Eclipse in Progress — February 14, 2018

Blessings Beloveds, Eclipse Portal The Eclipse Portal is still open until February 15 when we will experience a partial solar eclipse. This portal was initiated on January 31st with the Super Moon portal that brought in many Ascension Symptoms and Merging Timelines that are still ongoing. I talked about this portal in my last article…Read more

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Cosmic Disclosure: The Dangers of Being an SSP Whistleblower – February 14, 2018

Whistleblower - Cosmic Disclosure

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back toCosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. And here again with me is Emery Smith.

Emery, thank you for being here. I really appreciate it.

Emery Smith: You’re welcome, Dave. Thanks for having me.

David: One of the things that we have talked about on Cosmic Disclosure greatly is this idea of a Secret Space Program. We haven’t really covered that yet.

Now, you have confirmed the existence of reverse-engineered craft, so one would conclude, or one would be thinking to conclude, that if we have craft that are essentially space-faring vehicles that came here from other solar systems, or maybe even other galaxies, and we can build those, that we would then be able to leave Earth and potentially settle somewhere else.

So do you have any direct briefings or knowledge about that aspect of what may be going on?

Emery: Well, there is [are] laws out there, and there is a type of federation involved, from what I was briefed on.

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Creation In Progress – February 14, 2018


Many of you are noticing massive changes in your lives.  It is as if timelines are collapsing into one another.  Things you did not believe possible are happening and you may be experiencing things you know you have gone through before.  Please do not be alarmed at this “condensing of space”.  Just like a super-nova, new things are being created every moment.  What, at first, appears to be destructive will open pathways, ways of thinking and amazing opportunities you never knew could exist.  Embrace this shift and know The Universe always works with you in the highest and best way. ~ Creator


Exercising Your New Powers ∞The Creators – Channeled by Daniel Scranton – February 14, 2018

“So you have begun to transform in many ways. You can see change in your lives, and you expect there to be more to come. You have already begun experiencing fifth dimensional frequency. You are familiarizing yourselves now with that vibration because you want to work with it in a way that benefits you and those around you. So you are exercising a bit with the new energy, and you are getting your feet wet. It is the time for you to apply what you know, what you have learned, because what you are doing here is very important. You are affecting many who you cannot even see.

So this is why you must be patient with yourselves. You have been told for quite some time that you are the creators of your experience, and this has frustrated many of you who don’t feel that you are able to change your circumstances, to get what you want, to feel how you want to feel, and so on. And so we ask you to relax a bit. Don’t feel the need to get it all right now, to use all of your power, and to manifest the perfect life. That is part of what it is you are here to experience.

You are also here to experience a broad spectrum of emotions. And in so doing, you do service to other aspects of yourself and other individuals throughout the Universe. That is why it is necessary for you to spend a bit more time becoming the creators that you have always been, but that you have not yet fully experienced yourselves as.

You have come so far, and yet, you have still a ways to go. And the best thing that you could ever do at this time is to appreciate where you are, to give thanks for what you have and to notice the power that you are beginning to play with. Have fun with it. Feel that power and know that this is a process that has been underway since before you were born.

We are pleased to watch you grow in this way and to serve you as best we can.”

Source: Daniel Scranton

Nyheten om att Ryssland hackat 21 stater var falsk — 14 Februari, 2018

Häromdagen basunerade massmedia ut nyheten att det nu är bekräftat att Ryssland hackat amerikanska valet. Källan var NBC News. Felet är bara att nyheten både är gammal och falsk. Uppgiften blev dissekerad redan förra året när den kom, bland annat av Gleen Greenwald på The Intercept ”Yet Another Major Russia Story Falls Apart. Is Skepticism…Läs mera

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Nestlés VD ser människor som boskap som ej har rätt till vatten (Video) – 13 Februari, 2018


I en österrikisk dokumentär vid namn ”We Feed The World” (Vi Matar Världen) kastas det ett kritisk ljus på den växande massproduktionen av mat och dess industrialisering. Vi får bl.a se Nestlés VD Peter Brabeck likställa människor vid boskap, som t.ex inte har rätt till vatten. Den här nedsättande synen på människor verka vara den rådande normen bland samhällets toppskikt och så kallade ”ledare”. Henry Kissinger har även han likställt människor till ”useless feeders” bland många andra exempel. Video dokumentär

Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 13, 2018


Dear Ones, there are two elements that are great expanders – love and imagination. So if you are trying to move into grander new experiences, we highly recommend that you use both!

Love! Give love. Receive love. Allow love to flow to you and through you. Think of what you love. Imagine what else you could do with that love! What would you love to try? What would you love to experience?

Allow your imagination free rein to think of new ways you could experience being and doing what you love, and you will start to open yourselves up to the magic of creation that comes from allowing your soul to expand in all the ways only your unique energy can do.

To be clear, to do so is to anchor heaven on earth, for your love and imagination are both bridges that connect you with vast energy of Source, where all things are possible. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

7 Supplements that are Scientifically Proven to Help You Deal with Stress — February 13, 2018


dealing with stress

Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times For almost everyone, stress in inevitable. It engulfs us during stressful life situations, like being in a rough relationship. It creeps up in small bursts during our daily lives, like when we’re stuck in traffic or late for an appointment. Staying calm during life’s stressful situations isn’t easy, hence most…Read more

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The Safest Estrogen Foods for Reducing Breast Cancer Risk (video & transcript) – February 14, 2018

Video Transcript: The Safest Estrogen Foods for Reducing Breast Cancer Risk Ty Bollinger: Talk about estrogens in food. Soy has what is called phytoestrogens, right? Dr. Desaulniers: Right? Ty Bollinger: Talk about plant estrogens. Dr. Desaulniers: Okay. Food has been around since we’ve been around. Plant estrogens do not act like aggressive estrogens. They are very…Video & transcript

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The Federation: The RV, New Dawn — February 13, 2018

DEAR HUMANITY, Please know there are many light-workers, healers spiritually awake people who are ready to aid as many awaken from your dream state to connect with truth. The truth of living in a matrix controlled by a handful of families. The truth that set religions and their books have been altered to fit the…Read more

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