Skyrocketing cancer rates driven by processed food, warn researchers — February 16, 2018

(Natural News) If you’re still eating processed foods, the latest study in the British Medical Journal should be enough to steer you away from this dangerous habit. That’s because French researchers have found that the skyrocketing rates of cancer deaths can be pinned on the popularity of processed foods like sodas, sugary cereals, and ready-made….Read more

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Thousands of Israeli Protesters Call for Benjamin Netanyahu to Step Down — February 16, 2018

(MEMO) — Israeli protesters gathered in Tel Aviv today to urge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign after police recommended he be charged with bribery in two corruption cases. Police said on Tuesday enough evidence had been found for Netanyahu to be charged, saddling the four-term premier with one of the biggest challenges to his long dominance….Read more

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Syrian War for Dummies – Three Versions — February 16, 2018

By Chris Kanthan Although the Syrian war is almost over, many Americans still don’t understand what transpired over the last seven years, because the mainstream narrative has been an embarrassing mix of propaganda, half-truths and lies. Three versions of the conflict are presented here and the reader can choose the one that makes the most…Read more

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Use Your Voice – February 16, 2018


Use your voice!  It is time to give strength and power to your thoughts.  In the face of tragedy and pain, your unique voice may be the one thing that saves your fellow human.  Do not be afraid of being judged or ignored.  Speak!  Tell your world of your wishes and dreams, fears and trepidations, your goals and aspirations! Express your pain and heartache as well as your joys and happiness.  The action of voice is needed for change.  You may feel that one voice will never be enough, however, there are a multitude that are feeling the same.  Join together and be heard! ~ Creator

These 15 Drawings Are An Incredible Reflection Of What’s Wrong With Society — February 16, 2018

For centuries art has been used as a tool for telling the human story. What we look like, what we do, artistic expressions of our society – all are encompassed in centuries worth of art. Now is no different. We see in film and music today, people calling out various aspects of our society that…Read more & drawings

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Respecting Different Points of View and the People Who Hold Them ∞The Creators – Channeled by Daniel Scranton – February 16, 2018


“So there are many different opinions out there, many different points of view, many who would choose to look at a situation in a way that is not only different from yours, but is absolutely opposed to yours. You have ‘hot button’ topics in your world. You have things that everyone is focusing upon, and many are focusing upon in one way, and many are focusing upon in another way.

And so you set up your little camps of what it is you believe, what it is you are in favor of, and what it is you stand for, and you dig your heels in. Even if your stance is that this thing doesn’t matter, that is still a stance you’re taking, as long as you are attaching yourself to that perspective. Then it is a situation where you are creating lines that divide.

It is quite all right for you to have a point of view. It is quite all right for you to express your point of view. It is also very supportive and serves you and your fellow humans very well to allow others to have whatever perspective they have. And to honor them. It is quite normal that you would all have a different point of view, because you have all had quite different experiences that have led you to where you are today. And we are not even talking about other lifetimes, where you originate from in this universe, and so on.

What is a wonderful thing to us is to see two people who have very different points of view on very many topics still being able to relate to one another as human beings and as beings of love and light, existing at the same time and same place, allowing one another to have different points of view and respecting each other. That is what we want most for you. It is harmony. It is releasing judgment of others for being in the opposing viewpoint camp and knowing that ultimately that these differences in opinion that you have are what make this world so special.

So give one another a break, cut your neighbor some slack and know that by allowing another to have a different point of view and loving them anyway, you help to create a world where no one feels the need to terrorize anyone else.”

Source: Daniel Scranton

UK Government & Catholic Church Claim Children Can “Consent” To Sexual Abuse — February 16, 2018

Catholic churches all around the world have been accused of sex scandals, including the Vatican, which has allegedly paid an astonishing $4 billion since 1950 to settle sexual abuse claims. Far too often these stories involve priests taking advantage of their positions of authority in order to sexually abuse people, often children. More recently, the UK….Read more

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NewsVoice följer principerna för psykologiskt försvar enligt soldathandboken — 16 Februari, 2018

NewsVoice arbetar i linje med Försvarsmaktens ambitioner i psykologiskt försvar medan vissa politiker och politiska PK-skribenter inom MSM inte gör det. Inlägget NewsVoice följer principerna för psykologiskt försvar enligt soldathandboken dök först upp på NewsVoice…..Läs mera

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USA:s försvarsminister Jim Mattis erkänner att det inte finns bevis för att Assad använt saringas — 16 Februari, 2018

Påståenden att den syriska regimen och president Assad skulle använt kemvapen mot sin egen befolkning har aldrig kunnat bevisas. Däremot har det funnits information som pekar mot ISIS. Nu erkänner till och med USA:s försvarsminister Jim Mattis att det inte finns bevis för att Assad använt saringas mot sin egen befolkning. Förutom avsaknad av bevis…Läs mera

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 16 February 2018

Mike Quinsey

Things you are involved in connected with bringing the New Age, move along very slowly on the Earth, yet the net result is that you are beginning to bring the changes about. Human thoughts are now more inclined to seek a peaceful path, having tired of the continual threats of war and confrontations. No sooner do you overcome one problem then another arises and in part it is a legacy of previous actions by the dark Ones. There set-up is still active but is diminishing with time, and is becoming fragmented. They certainly do not command the power they had previously, but have established underground bases that are very active. They will continue until their funds run out as “war” can obviously be a very expansive venture. So, do not despair the future is predictable, and will fall in place with the changes that are lined up to come out.

