Another Gentle Reminder – February 28, 2018


Imagine you are a parent and a note from a teacher is sent home saying, “What do you want your child to get from this class?”
Some of you would pause and think about it, others would get right down to it and tell the teacher exactly what they want and still others would laugh out loud. (Smiling)
Now, think of yourself as the child bringing that note home.  What would you think?  Would you toss it and say, “I got this”, would you discuss it with a parent or let someone else do all the work?
Your existence is very much like that teacher, the note and a child’s reaction to it.  You can choose to let others decide where your life goes, you can co-create or go it alone.  That is the beauty of free-will…you get to choose!  *Just another gentle reminder from The Universe that loves and supports you* ~ Creator