2013: Video

The Guardian: E-post visar att Sverige ville släppa kravet på utlämning av Julian Assange redan 2013 men pressades att inte göra så


Julian Assange

E-post mellan åklagare Marianne Ny och brittiska kollegor som italienska journalisten Stefania Maurizi kommit över visar att svenska Marianne Ny var beredd att släppa begäran om utlämning redan 2013 men övertalades att låta bli. Detta visar att frågan inte bara var politisk men att Marianne Ny av någon anledning gått med på britternas krav. Frågan är av vilken anledning och vem eller vad som låg bakom en eventuell påtryckning?

Snart hettar det till ordentligt för Clinton, Obama, FBI och DOJ när IG Michael Horowitz släpper sin rapport



FISA-memot av Devin Nunes visar hur Clinton, Obama, personer inom FBI och DOJ konspirerade mot Trump. Detta är bara början. Vi kan med stor säkerhet vänta oss åtal och rättegångar.

Massmedia försöker tona ner dess betydelse och talar om Trump i krig mot sin egen statsapparat, mot FBI och justitiedepartementet (DOJ). Det ger en felaktigt bild av vad detta handlar om. Vi talar om något mångfalt värre än Watergate, om en korrupt statsapparat som genom personer och grupperingar inom myndigheter drev och driver en konspiration med mål att hindra valet av Trump och nu när har tillträtt som president försöker avsätta honom genom en mjuk kupp. Ytterst talar vi om förräderi.

Vad massmedia inte berättar, troligen för att man tillhör periferin in den här konspirationen, är att PM:et baseras på fakta, kongressens egna utredningar och förhör. Man utelämnar en flersidig rapport av FISA-domstolen som återger felaktigheterna i godkännande för avlyssning och spelet bakom. Den visar också att amerikanska folket blivit olagligt avlyssnat, vilket vi redan vet, något som i normala fall borde vara skäl för medias rapportering. Vi har vid det här laget förstått att inget med massmedia är normalt.

Kongressledamoten Devin Nunes och andra ledamöter lär ha fler PM på gång. Och snart kommer det stora artilleriet fram när Michael Horowitz släpper sin rapport. Få har hört talas om honom. Han är inspector general (typ riksrevisor) vid amerikanska DOJ. Under lång tid har han utrett Clinton, Obama, FBI och DOJ bland annat för hanteringen av Hillary Clintons e-postserver men även mycket annat. Rapporten ska snart presenteras och lär innehålla 1,2 miljoner sidor/dokument. Fakta som inte ens MSM kommer kunna blunda för.

Sedan har vi utredningen kring Uranium One som också rör Clinton, Obama, FBI och DOJ men även Robert Mueller. Det finns mer av mycket mörk natur men är saker som än så länge delvis är höjt i dunkel.

Att detta, nu när demokratin i USA fått en andra chans, inte ska sluta med åtal, rättegångar och fängelse är svårt att tänka sig. Allmänheten vet för mycket.

The Light Brigade Collective via Losha, February 12th, 2018

We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you. We call our collective of diverse species, the Light Brigade Collective (at least, for purposes of this message). We are primarily made up of advanced races, from the 9th dimension and beyond….Read more

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Was Quetzalcoatl An Extraterrestrial? Here’s How Mesoamerican “Mythology” Described Him — February 11, 2018

With the recent release of the Pentagon’s UFO footage, which comprised of two videos filmed by U.S. Navy pilots of objects performing maneuvers that defy our current understanding of aerodynamics, the topic of UFOs has once again grabbed headlines around the world. The video was a step forward towards disclosing the fact that there are…Read more

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Ashtar via Galaxygirl, February 11th, 2018

Message from Ashtar for February 11, 2018 Ashtar 2/11/18 Greetings friends! This is Ashtar speaking of the Galactic Federation and I am delighted to have the chance to speak with you infamous light workers today. It has just snowed where…Read more & video

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Daily Message ~ Sunday February 11, 2018


It is perfectly normal to feel some discomfort and anxiety when being presented with new, fast moving energies. It is much like being on skates and being propelled forward before you have established your balance.

But if you don’t panic and start testing out how to move with the energy, getting your body to relax and find where the balance points are, before you know it you will be gliding along with a level of skill and ease you couldn’t have imagined possible.

You have assimilated and shifted a tremendous amount of energy over the past several years. You are embodying energies that simply would not have been sustainable in the body a mere decade ago. You have this skill!

Trust in the fact that you have the divine intelligence within your body to evolve – your body and your lightbody know exactly what they are doing. Your job is to support them in that evolution by being non-resistant, letting them take the lead, and honouring what they ask for.

So flow, Dear Ones! Celebrate whenever you are presented with new energies because it indicates success in integration and the fact that the next level is now available to you. Have faith in your incredible competency, and know that your energetic mastery just continues to grow and hone itself, as you continue to move forward in the most remarkable ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young