There is no going back to how things were before 2012, as you are already making progress in the new vibrations that are lifting Humanity up. The future is Golden and it matters not which side of the veil you are on. The whole Galaxy is on the move into an area in space that will be new to you. It will be most welcome and enable you to live a very satisfying life far beyond anything you might have imagined. Although you may not grasp the magnitude of what is happening, as the future unfolds you will be both amazed and delighted at the path that is laid out before you. In relatively short time life will be unrecognisable when compared to now, and you will be more than satisfied with the degree of upliftment that you will experience. Some souls will cling to what they are familiar with and be reluctant to change, and that is accepted as you are on a freewill planet.

Be assured that although there is a future mapped out for you, it is how you get there that is in your hands. The more quickly you collectively lift up your vibrations, the quicker you will move out of the lower ones and all of the negativity that it carries. You are far more responsible for how things work out than is apparent to you. So each individual is encouraged to keep focussed on the Light, and do not be distracted by whatever happen around you. Indeed your presence has much more value than you probably think, and when sufficient of you come together your power is increased to much higher levels. So never feel that your contribution is too small or inadequate, as you wield much more power than you think you do. As time passes even you will note how much more you are able to achieve working with the Light.

You can use it in a Universal manner, or for individuals that you may wish to send healing for. You need only find a quiet place to relax and meditate to prepare yourself to send out healing energies. It happens virtually automatically where you find yourselves in a loving and peaceful situation and share those feelings with other souls. There is the classic example of the Mother who comforts her child when it is upset, by showing her love for it. Words have power which is why the sooner you drop making negative comments, the quicker you will make progress in your evolution. Also be careful what you wish upon another soul, as it will have a habit of coming back to you. It will be hard to suddenly change the way you think, when you give energy to the words you speak, but even being aware is a step along the path of changes that will need to be made.

The Earth is the only planet of freewill in the Galaxy, and that must make you wonder how you can live in a situation where you do not have it. Look at it this way, you are on the path of evolution and at the level you are presently on it allows you freewill in a way that teaches you how to raise your vibrations. When you reach that point where your ego has to take a back seat instead of having an emphasis on self, you will start to feel yourself as a part of the whole instead of an individual. Having reached that point you would become at One with God, yes with your Godself. In expressing love for all souls with no exceptions, you live your life accordingly and have no need whatsoever to exert power to still be an individual. You do not lose your individuality as such and continue to evolve and will have reached a higher level and ultimately become a Galactic Being.

Everything you need will be yours through your power of thought, and you will follow a new path as your Pleiadian forefathers have already done, and now nurture you as you return to the higher vibrations. You had been purposefully left to make your own way out of the lower vibrations, and having made a momentous advancement by passing the 2012 marker, the situation has changed. Help will be yours as and when it is necessary, so call upon your Guides and even Galactic friends when necessary, and help will be at hand.

Prior to the start of this new cycle you were held in the lower vibrations, and help was given in accordance with your level of understanding. Now however you have already started to raise your vibrations and will continue to do so. It allows you the advantage of being able to speed up your evolution, and with it receive more help from outside. Indeed you will be given more than previously because your level of consciousness has increased. Those of you who are ready to receive the higher knowledge must not be held back any longer, and you will be given every opportunity to advance yourselves much more quickly than previously. It is most important that you keep an open mind and accept new information that may be somewhat different to what you have previously understood to be the truth. Understand that your present levels of consciousness are the measure by which new information can be given to you. There is clearly a right time to give you more, but also avoid overloading you at any one time.

You still have freewill but please leave the old teachings behind, as they have well served their purpose in giving you the experiences you needed to evolve out of the lower dimension. The hard work you put in is now being followed by an easier cycle, where eventually only the Light will exist. Gone will be the lower energies and anything associated with them, instead you have a glorious future ahead of you and become a master of your own energies and use them for all your needs. You can take great credit for having lifted yourselves out of the lower vibrations and you will not return to them again. Be careful with the thoughts you send out by ensuring they are of the Light. Think big as you create your higher pathway, and know that in the course of time there will be nothing that will be beyond your creative abilities. At the present time it is wise to keep focussed on your positive visions for the future, as Humanity collectively will be projecting their desires as to what it will hold for you.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Thanks to: Galactic Channelings