A Call to Boycott Monsanto: We Say “No” – February 18, 2018


Folks, for long years, we’ve been hearing about Monsanto’s criminal actions against farmers.

We’ve heard of Monsanto shutting down farmers by throwing patented GMO seeds into their fields and then suing them for patent infringement.

In the attached video, one farmer tells how his father was sued around the re-use of soybeans when he wasn’t even sowing soy beans.

A seed cleaner, he feared Monsanto throwing some seed into his grain stock and then closing him down by “proving” patent infringement.

This farmer was threatened with death. When he reported the death threat to court officials, Monsanto offered to drop litigation and go to mediation.

Farmers in the Far East (many in India) have committed suicide in large numbers because they cannot afford to buy seed every year.

Mata Amritanandamayi pays pensions to widows of farmers who suicided because they could not afford the annual cost of GMO seed grain.

Now Monsanto is suing Avaaz to try to shut them down.

Avaaz recently received a 168-page court subpoena. Their email is reproduced below. (1)

Avaaz does good work. They’re at the forefront of lightworker/activist efforts. In my view, we lightworkers need to assist Avaaz.

It’s time for us either to shut Monsanto down or to oblige it to act as a decent corporate citizen.

Where all corporations hurt is in their pocketbooks. They need to sell their goods and services. We need to buy them for all to work out.

We need to stop buying Monsanto products.

This is a primary boycott, not a secondary boycott (yet). That means boycotting only Monsanto products and those of its subsidiaries.

It does not mean boycotting products that simply have Monsanto inputs (secondary boycott). That could prove injurious to small businesses, etc., and it isn’t our desire to do so.

In 2013, I asked the Divine Mother on An Hour with an Angel how we were to stop gender persecution, such as a local tribal council ordering the “judicial” rape of a woman, and she recommended targeted boycotts.  See below the video for that conversation.

I now invoke the authority of the Divine Mother in calling for a total boycott of all Monsanto products.

Read more, video & petition at: Golden Age of Gaia