Stepping Into Your Power – March 3, 2018


While you are engaging in the process of shifting, you may begin to feel a new sense of strength and power.  Both emotions may be a little frightening because many of you view power in a negative way.  The Universe wants you to understand that there is nothing inherently ‘wrong’ being powerful, standing in your power or showing your power to the world around you.
Over the course of human existence, the word power and its meaning has been changed to mean something very different from what it truly is. To most it may mean greed, domination, abuse and/or thoughtlessness toward others.  From The Universe’s perspective, it is a moment of being who you really are, embracing that sense of self, knowing that you can assist others in a positive way and, contrary to what you have grown to know, power is selfless and kind.  Today, you are being invited to explore what power really means to you and how stepping into your power will help move humankind to a place of peace and Unconditional Love.  Are you willing to accept the challenge? ~ Creator